Usps Holiday Pay- All About USPS

Every cent counts. This is true because we all work hard to earn money to fulfilling our wishes and live a better life. Whether you have to work late or extra, you still go on for earning wages. Let’s know about Usps Holiday Pay.

Usps Holiday Pay

Isn’t it amazing to earn extra money while doing the same work? Thus, holiday pay offers you an extra salary, or you can say a bonus on holidays. It is a kind of bonus that an employee gets on a holiday while working. Usps offers holiday pay to their employees.


Before we jump into holiday pay, let’s talk about USPS. USPS is known as United States Postal Service. They are responsible for shipping and mailing services across the United States or from other countries.

USPS started its journey in July 1971 and has a total number of  653,167 employees working in the company till now. They have more than 30,000 offices across the United States.

USPS holiday pay

A typical job has holiday pay as you may know and when you work at the postal office, you not only get paid for your eight hours of working but you get an additional eight hours added through your paper. 

That means that USPS pays you double pay for working a holiday. They have ten recognized holidays that are new year, Christmas, labor day, memorial day, independence day, thanksgiving, Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, Washington’s birthday/Presidents’ day, Columbus Day, and Veterans Day.

There’s another option as well. For instance, if you wanted to use that eight hours that you’re going to use for your double pay for the holidays, they are going to take that eight hours and put it towards your annual leave.

For example, if your salary is $30 per day then you will get paid double the salary i.e. $60 if you work on their recognized holidays.

Many people don’t have anything to do on holidays, so this can be beneficial for them as they can earn double the salary as others. 

Working hours at USPS

If you want to work at USPS then you should know about their working hours. The typical working hours are 8 hours and if it is a peak season then it can be up to 12 hours.

USPS also pays extra money if you work overtime for them. Yes, you heard it right. They pay you $1.12 extra money per hour if you work extra between 6 pm to 6 am.

Even if you are a temporary or a new employee at USPS then you can still get holiday pay or extra money for working overtime.

Does the employee get a bonus on holidays?

 If the employee works during national holidays like Christmas, new year, memorial day, labor day, independence day, or thanksgiving, then they can get holiday pay but if they are not working on holiday then they will not get any extra money.

USPS does not give bonuses to their employees on holidays but rather they pay you to double your salary if you work on a holiday. 

It does not matter if you are a new worker or an experienced one, they will not give you a bonus until-and-unless you work extra for them.

USPS holiday system

USPS has its holiday system of rules that everyone has to follow. They consider the day after the holiday as a holiday too. That means if there is a holiday on Wednesday then the following Thursday will be considered a holiday.

In case an employee has a schedule a leave which later fits at holiday then the last working day of the employee will be considered as a holiday too.

That means that if an employee has scheduled a day off on Colombus day then, his/her last working day would be considered a holiday.


Holidays are special for everyone but some people enjoy their holiday while serving their customers. USPS allows their employees to work on holidays and provide workers a double salary for working on holidays. They have ten recognized holidays in which employees will get holiday pay if they work on that day. They even give extra wages if they work overtime.


  1. How does holiday pay work at USPS?

The employees working on USPS recognized holidays, will be paid double their salary.

  1. Does USPS pay double?

Yes, USPS pays double to the employees who are working on the holiday. This is known as holiday pay.

  1. Who owns USPS?

USPS is working under the United States federal government with more than 653,167 employees in more than 30,000 locations across the United States.

  1. How much can we earn by working at USPS?

On an average level, an employee of USPS can earn up to $60,100 per year. This is just an estimated amount but the salary also depends on the designation of the employee.

Usps Holiday Pay- All About USPS

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