Does Joann Take PayPal?- Other Payment Methods

Joann is a specialized craft and fabric retailer chain. It is based in Hudson, Ohio. Founded in 1943, about 79 years ago, Joann is believed to be a well-known and established company. With the ambition to satisfy its customers, the company always tries its best to provide everything a buyer could demand from lovely food crafting and an incredible fabric to decor to minute things required for your interior and daily use. Let’s know ‘Does Joann Take PayPal?’

Does Joann Take PayPal?

Keeping convenience as the top-notch priority, the company has always tried its best to serve in the best and the most efficient way it can. And to ease the customers with handy and easy payment methods, Joann accepts various methods as a valid source of payment. This list of all the valid payment methods does include PayPal.

Does Joann Take PayPal?

Yes, Joann does take PayPal as a verifiable source to pay. PayPal, as of now, is used by quite a wide range of people in America and all around the world. And hence, accepting payments through PayPal is just another way of dragging customers’ attention toward the convenience and ease the company is providing. So, conclusively, the answer to if Joann takes PayPal for payments during checkout or not is Yes.

Other Valid Payment Methods

Not everyone is comfortable with the onset of digital payments through apps like PayPal and the merging cashless culture, so the company has got every group of its audience covered. Except for PayPal, Joann has declared the following methods as acceptable for making payments while you checkout with your essentials. The list includes the following:

  • VISA
  • Cash
  • Any prepaid cards including credit cards or debit card
  • Joann gift cards and vouchers (This facility is only available for US customers and clients.)

How To Pay Using PayPal at Joann?

PayPal is one of the most used methods of making online transactions. It is widely used and accepted by enormous companies. Joann is no exception. And it is no complicated science, using PayPal to pay at Joann.

  • While checking out, select the payment method to be PayPal.
  • Choose the credit or debit card linked to your PayPal account you would like to use to make a payment.
  • Proceed further and pay the payable amount. 

Many a time there are offers you can be benefited from while shopping using PayPal at Joann. Keep in check the offers while checking out.

Return Policy

Unsatisfied with the product you ordered? Or don’t want it anymore and expect a refund from the company. No worries at all. Joann has got your back with its return policy and options you can opt for returning the purchase. Those ways are as follows:

  • In-Store – Find or surf through the Joann stores around your vicinity and you can just walk into any store and ask for a refund. 
  • By Mail – Or you can send the order back through mail to the address given on the official website of Joann.


Once your return request is initiated, your refund will either be credited to the original method of payment or Joann store credits and vouchers,

However, before placing you must make sure that all the items you had ordered are in their original conditions with all the tags intact to them as they were originally when the order reached you.

Easy Shopping Options

The company would never hesitate to serve its customers with the best facilities it can. Joann has been a trusted brand in the retail market for a long and noticeable time by now, and the company never leaves any stone unturned to please its customers with attractive and comfortable services. 

Thus along with basic facilities like various applicable payment methods making it easier for every kind of audience to order, and return policies to satisfy the expectations and desires of customers, Joann provides its customers with more such facilities. A few of those services are mentioned and discussed in brief in the given list of facilities. 

  • Track Your Order: You are certainly provided with the facility to check the status of your order while it is out for delivery. You can track down your purchase at the official website of Joann.
  • Curbside pickup: Choose a location and select a suitable time to pick up your order from the chosen curbside location. Facility to provide you with convenient and suitable pickup options.
  • In-store pickup: Would it be more comfortable picking up your order from the store itself instead of any other location? No issues, you can opt for the service of in-store pickup and avoid the hassle the other shopping options will be causing you.
  • All this is available on your phone now: In just a few clicks and taps you can empty your wishlist and fill in the anticipation in your hearts for getting your purchase to be delivered to your doorstep. All this is now available on your mobile phones. Download the app and enjoy shopping with Joann without any discomfort, in a handy way.


Joann as a company believes in providing its customers with the utmost convenience and easy shopping experience. With the availability of different methods of payment and many more shopping options, Joann tries its best to give a satisfying shopping experience. Accepting PayPal is also one of them. Hence, if you are going to shop with Joann, you need to worry about such trivial things and have healthy shopping. Hope this article helps you while you shop at Joann.

Does Joann Take PayPal?- Other Payment Methods

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