Perfect Cloud Mattress Return Policy

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Getting a good nights’ sleep depends on a relaxing environment. Several studies have shown that people sleep better in bedrooms that feature dim light, zero noise levels, soothing temperature, aroma candles, and a comfortable mattress, when you are tossing back and forth through the night, no matter how great the candles smell or how beautiful your bedroom looks, all you need is a top-notch mattress to support your back and life.

Perfect Cloud Mattress Return Policy 

Furthermore, since sleep quality and duration are directly linked to human health, a quality mattress that suits your comfort level not only encourages better sleep but can also improve your overall health. You bet your money whenever you buy an expensive item, and mattresses fall into that category. A mattress is not something to change every six months, so you have to be very particular with your pick. A good quality mattress should be able to support your spinal column and relax your back every time you plop on it.

Perfect Cloud Mattress

With perfect cloud mattresses, you experience something similar, and their mattress is super comfy and classy yet affordable; this is why they have 4–5-star ratings from their customers. However, no matter how carefully you choose your dream mattress, things can go south. What if you realized that the topper is too stiff or the frame and thickness of the mattress do not meet your comfort level. 

What comes after the realization is the claiming process for return and refund, which is sure a tiring process. But you cannot put your sleep at risk by sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. This is why here is everything you need to know about the Perfect Cloud Mattress return policy.

Does Perfect Cloud offer returns on their items?

With Perfect Cloud, you might return most new, unopened items from them in no less than 30 days of purchase for a full return. The shipping cost will be covered by them if the return is the consequence of their blunder. For example, if you never received your item or the item delivered was defective. 

You ought to hope to accept your refund in no less than about a month after shipping your order back to perfect cloud. In many cases, the refund is processed in less than four weeks. Four weeks is a long time, and you might think that their return policy is a scam; however, the whole process from transit to receiving the item is time-consuming. The period incorporates the travel time to accept your return from the transporter, the time it takes to handle the return once they get it, an-1d the time to process the refund. Each activity takes up to 5-10 business working days, which sums up to four weeks at the most. 

Does perfect cloud offer returns on mattresses?

The perfect cloud offers a return policy on all of its mattresses with a 120-night sleep trial. Almost all retailers who sell mattresses offer a 100-night sleep trial to assure you that you are investing your money in a safe place. The 120-night sleep trial is available on their toppers, mattress, wedges, and pillows. However, you can only avail of a return on any of these if they meet their warranty claims. 

Disclaimer before returning your mattress or any other item to Perfect Cloud.

Before you ship your item back to the Perfect Cloud, make sure that your order complies with the below conditions. 

  • All items, mattresses, pillows, and toppers must be in a clean and unopened condition.
  • The order must be returned in its original packaging and boxing for easy process.
  • The return must be initiated within 30 days from the date it was purchased.
  • The order must be sent back with a trustable postal service at your own expense, with tracking details available. 
  • Make sure to include a copy of the original invoice; without the proof of purchase, the refund cannot be processed. 
  • After they receive your order, it will go under inspection to check the condition of the item if the condition complies with their refund requirement. Soon, when the formalities end, the process for your refund begins. Also, a percentage of the refund will be deducted as a restocking fee, which is about 20 %.
  • You can use postal services like FedEx, UPS, and USPS to ship your order.

Perfect Cloud mattress return policy is decently reliable. The company believes that not all customers can be 100% satisfied with their product and therefore offers a return policy that is flexible and easy. If you have bought a mattress from Perfect Cloud and feel like you have made a wrong choice, then don’t worry; their return policy has got you all backed up. Just make sure your mattress checks all boxes of requirements made by the company to process a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions. 

Q1. Does Perfect Cloud offer a mattress warranty?

Yes, as long as you have kept the proof of purchase and other documents with you, the company offers a 10-year warranty which means if anything happens to your mattress in the meantime will be covered by the company. Only the original buyer can claim the warranty and not from the third-party seller. 

Q2. How to choose a good quality mattress?

Picking a good-quality mattress on the first go can be a task. However, generally, medium-firm mattresses are a good support to your back. The mattress is comfortable for all kinds of sleepers. To make sure you have picked the right mattress, companies offer a 100-night trial for mattresses to ensure that you are comfortable with the purchase.

Perfect Cloud Mattress Return Policy

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