What channel is Hulu on FiOS?

Hulu programs are available with your Verizon account. Verizon Fios currently gives a free year of Disney Plus service to new subscribers, and now it wants to up the ante even more by including free Hulu memberships in its two most costly packages. Let’s find out ‘What channel is Hulu on FiOS?’.

What channel is Hulu on FiOS?

In most situations, if you have a Verizon membership, you may view Hulu episodes that are not accessible for gratis the next day after they are shown. It may be found on channel 838.

Clients who sign up for Verizon’s $59.99 per monthly 400Mbps package will now receive six months of Hulu on top of a year of Disney Plus for gratis. Clients who sign up for Verizon Gigabit Fios (for $79.99  monthly) will make a complete year of Disney Plus, and Hulu, a complimentary network rental, and a complimentary Verizon Stream Television set device (which supports Android TV is normally offered individually for $69.99).

The standard $39.99/month 200Mbps package will remain unchanged, except for a free year of Disney Plus.

There are some exceptions, as there usually are. Even though it’s accessible to both prospective and current subscribers, the Hulu service is just for the basic, ad-supported option of Hulu, not the more expensive ad-free plan. Clients who sign up between now and September 23rd will be eligible for the new deals, following which they will have until December 23rd to claim the complimentary Disney Plus and Hulu subscription. Finally, clients must recall discontinuing their subscription once the free trial period expires. Eventually, they’ll be billed $5.99 per month (for Hulu).

Hulu is now available on My Verizon Website

Hulu should be turned on

  • Log in to My Verizon using an internet browser.
  • Browse to AccountApps & add-onsApps & add-ons review from the My Verizon Main screen.
  • These procedures can only be completed by the Account Holder or Account Executive; further information on account permissions can be found there.
  • After scrolling to the’ Entertainment’ page, select Learn more in the ‘Disney Bundle’ section.
  • Get it immediately by clicking the button.
  • Just approved accounts will see this page. Look out for these Disney Bundle Inquiries for information on qualifications and special deals.
  • Go to Add Disney+ – My Verizon Website to join Disney+ without HuluTM or ESPN+.
  • Register in Disney+ by clicking the Enroll in Disney+ button.
  • This can only be selected when the ‘I accept the Disney+ Terms & Conditions’ box is ticked.
  • Select Check email after entering and re-entering the email account you want to connect with your Disney Bundle membership.
  • Provide the email address connected with one of your Disney+, Hulu, or ESPN+ memberships if you currently have it.
  • If you see a notice saying, “The email address you supplied is connected with an existing membership…”, check the information and select Close.
  • Look out to the Disney Bundle Queries for further information on how to manage your current memberships.
  • After reviewing the information, select the Go to Disney button.
  • Insert your email address on the Disney website, read the ‘Privacy Policy and ‘Subscriber Agreement,’ then select Accept & Proceed.
  • If you don’t use the same email account you used in the previous step, you won’t get the Disney Package through Verizon.

With Verizon, how can I receive Hulu on my TV?

Hulu should be turned on. Sign in to My Verizon using a web browser. Navigate to the following locations from the My Verizon Main screen: Scroll down to the ‘Entertainment’ area and click. Click. Click. Enter and re-enter the email account for your Disney Bundle membership, then submit.

Is Hulu supported by FIOS?

Clients who sign up for Verizon Gigabit Fios (for $79.99 a month) will receive a complete year of Disney Plus and Hulu, as well as a free network rental and a complimentary Verizon Stream Television set box (which supports Android TV and is normally offered individually for $69.99). Hulu is completely free! 

Is there a Hulu app on Verizon?

You may sign up for the Disney Package through Verizon if you have a qualifying Verizon account and want to obtain a subscription to Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+. All three subscriptions will be billed on a single Verizon statement each month.

Why isn’t Hulu available on your television?

Verify to see if Hulu is unavailable. Log out of Hulu on all of your gadgets and log back in. Uninstall the Hulu app, reinstall it from the application store, and log in. Verify the data speeds of your connection to the internet from the gadget you’re operating.

What programs can I watch on Hulu?

Mainstream entertainment networks such as BET, Bravo, Comedy Central, E!, Freeform, Lifetime, MTV, OWN, TBS, TNT, VH1, and the USA are among the approximately 75 broadcast and on-demand available channels. Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Universal Kids, and Boomerang are all home networks.

How can I get free Hulu on Verizon?

Verizon’s Inbox: Go to the Add-ons section of your account. Select View All Add-ons from the drop-down menu. Select Disney Bundle (Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+) from the drop-down menu. Select Get it right now and complete the instructions.


Verizon Fios is making its fiber broadband services more tempting to prospective consumers with a limited-time offer. New users may access Hulu and Disney+ for free for a year for a limited time.

This offer expands on Verizon’s previous offer of a free year of Disney, which it began promoting soon before the online service’s debut in 2019. Clients may now watch on request standouts in humor, comedy, adventure, documentary, factual, and more, thanks to the addition of Hulu to the program.

What channel is Hulu on FiOS?

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