Is Overstock Jewelry Real?

Overstock is an American internet retail company that deals in a variety of merchandise. Overstock sells new as well as closeout merchandise on its e-commerce platform. Among various products, jewelry is also included. Overstock jewelry is low priced, beautiful, and affordable. But what is the quality of this jewelry? Does Overstock sell real jewelry? Is Overstock Jewelry Real?

Is Overstock Jewelry Real?

Yes, Overstock does sell real gold and diamond jewelry. However, the quality of jewelry may vary. Some jewelry is made of certified gold or diamond. Whereas some metals and stones may not be certified. Therefore, it is advisable for buyers to check the product description before purchasing jewelry. Overstock itself says that all its jewelry is not certified. 

Does Overstock sell certified jewelry?

Overstock sells certified as well as non-certified jewelry on its website. At Overstock, buyers can find different qualities of jewelry. However, certification is given after testing gold, diamond, and gemstones in laboratories. There is a specified process for certificating jewelry in the USA. 

What Jewelry does Overstock sell?

Customers can find a variety of jewelry at the Overstock website. the major sales include- 

  • Gold jewelry
  • Diamond jewelry
  • Gemstones 
  • Wedding rings 

All these pieces of jewelry are real. But the qualities of jewelry may differ. Based on the quality and certification, the prices of items also vary. Therefore, you can also find some very cheap diamond jewelry and wedding rings at Overstock.

Is Overstock Diamond real?

Yes, Overstock diamonds are real. But not all Overstock diamonds are GIA certified. GIA certification is given to the diamond after checking it on the criteria of clarity, cut, color, and carat weight (four Cs). 

The pieces of jewelry that are not GIA certified, lack whether in its finishing or carat weight. Therefore, various diamond jewelry could be bought at a very low price from the e-commerce company. But you can’t say that the low-priced diamond jewelry is not real. They are just not according to the expected quality standards. 

Is Overstock gold jewelry real?

Same as the Overstock diamond jewelry, Overstock gold jewelry is also available in different varieties. The quality of gold and carat weight varies from product to product. Therefore, some gold pieces of jewelry are available at a very less price. However, the details about the quality of jewelry pieces are mentioned in the description of the item. Therefore, customers should always buy the jewelry after checking its quality standards. 

Benefits of certified jewelry

Jewelry certification is proof that the piece of jewelry we are buying is real. Hence, it is always important to ask whether the jewelry is certified or not? The benefits of jewelry certification are as follows- 

  • Certified pieces of jewelry are real jewelry. There is no doubt about the quality and authenticity of certified jewelry pieces. 
  • Certified jewelry is checked on various quality standards. So, you get the best jewelry if it is certified. 
  • The carat weight of certified jewelry is checked and assigned to the product. The jewelry with standard weight only gets the certification. 
  • Certification is given to jewelry after checking its quality in the laboratory. 
  • Certified jewelry is worthy of your investment.
  • Jewelry like a wedding ring is bought for a lifetime. Hence, such items should be of the best quality. Therefore, buyers should prefer buying certified jewelry.

What to check before buying Overstock jewelry?

As already mentioned, it is real, but its quality differs. Hence, at Overstock, you can buy gold, diamond jewelry, gemstones, and a wedding ring on a lower budget. However, in this case, you have to sacrifice the quality and certification of the jewelry piece. 

But if you don’t have any budget restrictions and want the best quality and long-lived jewelry, then you should inquire about certain details about the jewelry. The details of the jewelry are mentioned in the description of the product. Check these details before buying a jewelry piece-  

  • Check for the carat weight of gold jewelry. 20-carats to 24-carat gold jewelry is considered the best gold. Below that, the quality of gold starts decreasing. At Overstock, you will also find 10 carats and 12-carat gold jewelry. 
  • Overstock has both GIA-certified and non-GIA-certified jewelry. However, the non-GIA are also real diamonds but, the GIA diamonds are checked on the four Cs (color, cuts, clarity, and carat weight) of laboratory inspection. Hence, these are the best quality diamonds. 
  • Similarly, the quality of gold and diamonds used in wedding rings should be checked. 


It sells real gold, diamonds, wedding rings, gemstones, and other jewelry. However, the quality, making, and carat weight of jewelry may differ. If you want to buy quality jewelry, then check certification, carat weight, and quality measures of jewelry. 


  1. How can I know the diamond I’m buying is certified? 

Answer: It mentions the certification status of diamonds and gemstones in the product description of the jewelry. 

  1. What does the carat weight of jewelry mean?

Answer: Carat weight means the heaviness of diamond or gold jewelry. 

Is Overstock Jewelry Real?

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