Columbia Military & Veteran Discount

The Columbia Sportswear retail company is popular among the American people. It sells a wide variety of apparel like outerwear, sportswear, footwear, and more. Many retailers offer special discounts for veterans, active military personnel, and ex-army soldiers to show their gratitude. Let us see whether Columbia offers military & veteran discount in its store!

Columbia Military & Veteran Discount

About Columbia Sportswear Corporation:

 Columbia is the largest and most popular apparel manufacturing corporation in the United States. It is founded by Paul Lamfrom in 1938. The headquarters of the company is located in the most populous city of the U.S state, Portland. As per the annual report of 2017, Columbia has 129 locations across the world. Though it manufactures several collections of apparel, it is known for sportswear and waterproof jackets. Sorel, Mountain Hardwear, and prAna are other brands of Columbia Sportswear company. 

Military & Veteran discount in Columbia: 

  Columbia offers several discounts for active, retired, and veterans in its stores. They can grab their offers in stores that are located in Portland, Richmond, Carlsbad, and Henderson. These stores do not allow other people to purchase products as it offers discounts only for military people. They can get up to 40 to 50% offer for every purchase. The stores allow four guests per visit who have a military ID card. They can purchase a wide variety of clothes from high-quality and popular brands like Sorel, Columbia, Mountain Hardwear, and prAna. Columbia’s online store also has a 10% offer for Military personnel, and the benefits will become twice on Veterans day. The benefits given to veterans and military personnel are available throughout the year. It is the main advantage of these military and veteran discounts. We can easily check our nearby Columbia store location on its website. Customers who have military IDs, military status proof, and an invitation are only allowed inside the stores. The invitation which contains offer details can be downloaded on the Columbia website. Columbia offers numerous discounts for military personnel to show their gratitude. Read on to know other discounts offered by Columbia.  

Other discounts of Columbia:

  Columbia offers several other discounts for its customers. It provides a 50% discount for its branded apparel. It also provides a 5% instant discount for products purchased using prepaid orders. Both online and physical stores of Columbia have a wide variety of apparel collections such as t-shirts, polos, footwear, pants, convertibles, trekking essentials, and more. Its high-quality sports wears are one of the preferred options of every sports player. It also provides a welcome gift of Rs.500 for first registers. It will be sent as a coupon code to your mail-id. Columbia offers a free shipping option for its members with no minimum order. In addition to military and veteran discounts, it also provides various offers like first responder and teacher discounts. Columbia has an option for later payments with interest-free payments. 

Columbia brands on other popular shopping sites:

  We can purchase Columbia and its brands either in physical stores or online stores. Apart from its site, we can also purchase Columbia brands are in other popular shopping sites. Its wide variety of apparel collections is available in almost every country of the world. Here is a list of shopping sites that sells brands of Columbia:

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Overstock
  • Walmart
  • Kohls
  • Costco
  • Target
  • Zappos
  • Garmentory and more.

  I hope this article solves your query regarding military and veteran discounts at Columbia. In addition to those details, this article also has information about Columbia sportswear corporation, other exciting discounts offered by Columbia, and other shopping sites which sell the brands of Columbia. It is one of the best choices for military personnel to purchase their favorite clothes. Because its exclusive offers help to buy more clothes at affordable rates. Columbia provides military and veteran discounts to show their gratitude for the people who do service for our nation. Keep reading to know more exciting answers to your questions!

  1. What is the Columbia brand famous for? 

Columbia is famous for its high-quality outdoor apparel and footwear. It suits all seasons and feels comfortable for all activities. 

  1. What does Mountain Hardwear offer?

Mountain Hardwear offers apparel and accessories for people who are enthusiastic about mountain climbing and other outdoor activities. 

  1. Which brand of Columbia is suitable for rock climbing?

prAna, a brand of Columbia designs quality apparel and accessories for a rock climber. The brand is also suited for people who love yoga, outdoor watersports, hiking, and travel. 

  1. What is the Sorel brand known for?

Sorel brand is known for premium and durable footwear. It has a massive collection of footwear for men, women, and kids. 

  1. Is Columbia only sell outerwear, sportswear, and footwear?

No, It also sells other branded products like ski apparel, headgear, camping equipment, and other accessories. 

Columbia Military & Veteran Discount

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