Who does CB2 Use for Shipping?

It is one thing to have acquired a good apartment or probably have a space within your house, and another to finely decorate the space to your taste with the best furniture and kitchenware. Having a classic and well-decorated apartment or office isn’t that easy as many are left with the assignment to keep thinking over and over about the best combos to adopt or probably the design that suits the furniture, the floor, the curtains, and finally the painting of the apartment. This is where CB2 exhibits its expertise and shows why it remains one of the sought-after when the interior decoration is called for. Here we are going to discuss the topic Who does CB2 Use for Shipping?

Who does CB2 Use for Shipping?

What is CB2 then?

CB2 is regarded as “Crate and Barrel’s sister brand”. Known for its sleek, cozy, and well-fashioned interior expertise. CB2 deals mostly with the recent furniture that suits one’s house, apartment, office, and maintaining space as well as giving the apartment the face it deserves. Looking for the best bed linen or sofa that can give you the best relaxation and at the same time offer the pleasure of a pretty sight or you are looking for the best furniture outfit for your dining table, kitchen stand, nightstand browsing table; then, CB2 has all that it takes to fit into your desires with their recent furniture outfits. 

Who does CB2 Use then for their Shipping?

Surfing through the catalogs of CB2 for that set of furniture that you feel will give your apartment or office the best look and standard you want, the question of how the proposed furniture will reach you comes to play. However, in CB2 one need not worry as they currently have a shipping partnership deal with ShopRunner. 

The relevance of e-commerce cannot be overlooked when it comes to the delivery of goods and services to the final man in the production and distribution ladder. As part of its growth and expansion, CB2 believes that its partnership with ShopRunner will increase its visibility in the labor market and with overall increased consumer awareness. 

The partnership comes with free 2-day shipping and a return policy. ShopRunner’s shipping package makes it one of the most delightful to customers as it offers best-in-class shipping and checkout options. 

What is ShopRunner?

ShopRunner remains the home of so many retailers when it comes to e-commerce. It is the only e-commerce platform that allows its retailers to offer their customers free 2-day shipping free returns with an exclusive discount. Most retailers even to the extent of offering same-day delivery. 

Is there an international Shipping Option Available?

Yes, there is an international shipping option that is supported by Borderfree. However, most international shipping orders work if one is an American either traveling or living abroad. One thing is certain, the international shipping payment order is done via USD mode. 

A Quick Review of CB2 Furniture

Reviews serve as a guide to most potential customers or buyers. It helps to reveal what could be the current stand of a brand in the market, its valuation, and perhaps if it is fitting to that which it claims to command. 

Pros of some CB2 features

  • Possession of nice sofa styles and varieties for living spaces
  • Have a nice selection of designs for their rugs 
  • Command the best and most recent furniture. Well designed and artfully fashioned to suit the purpose it was demanded.
  • Most CB2 beds and bedrooms sets are known for their clean lines and styles. 
  • Modern and well-styled lamp designs and lightening
  • A bit cheaper than Crate and Barrel

Cons of CB2 features

  • Issues of longevity on some of their new models
  • For their lightening, there is perceived low quality
  • Low durability in some of the chairs and tables
  • Poor assembly and packaging in most cases

With the combination of creativity and style, CB2 has placed itself in the spotlight in terms of interior decoration and furniture. They are geared towards transforming any space into the goosebumps-inducing arena where the mouth is subjected to be in an ajar state as the eyes are fed with the best possible sight of creativity and style. Their partnership with ShopRunner also makes them a hot cake as customer service capability is elevated and with the exclusive discount, more customers can be reached. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. What is the difference between CB2 and Crate and Barrel?

CB2 is considered to be the junior brother of Crate and Barrel. Crate and Barrel are known for their traditional contemporary furniture style that fits the home whereas CB2 comes with a modern furniture style.

  1. Does CB2 have an app?

Customers who have a smartphone can access the CB2 app as it deploys an app-free reality feature that allows the customer or consumer to have a look at what their home or office will look at when they demand such furniture.

  1. What is CB2?

CB2 is the little brother to Crate and Barrel known for their modern furniture stores designed for apartments, offices, and houses of all sizes. 

  1. Between CB2 and Crate and Barrel, which is cheaper?

Despite the modern and sleek nature of CB2, Crate and Barrel are a bit expensive. Their upholstery is way more expensive than that of their CB2 counterpart. 

  1. Is there any return policy?

Inasmuch as CB2 stands to believe that their products are of high quality, they still place customers’ satisfaction high as they have a return policy. For stocked furniture and rugs, there is a 7days notice for pickup and return if the customer isn’t satisfied with what they purchase. Within 30 days of return, the purchased item will be examined by the company before taking any other action.

  1. What is the payment mode used in CB2?

Whether it is an international shipping order or not, payments are done via the US credit card in USD. All purchases can be done online or probably the customer can walk into any CB2 store and make their payment. 

Who does CB2 Use for Shipping?

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