Can I Use Big Lots Credit Card Anywhere?

If you live in the United States then you must have heard about the Big Lots store or might have visited one as well.Big Lots is an America-based retail company that was previously known as Consolidated Stores Corporation and was started back on 13 December 1967 in Columbus, Ohio, United States by Sol A. Shenk who is the founder of the company.In 2001, the name Big Lots Inc became the brand name of the company that replaced Consolidated Stores Corporation. At present, Bruce K. Thorn is the CEO of Big Lots Inc. and the headquarters is still in Columbus, Ohio, United States.Here we will see Can I Use Big Lots Credit Card Anywhere?

Can I Use Big Lots Credit Card Anywhere?

They have more than 1400 physical stores in 47 states of the United States where they offer food, grocery, clothing accessories, types of furniture, home decors & home storage, electronic gadgets & accessories, household essentials, and toys, etc.For improving the shopping experience for their customers, Big Lots provides a credit card service which you can avail yourself to receive various benefits and offers from Big Lots. The company itself insists its customers use their credit card even for their everyday purchases from both online and offline stores.

Can I Use My Big Lots Credit Card Anywhere?

As it is a credit card, many people have a question: can they use it anywhere they feel like?The answer to this question is No. You cannot use the Big Lots Credit Card for making purchases anywhere other than the Big Lots online store and the offline stores. You’ll need to pay in cash or use other payment methods instead of the Big Lots Credit Card if you are shopping from any place other than the Big Lots Stores.

Who Issues Big Lots Credit Card Service?

Big lots company has partnered with Capital Bank which issues the Big Lots credit cards. Their primary work is to check your eligibility to own a Big Lots Credit card in terms of your credit score.

What Are The Requirements For Owning A Big Lots Credit Card?

For owning a Big Lots Credit Card, you require the following:

  • You must be of the legal age as per the state where you live.
  • You’ll need a valid Government Issues Photo ID along with Government Issues Taxpayer Identification Number like SSN, SIN, etc., as your identity proof. 
  • You should have a credit score of more than 640 and no previous loans to be eligible for a Big Lots Credit Card.
  • You should have a legal U.S. mailing address including your street name, rural route, and other details.

Benefits Of Owning Big Lots Credit Card

Following are the benefits of owning a Big Lots Credit Card.

Amazing Offer of Interest-free 6 months:

If you purchase some products worth 250 dollars or more using your Big Lots Credit Card, then you don’t need to pay interest for 6 months.Similarly, if you purchase products worth 750 dollars or more from your Big Lots credit card then you don’t need to pay interest for the next 12 months.

Free from Annual Fees:

Unlike any bank’s debit or credit card, Big Lots Credit Card doesn’t charge any quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly charges as annual fees for keeping the card active. This way, owning a Big Lots credit card won’t feel like a burden on your shoulders even if you are not using it very often as there aren’t any annual fees to pay for it.

Exposure to Special Member exclusive offers:

If you have a Big Lots credit card then you can have a chance of becoming a Big Lots special member and you’ll get access to attractive discount offers on the items you want to purchase.

Exciting Welcome coupons for savings in purchase:

If you sign-up for the first time then you can get a chance to win welcome coupons in which you can get the following:

  • 15% off on your purchase amount.
  • 5 dollars off if you order three items.
  • Chance to get free items on weekends.
  • 10% off on purchase amount for military or army members.

Flexible Finance option:

Owning a Big Lots credit card gives you access to different finance options or purchasing the products you want.Like if you are purchasing a product that is of 150 dollars or more then you can have the following finance options:

  • Progressive leasing
  • Personal Loan 


The tagline of the company ‘Live BIG and save a LOT’ itself is focused on giving their customers a lot with the need to pay as less as possible. And the Big Lots credit card is standing tall to justify this tagline in all means possible.So, if you shop from a Big Lots store or want to start shopping from one, then you should consider owning a Big Lots Credit Card if it meets your needs and offers you the best you can have.

Can I Use Big Lots Credit Card Anywhere?

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