Koala Mattress Return Policy-Know More

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A decent mattress can be portrayed as the incredible solution to your back and sleepless nights. It is the ideal way to guarantee that you rest better and wake up feeling revived. A sleeping mattress gives solace by permitting your body to sink into it. To have a decent quality mattress is a blessing but hard at the same time to pick the correct one; on the off chance that you rest on your back, a comfortable mattress can bring you elite comfort and better sleep.

Koala Mattress Return Policy 

A mattress that helps you rest better and wake up feeling revived makes certain to give a decent night’s rest, which will be useful in the long haul for your wellbeing. A mattress that is over the hill presumably doesn’t give enough support to your spinal column, which can be the reason for back pain and firmness, making it hard to get rolling toward the beginning of the day. Arguments upon how you rest, a few sleeping mattresses might even be the reason for your sleepless night, and in the worst case, it can hit your spines hard. 

Koala Mattresses

Mattresses are your big investment as you do not change them every six months or year; however, picking the right mattress can be stressful, and the wrong choice can be a set-off of returning and refunding. With Koala mattresses, you get 100 % satisfaction as their mattress provides support for your curves and spines. If you are not sure whether their mattress will suit your sleep cycle, then don’t worry; they provide a 120-night sleep trial which means you can exchange the mattress if it doesn’t suit you. But does Koala have a return policy? Will you get your money back if you want to return the purchase? Well, if this is what you are thinking, then here is everything you might want to know about their return and refund policy.

Koala mattresses return policy.

Koala offers a 120-night time for testing at all mattresses – full-cost or on special. On the off chance that you’re not satisfied with the purchase by 120-nights, you can return your item, and regardless of whether you’ve utilized it, you’ll have a fair amount of money returned. The return transporting is shrouded for all items in metro areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth, and assuming you’re returning a sleeping mattress, bed base, or couch, the koala gets your return free of charge. For all provincial and country conveyances, the 120-night trial is as yet accessible, but the return surcharges aren’t covered.

What is a 120-night sleep trial?

If you are wondering why do companies offer a fixed period of comfort trial on mattresses? Then, let me tell you that this works as the best marketing strategy and builds trust among the buyers, that even if they pick the wrong mattress, they will still have a chance to fix it. The 120-night comfort trial is incorporated with the expectation of complimentary when you purchase any koala item – the maximum or at a bargain.

It is suggested to give the mattresses and cushions a go for no less than 14 days to give your body a sufficient chance to change. In any case, on the off chance that you observe you’re as yet not a fan of their mattress, return it to Koala, and you will be refunded right away with all the necessary procedures. In metro areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide, koala offers a free return service. On the off chance that you bought a sleeping mattress, it should be sacked for the return in the same wrapping it came in.

How to return a koala mattress?

Even if, after the 120- nights trial, the mattress didn’t meet your comfort level, then here is how you can tell the Koala team to get you a refund on your mattress. For returning a mattress inside the 120-night preliminary and items under guarantee, contact the customer support team at Koala from their official website at support@koala.com and give your complete details of the product, such as name, request number, and name of the item you wish to return. 

The team at Koala will hit you up straightaway. This is normally the same workday. For huge furniture goods like sleeping mattresses, bed bases, and couches from other countries, the company arranges an appropriate period to get you ready for the drop-off. The services are free outside the urban areas. After you’ve heard from them, you can drop your mattress at your nearest post office and get a tracking receipt to track your order.


Once your returned goods have reached the Kala warehouse and are done with the inspection, it will take approximately 4-5 business working days for your money to be refunded back to your account. 


Koala would have a hassle-free return procedure if you did not like the product. All you have to do is ensure your mattress is not damaged by your fault. You can also ask for a return within 120-night of comfort trials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Koala mattresses soft?

If you are looking for a soft mattress, then Koala mattresses might not be for you as they are more suitable for those who prefer stiff mattresses. 

Q2 Does Koala offers a warranty?

Yes, they offer a 10-year on their mattresses; if you would like to know more about their warranty, you can visit their official website for a thorough detail.

Koala Mattress Return Policy-Know More

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