NatWest Rewards – How to earn points/rewards?

Finances are the most predominant part of our lives, mainly because we all use our finances to sustain ourselves.  Hence, it is vital to have a good and healthy relationship with a financial institution that provides good customer service, good customer support, quality services, and products coupled with customer loyalty rewards. One of the best financial institutions that offer the factors we just mentioned is NatWest. Here we are going to talk more about NatWest Rewards and how to earn points/rewards?

NatWest Rewards
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About NatWest

National Westminster Bank better known as NatWest bank, is a large retail banking company that was established in March 1968 in the United Kingdom, Europe.

What makes NatWest outstanding is that it is made up of approximately 250 previous and current banks that have merged over the years. 

The three main companies  that make up NatWest 

  • National  Provincial Bank
  • Westminster  bank
  • District Bank

The three banks stated above are represented by the three chevrons in the NatWest logo.

Innovation” is the key factor that largely contributed to the success that NatWest achieved over the years. This bank is among the first banks to introduce ApplePay and also TouchID security. 

NatWest  has partnered with the following  organizations in Europe:

Citizen Advice

 NatWest uses this partnership to ensure that customers are given good financial advice. 

The Prince’s Trust Enterprise

Through this partnership, NatWest provides youth empowerment.

Southbank Center

NatWest is involved in their yearly “Winter Festival”.

England and Wales Cricket Board 

NatWest provides access to cricket game tickets for their customers. 

Rugby Football  Union

 Through this partnership, NatWest can provide rugby rewards to its customers. 

National Trading Standards (NTS)

This is the most current partnership that aims to develop appropriate industry standards that will safeguard customers from fraud.

Products and services offered at NatWest

NatWest  offers  the following:

  • Overdraft:

NatWest provides overdrafts to their clients.

 To apply, you must be a United Kingdom resident who is 18 years or older. You must also have a current account at NatWest. 

  • Current accounts: 

NatWest offers different fee-free current accounts to their customers. You can also select from a variety of Rewards accounts. 

All the current accounts are offered to persons who are 18 or above and they must be UK residents.

  • Mortgages:

NatWest assists its customers in saving money on their mortgages by providing a range of tools.

  • Credit Cards:

NatWest offers credit card options to its customers.

You need to be over 18 to qualify

  • Investments:

You can start by investing only £50. 

  • Savings:

NatWest provides a range of savings options suitable for everyone.

NatWest  also assists businesses employing the following:

  • Assistance on how to start your business.
  • Assistance on how you can manage your business.
  • Assistance on how you can grow your business. 

Additionally, NatWest provides help and support to their clients by providing timely financial advice through their website. 

On their website  they offer the following  to their clients:

  • Advice on the different ways to bank.
  • Information  about security  and fraud
  • Sector enterprise 
  • Support  center 

NatWest rewards


This refers to a customer loyalty program offered by NatWest.

Customer who joins the MyRewards program can earn points/rewards as they continue to you their NatWest products and services. 

How can you join the MyRewards program?

  •  Open a MyRewards account on the NatWest website. 
  • To earn rewards, open a NatWest product (a rewards account of your choice).
  • All the rewards that you earn will be added to your MyRewards account. 
  • You can also use your rewards to contact the Customer service team if you don’t have access to the internet. 

How to earn points/rewards?

Earning a reward is straightforward.  You earn rewards every time you make transactions on your NatWest account.  However, how you earn your rewards may differ and the number of rewards you get may also differ.

You earn  rewards from the following accounts:

  • Reward account 
  • Reward Silver Account 
  • Reward Platinum account 
  • Premier Reward  account 
  • Reward Black account 
  • Student account 
  • Graduate account 
  • Select account 
  • Select Silver account 
  • Black account 
  • Tailored  account 
  • Reward Credit Card 
  • Reward  Black Credit card 

You do not earn rewards  if you:

  • Buy using your Reward Credit Card or Reward Black Credit Card.
  • Buy using your NatWest debit card.
  • Make direct deposits that are:
    • Less than £4.50 on your Reward Black accounts or your Premier Reward accounts.
    • Less than £2 on your Reward Silver account, Reward Platinum account, or even your Reward account. 
    • SEPA Direct Deposits.
    • Unpaid or rejected.

How can you utilize your Rewards?

  When your rewards  are available for you to use, you can use them in the following  ways:

Donate them

You can exchange your rewards so that you can donate to a selected charity. 

Trade them  up

You can exchange your rewards for vouchers or even tickets so that you can use them at selected retailers only.

Bank them

You can exchange your rewards for cash. The cash can then be transferred into your credit card or your current account. 

Closing your MyRewards account

 If for any reason you chose to close your MyRewards account, please  take note of the following:

  •  You can exchange your remaining reward for cash and then transfer the cash to your bank account. 
  • You only have a total of 90 days to exchange your rewards for cash. 
  • Contact the NatWest customer service department for further details. 

 For more information, please download the pdf document titled “my-rewards-terms“, on the NatWest website.  


Are rewards monetary?

 Your rewards are not monetary up until you exchange them.

Can I cancel my Rewards exchange?

 No, you cannot cancel your option once you have confirmed it.

When can my MyRewards account be suspended?

NatWest  can suspend  your account  for the following  reasons:

  • If you are utilizing your MyRewards account for any business activities.
  • If you break the terms  and conditions  of your credit card  or your current account 
  • If NatWest contacts, you for using your MyRewards for inappropriate activities.

Does MyRewards work with joint accounts?

If you have a joint account, each individual will have their own MyRewards account so that they can earn their rewards.


NatWest is one of the largest companies in the financial sector and they are determined to develop and grow even further by providing the best products and services to their clients!

NatWest Rewards – How to earn points/rewards?

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