Spectrum Phone Return Policy – Read To Know More

If you are a spectrum TV cable user, you might already know or own a Spectrum phone. Spectrum is a telecommunication brand under Charter Communication, Inc, in the United States. Spectrum provides its services in more than 41 states, covering approximately 26 million spectrum users. Spectrum has placed itself as the second-largest cable operator in the United States. Charter is also the fifth largest operator to provide telephone services. Let’s have a look at ‘Spectrum Phone Return Policy’.

Spectrum Phone Return Policy

With Spectrum, you have access to services like Cable TV, Broadband, Digital Cable, HDTV, Internet security, and VOIP phone. It is one of the most reliable mass media communications in the United States. If you are a spectrum user you can also be a spectrum mobile user saving a chunk of your money, which ultimately makes spectrum a niche brand overall. 

Electronic gadgets are susceptible to mishaps. If you have ever experienced a fault, then you are likely aware of how to cancel Cable TV services and their return policy. In any case, if you are newly introduced to spectrum services and become a spectrum mobile phone holder, you should be aware of their return policy. Here is all the information you need about Spectrum’s phone return policy

Spectrum Phone Return Policy

Spectrum offers a 14 days return policy to all its users. If you have bought a spectrum phone from the store or online you can refund it within 14 days from the date the purchase was made. However, if you have received a faulty device, it is suggested to opt for an exchange of the device instead of sending back the device. You can return your device both in-store and online depending on the mode you opted for. Here is a brief description of how you can return your device in-store and via shipping.

Returning phone In-store

Returning a Spectrum phone has a standard procedure, you return the package to the store, and receive a full refund or exchange. Ensure that you have an original copy of the invoice that was authorized during your purchase. However, you cannot get a return on a device that is purchased in-store through the early upgrade. The device can be exchanged at any time. 

Returning phone via shipping

Returning a phone online is slightly different from in-store returning. To initiate the return of your spectrum device, you first need to contact the spectrum service operators. Once they have processed your request you will, then, be able to ship your package with the prepaid shipping label provided. 

One thing that I believe is pretty flexible with Spectrum is, if you are exchanging your device, you can keep your device until a replacement arrives. Once your replacement arrives, you need to mail your return item within 20 days. The replacement might take up to 3-5 business working days. Replacement isn’t shipped on holidays, and weekends. 

Before you return goods to Spectrum, please read the following disclaimer

  • There is a limit on the number of times you can return a device to Spectrum. Used or open accessories are not eligible for return.
  • Must get rid of all the personal information from the device before sending it back to Spectrum.
  • Ship your return goods in the original box they came in, with all the accessories and cords. No need to return your personal belongings such as extended batteries, phone cases, SD cards, etc. 
  • Your refund can be refused if your package’s condition does not meet their return guidelines. Alternatively, they may refund half of the exact amount.
  • In case of any theft and fraud, the spectrum offers a mobile protection plan, which will cover the cost of any circumstantial accident or damage.
  • Make sure to label each device if you are returning multiple devices at once. To avoid mishaps, follow the proper guidelines for sending more than one package.
  • Ensure that you have erased all your personal information from the device. The company will not be held possible for any disclosure of personal information. 
  • If there is a screen lock, remove it and perform a factory reset.
  • Take out your SIM card and turn off the device before packing. 

If you have followed all the guidelines regarding the return, you are most likely to be eligible for a full refund. Spectrum phone return policy is pretty flexible. Just make sure the device is not damaged and all the accessories that came along with the device are in acceptable condition. If the accessories are used or in poor condition, the company may refuse to pay in full, or even cancel your request. If you have purchased the device from a store, then the work is cut in half, all you have to do is, find a Spectrum store near you that carries phone inventory. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What if the request is made over 14 days?

The standard period for returning a Spectrum phone is within 14 days, however, the device is not eligible for a return of 14 days. If your device is at fault, you can ask for an exchange if the date is over 14 days.

Q2. Are Spectrum phones reliable?

If you are a Spectrum user, you might as well want to experience its phone service. However, it’s always a big question whether or not the phone is reliable. With Spectrum phone, you get the best wireless network and high-speed data coverage.  If you are a Spectrum Cable TV subscriber, you can surely invest in their phone range.

Q3. How to send the return goods to Spectrum?

Prepare all the orders that are to be sent, and prepare a prepaid label to ship with the package. Include all the accessories that came in the original box, and drop your package at the FedEx office. To track your order, you can request a receipt from FedEx. 

Spectrum Phone Return Policy – Read To Know More

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