Stores Like Verge Girl

Verge Girl is a fashion brand that globally showcases women’s clothing on the internet employing online marketplace and social media marketing. Verge Girl was founded collectively by Daniella and her sister Natalia in the year 2007. It is termed to be one of the best stores for fashion available online. Verge Girl has a variety of women’s apparel including bags, lingerie, long dresses, accessories like bags, beauty hats, belts, jewellery along with footwear like shoes and socks. Verge Girl is a pretty popular store but it’s always good for the customer to have alternatives. Urban Outfitters, ASOS, Topshop, Nasty Gal, Hot Topic, Shein, BooHoo are some great stores like Verge Girl. Read on to know more about these stores and their features. 

Stores Like Verge Girl

A Shortlist Of Stores Like Verge Girl With Their Links

  • Urban Outfitters –
  • ASOS –
  • Nasty Gal –
  • Hot Topic –
  • Shein –
  • BooHoo –

Let’s read more about these stores individually. We have also discussed a set of frequently asked questions about these retail stores in the upcoming sections.

What Are Urban Outfitters?

Urban Outfitters is a brand that stays on-trend when it comes to fashion and clothing. It provides a great variety of apparel to pick from for both men and women alike. Urban Outfitters ships its trendy and edgy style clothing worldwide. They have a pretty neat website that is easy to read and understand much like Verge Girl. The company’s establishment goes back to 1970 by a renowned designer Dick Hayne. With its headquarters located in Philadelphia, Urban Outfitters has over 24 stores worldwide. They provide a proper balance between trend and taste!

What Is Nasty Gal?

Nasty Gal is a US-based online women’s fashion store that is known for its elegant clothing pieces that come in all sizes and shapes. It is famous all around the globe among young women for its bold and cheeky dresses. Nasty Gal has a wide range of clothing selections available in different clothing styles. They also have a collection of footwear, swimwear, and lingerie. On the accessories side, they have lipsticks and nail polish too. Nasty Gal was launched as a store on eBay in San Francisco that used to sell old clothing pieces with the name Nasty Gal Vintage by Amoruso when she was working as a safety host for the campus at Academy of Art University. Having stayed among students for a long time, her ideas for fashion were inspirational towards the making of Nasty Gal. Nasty Gal, much like Verge Girl is a sure shot store to fulfil your trendy sleek clothing needs.

What Is Shein?

Shein is probably one of the best and most affordable stores that can be your go-to alternative for Verge Girl. Shein is one of the leading fast-fashion retail stores online that is based in China. Founded by Chris Xu in 2008, Shein has all your fashion needs covered in their brochure. Selling currently in more than 190 countries, their clothing series include shirts, jeans, tops, swimwear, hats etc. The womenswear collection of Shein’s summer edition is pretty popular and widely purchased across the globe. This online-only store will make sure that it will be an easy pick for an alternative shop-by idea when you think of Verge Girl. Shein enjoys a worldwide following through its app that is pretty easy to understand and use much like Verge Girl’s website. 

What Is ASOS?

It is pretty unlikely that we don’t tell you about ASOS when asked about a store like Verge Girl. ASOS was previously called AsSeenOnScreen but later was simply named as ASOS. This London based company was founded in 2000 to aid the fashion needs of young adults. ASOS has a very wide range of brands that count over 850. ASOS has its own range of accessories as well as clothing that include trendy and bold editions of tops, pants, hats, bags etc. ASOS is growing faster and faster in the market because of its set of young and innovative designers who don’t shy away from bringing in revolutionary fashion ideas that are loved by all in a single go. Their collection always provides a great number of options that will only make you try everything you look at. 

What Is Hot Topic?

Do you want to get something like a product from Verge Girl but with a twist of a tale? Do you love music? If yes, Hot Topic is your destination. Hot Topic is an American retailer that specializes in clothing and accessories that are inspired by music. Hot Topic was first opened in November 1989 in Montclair Plaza, Montclair, and California by a former The Children’s Place executive: Orv Madden. Hot Topic is also famous for its bold collection of jewellery that is both funky and elegant at the same time. But what makes Hot Topic stand out from the rest of the different brands is the implementation of music in their fashion sense. The touch of music as an addition to their styles makes it an instant favourite that is an easy go-to idea if you are looking for something like Verge Girl.

What Is BooHoo?

BooHoo is an online fashion store that is based in Britain. It is a business startup for clothing and accessories founded in 2006 primarily focusing on age groups between 16 to 30-year-olds. Started by Mahmud Kamani and Carol Kane, BooHoo’s fashion is mostly created in the UK, specifically in London, Manchester, and Leicester. BooHoo has been a fan favourite since its launch. The company’s mix of fast-paced fashion with edgy styles makes it a direct competition to Verge Girl. BooHoo has recently gained a larger enjoyment of regular customers due to their expansion of operations into newer markets in Asia that includes Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan.

What Is Topshop?

Topshop was originally Top Shop, which used to be a Britain based multinational fashion retailer that dealt exclusively with women’s clothing, makeup, accessories, and shoe wear. around 500+ Topshop stores were operated worldwide and 300 of them were in the United Kingdom. Topshop is famous for its bold experimentation between fashion and rules. With a break-the-stereotype attitude, Topshop designers never fail to come up with a new clothing design that becomes an instant hit among the market. Remember when we talked about ASOS above where we told you how fast it is growing the market? ASOS bought Topshop in 2021. Now that makes up for a deadly combination. Topshop is now an online-only store that offers a variety that will only leave you buying everything you see! It is one of the best stores like Verge Girl that can be your immediate favourite. 

Topshop currently operates within ASOS’s website. 


There are many stores like Verge Girl which will provide you with a great range of variety and options to choose from so that you can fulfil your trendy fashion needs. Some of them are discussed in this article which includes stores ASOS, Hot Topic, Topshop, Shein, BooHoo, Urban Outfitters and Nasty Gal. All of these stores are similar to Verge Girl which makes them an easy go-to option when you think of an alternative to Verge Girl.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.Is Shein costly compared to Verge Girl?

A.Shein has a wide range of prices for all kinds of consumer needs. It is one of the most affordable fashion brands available in the market for the best of your tastes. It offers as much freedom of collection-to-cost ratio as Verge Girl does.

2.Is Topshop operational in the offline market or is it online-only like Verge Girl?

A.No, not anymore at least. Topshop was previously existent in the offline market too with 500+ stores. But since its ownership was bought by ASOS, Topshop turned into an online-only fashion retailer. So, we can say that pretty much like Verge Girl, Topshop is also an online fashion store.

3.Is BooHoo good enough like Verge Girl?

A.Absolutely yes. BooHoo has a very trendy collection of fashion clothing for women that comes in a superb range of choices for different sizes and tastes. It is very affordable and accessible just like Verge Girl.

4.Which one is the better store among Hot Topic and Verge Girl?

A.It comes down more to personal choices and preferences. As we have discussed above, Hot Topic is a very similar store to Verge Girl in a lot of ways which makes it a nice option to choose as an alternative to Verge Girl. Hot Topic gives a twist of music to its fashion that is very catchy and modern.

5.Is it okay to purchase from online-only stores like Verge Girl?

A.Definitely! The stores mentioned above are very dependable like Verge Girl and they are customer centric. They will always make sure the customer’s needs are fulfilled before everything else. You can be assured of quality and after service, if anything is at fault from their end.

6.Is Urban Outfitters only for women?

A.Urban Outfitters is a fashion store for both men and women alike. You can choose from a vast range of clothing pieces for everyone.

Stores Like Verge Girl

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