Can I Use Love2Shop Vouchers To Buy Gift Cards?

Love2shop is one of the UK’s leading gift voucher and prepaid card providers, accepting cards from more than 100 major retail chains with over 20,000 locations nationwide. Shop online and in stores with the Love2shop Gift Card by redeeming it for over 30 other branded e-gift cards. With this flexibility, the recipient can decide what they wish to buy and how they wish to shop, online or in-store. Love2shop gift vouchers can be redeemed at 20,000 stores across the UK including Argos, Boots, Debenhams, Matalan, HMV, and River Island. Here we will explain more about the title Can I Use Love2Shop Vouchers To Buy Gift Cards?

Can I Use Love2Shop Vouchers To Buy Gift Cards? 

Amazon does not accept vouchers and gift cards from Love2Shop but can convert Love2Shop gift cards into an Amazon e-gift card that can be used to shop on Amazon. Buy Love2shop Vouchers online with and get provided with official Love2shop Voucher suppliers. Love2shop Voucher and are both owned by Park Group Plc, thus providing you with vouchers directly from the source.

Are Love2shop vouchers exchangeable for gift cards?

No, Gift vouchers and gift cards cannot be purchased in order to pay for store cards and accounts or to purchase gift vouchers or gift cards from within stores using Love2shop Vouchers. Love2shop Gift Cards have a second life online. E-gift cards can be exchanged for Love2shop Gift Cards. An online version of the Love2shop Gift Card is available.

It is possible to exchange Love2shop cards online?

Activate your Love2Shop eGift Card by signing in to your account. Then, choose to exchange it for a branded Love2Shop eGift Card by going to the gift card section. The Love2shop Gift Cards can be exchanged for e-gift cards through our digital swap shop. Using e-gift cards, cardholders have access to even more places to use their gift cards.

What is the online payment process for Love2shop cards?

Contactless cards can be used similarly to conventional debit and credit cards. During online checkout, you simply need to copy the 16 digits, the expiry date, and the CVC from the contactless card and paste them into the Payments fields just as you would a regular card.

How can a gift card be used to buy a gift card?

In some stores, gift cards cannot be used to purchase another gift card. There is no federal or state law governing whether or not a gift card may be used to purchase another gift card, so each store can choose its own policy.

Does the love to shop voucher have an expiration date?

The Love2shop PAPER Voucher expires after 12 months, or more, so we can’t exchange expired Love2shop PAPER Vouchers under any circumstances. On a physical gift card, the 4-digit PIN is hidden underneath a silver scratch-off panel.

Are Love2shop contactless vouchers redeemable at any Love2shop store?

The contactless vouchers from Love2shop can be sent via text, email, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. Love2shop e-gift cards will arrive straight in your recipient’s inbox, and they will be valid for 12 months after they are received.

Is it possible to transfer money from a gift card to a debit card?

Transferring money from a gift card to a debit card cannot be done directly, but there are ways to do this. Adding visa gift card to your PayPal wallet and then transferring the money to your own account will let you access your cash using your debit card.

Is it possible to transfer gift card funds to a debit card?

Vouchers from Love2shop are paper gift certificates redeemable at Love2shop stores only. They cannot be used on the Love2shop website, according to a spokesperson. The Love2shop Gift Cards can be redeemed for e-gift cards in our digital swap shop. E-gift cards allow users access to even more places where their gift cards can be used.

What brands are available at Love2shop?

Love2Shop offers a paper voucher that can be used with around 150 brands. It can be used for new glasses, days out, new shoes, jewelry and stationery, and even new games.


A Gift Card lets the recipient choose whatever they want from a retailer or online. Its gift vouchers are recognized as one of the most popular multi-tier gift cards across the United Kingdom. Over 20,000 retailers across the country accept Love2 vouchers including Argos, Boots, Debenhams, Matalan, HMV, and River Island Customers can spend the Love2shop Gift Cards at The Entertainer, M&S, Iceland, Boots, Debenhams, Matalan, Argos, Wilko, New Look, Peacocks, River Island, HMV, and many other stores. Gift cards are a constant reminder to visit your business and put the “free” money to use.


1. Do Love2shop gift vouchers expire?

Ans. Gift vouchers for Love2shop from Voucher Express are valid for at least 18 months.

2. What are the redemption options for Love2shop vouchers?

Ans. On the landing page, enter your Love2shop e-Gift Card code to claim your reward.

3. Is it possible to pay in part with Love2shop vouchers?

Ans. Love2shop must receive full payment prior to attempting any online payments. They do not accept part payments.

4. What is the validity of the voucher?

Ans. Ask the customer service representative or cashier to check the balance of the gift card.

Can I Use Love2Shop Vouchers To Buy Gift Cards?

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