Who does GoPro use for Shipping?

GoPro, Inc. (marketed as GoPro and occasionally stylized as GoPRO) is an American technology firm that was created by Nick Woodman back in 2002. It creates action cameras and smartphone apps as well as video editing tools. GoPro was originally known as Woodman Labs, Inc., the firm eventually shifted its attention to the connected sports category, developing action cameras and, later, video editing software. Its headquarters is located in San Mateo, California. Let’s know ‘Who does GoPro use for Shipping?’.

Who does GoPro use for Shipping?

Karma, a quadcopter drone developed by the company, was released in October 2016. However, Karma was decommissioned in January 2018. JPMorgan Chase was also recruited in January 2018 to look into the possibility of selling the company. The CEO, however, disputed this decision a month later. GoPro has now kept its action camera manufacturing business going on and it is to be believed that any famous personality does own a GoPro, be it for vlogging, for blogging, for pictures, or even for temporary events, it has dominated the market in terms of action cameras. 

GoPro has a variety of product portfolios, but the main question is how does GoPro ensure that their products reach safely and easily to their consumers, and in the quickest way possible, as no consumer would like to wait too long for their action cameras. There are a variety of shipping agencies out there, and some of them are renowned too, but which shipping agency does the action cameras manufacturer rely on?

For orders shipping to a U.S. address GoPro partners with UPS. Consumers can opt for either the UPS 2-Day or the UPS overnight shipping while checking out. While, if it is a business day and the order is received before 9:30 am. PST, GoPro ensures that the product is shipped on the same day via its partner UPS.

For the EMEA Zone orders, if the orders are received by 12 p.m. CET on business days (Monday-Friday, non-holidays), the order will generally be shipped on the same day via UPS.

For shipping to other countries like India, GoPro relies on FedEx Economy and other shipping agencies like Borderlinx. For consumers in India, GoPro doesn’t sell its products directly but via other subsidiaries like Amazon and very few other such marketplaces. The main disadvantage of these subsidiaries is that they usually offer the products at a much higher rate, for example, Amazon India has the GoPro Hero 10 black listed at Rs 54,500+ along with free shipping, however, the same GoPro Hero 10 black along with the bundle pack + 1-year GoPro subscription pack, came down altogether at USD 660, the bundle pack includes a head strap + Quick clip + camera cover + 3-way mount grip arm tripod + an additional battery. The shipping charges would range from USD 85 to USD 100.

Before adding the shipping charges, the GoPro along with the bundle pack would range around Rs. 50,160.

While GoPro only ships directly via its shipping partner, UPS to the USA only and to other countries, either GoPro’s are available via different marketplaces like Amazon of that respective country or different marketplaces or online e-commerce platforms. 

GoPro’s are a lot popular in today’s era, when almost everyone wants to capture their memorable adventure trips, what makes the GoPro’s more demanding is the robust quality and their ability to sustain any type of environment, be it water, snow, or anywhere GoPro’s can take it up and record any particular adventure trips. All the other cameras wouldn’t be able to sustain all the environments, one can’t take his/her normal cameras to their underwater dives, or on their snow mountain treks. 

GoPro’s have sometimes their own shipping agencies on whom they can rely on with their expensive action cameras, however not every time the shipping agencies remain the same, it depends on their location to ship, time taken for shipping, handling of the package, the delivery time taken by the agency along with the behavior of the delivery agent with the consumer and with their packages, it all depends on these factors and it’s the decision of the management at GoPro, with whom they would trust on and partner with for any of their shipping and deliveries.

Coming to the conclusion, GoPro partners with UPS for their deliveries in the USA, but when it comes to shipping to any other country, GoPro ensures that the package is shipped with utmost security, so the shipping agency is selected depending upon the availability along with whether the shipping agency operates in the shipping country or not. Not every time the GoPro’s are shipped from the USA, but it is most of the time available in the respective countries on different marketplaces like Amazon, however one should be prepared for the higher prices of the same products when compared with the official website of GoPro. While the marketplaces have their own delivery partners and sometimes deliver on their own or via some subsidiaries. So, anyone residing in a different country other than the USA should make sure they get the best of prices on their local marketplaces or e-commerce platforms or can order from the official website of GoPro USA and get it shipped to the respective country. 

Who does GoPro use for Shipping?

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