John Lewis Rewards – What does John Lewis offer?

A majority of customers value stores that offer them all their daily essentials at affordable prices. Therefore, if you are one of them, it would be good to consider stores like John  Lewis. This company not only offers all your must-haves, but they also offer loyalty rewards to their customers every time they shop. This article will provide you with insightful information about the company as well as the rewards they provide to their customers. Let’s know more about John Lewis Rewards

John Lewis Rewards

About John  Lewis

John Lewis was established in 1864 in the UK. There are approximately 34 John Lewis shops in the UK. All the  John Lewis shops are under an employee-owned business called John Lewis partnership.

 John Lewis Partnership was established more than a hundred years ago by the founder, John Spendan Lewis. Interestingly, John Spendan Lewis embarked on an interesting business experiment, which involved employee involvement in the decision-making. Over time employees became the co-owners of the business.

John Lewis Partnership grow drastically over the years, and it has become one of the largest employee-owned organizations in the United Kingdom.

John  Lewis Partnership is the parent company of two popular retail brands – John Lewis as well as Waitrose. Both those retail brands have official websites/ e-commerce websites, where customers can learn about the organization and also purchase their different products.

In addition to the two  retail brands, John Lewis Partnership  owns:

  • Content production  hub 
  • A soft furnishings factory 
  • Various  distribution  centers
  • Heritage  center 
  • Two international sourcing offices 
  • Waitrose and Partners farm

 John Lewis  accomplished  the following:

  • Award for “Best Multichannel Retailer 2018”.
  • Award for “Best Clothing  Retailer 2018”.
  • Award for  “Best Furniture  Retailer  2018”.

What does John Lewis offer?

 John Lewis takes pride in producing products that are good, unique, and affordable. Furthermore, the retail brand offers a variety of insurance options as well as investment options.

They offer the following:

  •  Home and Garden essentials. 
  • Electronics 
  • Clothing  for women
  • Clothing  for men
  • Baby and Child essentials 
  • Sport and  leisure 
  • Gifts
  • Financial  services

Reward offered at John Lewis 

Customers can enjoy member-exclusive deals, vouchers, exclusive events, and more rewards when they choose to join the “My John Lewis” loyalty program. 

 Joining  My John Lewis does not involve earning any points, rather it simply provides customers with opportunities to be rewarded as they purchase their daily essentials at John Lewis.

The My John Lewis  rewards include:

  • Exclusive  offers:
    • John Lewis offers customers exclusive discounts as well as personalized deals.
  • Rewards as well as  competitions:
    • Customers are rewarded regularly, and they are automatically entered into different monthly competitions.
  • Member-exclusive  events:
    •  Customers who join the My John Lewis loyalty program may receive invitations to expert masterclasses, virtual events, and more via email.
  • Safeguard receipts:
    • When customers scan their membership cards when shopping in any John Lewis store, their receipts are saved in their online accounts. 
  • Recycling:
    • Customers receive  £5 off when they recycle empty beauty products with John Lewis. (More information about recycling  can be found on the John Lewis website)
  • Members obtain more when they use the  John Lewis mobile app.
    •   The John Lewis mobile app offers more benefits and competitions that are only available to members that use the app. Additionally, members have access to recent offers.
  • Wishlist:
    • Monthly, John  Lewis offers customers an opportunity to win their wish list up to the value of £1000.

More rewards through the John Lewis  Partnership card

John Lewis offers customers the opportunity to apply for the John Lewis  Partnership card. This card enables customers to earn rewards/ points as they shop. 

Only customers who apply for the Partnership card are automatically entered into the Partnership  Reward Program.

Provide  the following  details when applying  for a partnership card:

  •  Your email address
  •  Residence address
  • UK bank account details
  • Your ID 
  • Your gross yearly income

Earning and redeeming points

  • You will earn 5 points for every £4 you spend if you use your card at any John Lewis store and also  Waitrose stores.  But you will only earn 1 point for every £4 you spend if you use your card at other stores that permit a Mastercard.
  • The points you earn are not monetary. 
  • You can only earn  100 000 points per year.
  • You will only earn points on each purchase from the date it is available on your partnership Account. 
  • Your points are reduced if you choose to return items or if you request a refund.
  • Your points are automatically converted into vouchers 3 times a year.
  • Points are redeemed in multiples of £5 because you only earn a voucher worth £5 for every 500 points you earn.

How do the vouchers work?

  • You can use your vouchers at any John Lewis store or Waitrose store. 
  • You can also use your vouchers online on the John Lewis website and Waitrose website. 
  •  You may be requested to provide your partnership card when using your vouchers. 

Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I sign up for John Lewis rewards?
    •  You can simply join the “My John Lewis” loyalty program by creating a new account on the John Lewis website.
    • You will be required to provide your email address, create a password and also choose whether you would like to subscribe to receive updates from John Lewis or not.
  2. Can I use my membership card in any  John Lewis store?
    •  Yes, customers can use their membership cards at any John Lewis store.
  3. When can I redeem my points?
    • Your points are automatically converted into vouchers during  February, June, and October. 
  4.  Can  I transfer my points?
    •  You cannot transfer your points and you cannot sell your points. 


John Lewis has been the go-to retail band for most customers, especially in the UK, mainly because of their quality products, good customer service as well as the customer rewards they offer to their loyal customers. Therefore, if you choose to purchase items from John Lewis, you will never regret it!

John Lewis Rewards – What does John Lewis offer?

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