Stores Like Natural Life

Every store is unique. May not by product, but by the services they provide. Different stores are available at every step but the services some companies provide make a difference, which helps them to stay at the top among their competitors. We have multiple options for choosing a store to shop for a single product. That is totally up to us where to go. Some people look for better services, some look for affordable products while some people look for a quality product. You can select one store after trying the overall services of the other stores. Not everyone likes every store. Different people have different choices. So you can’t tell them to go to a store which you like. He or she may or may not like your choice.Here we will see Stores Like Natural Life.

Stores Like Natural Life

The Natural Life

It is a fashion and lifestyle brand founded by Patti Hughes around 20 years ago. The store is located at Ponte Vedra Beach FL. The company serves products like women’s clothing, accessories, home decors, gifting, carpets, seat covers, etc. The products of the natural life are manufactured at Ponte Vedra Beach and then sent to the US, South America, and Asia for further modifications and supply. Patti Hughes has grown up in a creative environment. Her mother was very creative. She made handmade crafts and giftings which she used to sell in her basement. Later, around 3 decades Patti realizes her passion in continuing the work of her mother. The motto of the company is very clear and attractive that’s- live, love and laugh. She believes in doing things that she likes. Using this technique she made her brand identity in the entire world and served beautiful products to the customers.

Natural life can save you money when you shop at their store. They provide multiple discounts and offers which are seasonal. Beyond the offers, they have some other programs through which you can get your products at the exclusive lowest price.

Free shipping- Are you worried about high shipping costs before buying?  If yes don’t worry! Natural life is giving you free shipping on every purchase above $100. It can be a great advantage for those who want to save money on the purchase of their favorite product. Most of the companies give such discounts on shipping free but the purchasing price at the natural life is lower than other companies.

Refer and earn- You might have seen many companies offering to refer and earn a discount. Many companies have big terms and conditions for using such an offer. In natural life, you can refer your friend to a product that he or she is looking for or likes. You will get a $20 reward for doing a referral. This $20 will be added to your account of nature life and you can use it in your next shopping. Sounds good? Give it a try.

Stores Like Natural Life

  1. Urban Outfitters- Urban Outfitters is very similar to natural life. It is a multinational retail brand of men’s clothing, women’s clothing, home décor, and various products related to home renovation. It is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They serve their products in 248 locations including countries like the US, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Spain, Denmark, etc. They carry multiple famous stores like Anthropologie, Free people, etc. The only difference between natural life and urban Outfitters is that natural life retails only women’s clothing while urban Outfitters do it for both men and women.
  2. Love stitch- Another name on the list is Lovestitch. They retail branded and non-branded women’s clothing. Like natural life, they also focus on Bohemian clothing and a little look at California. It is located in Los Angeles California. If you are an owner of a boutique or clothing store you can connect with lovestich’s program to scale up your business. Love Stitch is famous for its varying women’s clothing at great affordable prices.
  3. Farm Rio- So this one is almost similar to a natural life as they provide various offers and discounts such as free delivery, free return, sales, etc. This is also a women’s clothing store based in Brazil. Farm Rio is famous for its cheerful crafts and creation of women’s clothing. Its attractive and unique artworks make this company be in the list of similar stores like natural life.
  4. We the free – It is the next name in the list and it is also similar to natural life. This company is carried by urban outfits. It is a women’s clothing brand located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Also, they have four showrooms of the wholesaler which are located in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and London. The products of the free people vary from clothing to Jewelleries, makeup, and shoes. One can buy their attractive products online at They are also available at Amazon. There is always a free shipping and free return policy for the free people. If you are looking for such an offer then it is the right place for you to purchase your favorite products.
  5. One teaspoon- One teaspoon is another similar clothing brand on the list. They provide clothing for women, men, and kids. This clothing brand is located in Australia. The brand has been serving its quality products for 20 years. Their product itself reveals the quality of the clothes and the trustworthiness of the company. Over the years, the company has made incredible progress, creating a better bond with the customers using their product. You should not miss the products and services from One teaspoon when you are looking for stores such as Natural life.
  6. Reformation- This popular clothing brand is located in Los Angeles. They provide sustainable clothing for women which makes them so popular. The shipping and return are free at Reformation. If you are looking for a company that has a great deal on shipping and return, you can buy their products. Also, they offer various sales through which you can save your money by shopping here. Reformation is not exactly like Natural life but it is similar to some extent. You can explore the products here and test services if you are looking for such synthetic clothing brands.
  7. Lucky Brand – Lucky brand comes next in the list of similar stores like natural life. They provide boho-chic dresses of high quality and amazing crafts. They also provide clothing for men. It is an American-based company providing excellent quality products from 1990. In 2010, they expanded their businesses by including clothing for kids. Their products reflect the bohemian style and the main product by which they generate 60% of their earnings.
  8. Faithful the brand- The handmade quality of the products makes this company come to the list. They provide women’s clothing that is hand-dyed, printed, and made by local artists. Their artwork makes the company different from its competitors. The art and craftwork by the company are related to natural life. They provide a wide range of clothes for women having the latest designs. You should try this brand if you are looking for artwork and clothes like natural life.
  9. Spell- The other store is Spell. They provide boho clothing for women with quality work and designs. It is also an American based company that focuses on boho clothing. The company is owned by two sisters Elizabeth Abegg and Isabella Pennefather who have a great passion for discovery. If you are willing to get high-quality and trendy clothes, shop from Spell. They provide free shipping on products having prices over $150. It can be a great deal to get free shipping when you purchase from Spell.
  10. Mod cloth – The last on the list is Modcloth. They empower women by providing original and unique style products on clothing. The company was founded in 2002 in Pennsylvania. Beyond clothing, they also provide accessories for women and home decors. In 2012, they started a new project called The Princess project in which they provide prom dresses to high school girls who cannot afford them. Similarly, they started various initiatives and became popular in the US as an online retailer of women’s clothing.


When you are looking for similar stores like a natural store or any company you have full of options. You can explore every store you like or you can just stick to one store and enjoy their products. That’s totally up to you to choose from where to shop. Not everyone has the same choice as you. You can satisfy yourself by going to similar stores you like. Also, going to various stores give you ideas, and experience, the prices of products, and various other things related to the store. Choose the right thing after experimenting with everything.


1.Who owns natural life?

A.Patti Hughes is the founder of natural life. She has a great interest in crafts and handmade products. After finding her passion she started the company.

2.Does natural life provide a discount?

A.Yes, they provide various discounts out of which some are seasonal. They have currently an offer of free shipping by which you can get their product without any shipping cost on every purchase of $100 or above.

3.What are similar companies like natural life?

A.The lucky brand, Spell, Mod cloth, we the free, the Faithful brand are some of the similar stores where you can get the products like natural life. 

Stores Like Natural Life

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