Is Daniel’s Jewelry Real?

Daniel’s jewelry is one of the leading multi-channel retailers of fine jewelry and gifts. It produces its jewelry to the choice of its customers too. This business venture was germinated in 1948 with a modest dream and got expanded with an eagerness to make diamond dreams come true. So it has been over 70 years of its existence and authenticity. They are looking to the next level with striking accessories for men. The company prepares the perfect symbol of love by exploring the wide range of engagement and wedding rings. The venture gives full service needs to its customers. At Daniel’s, everyone is approved for credit. They also give a lifetime diamond guarantee in case of defects. 

Is Daniel’s Jewelry Real

Whatever metal is used in making the jewelry, they are ought to be real. It has invented protection plans that assure the products’ quality, especially diamonds. All this gives positive insight into Daniel’s Jewelry. Most importantly they are so confident in the quality of their jewelry and such confidence, concerns, trust, and policy make this venture successful so yes Daniel’s jewelry is real.

Jewelry sold and cost of the product at Daniel’s:-

They sell various forms of jewelry like: – 1) engagement and wedding rings, 2) necklaces, 3) earrings, 4) bracelets, 5) chains, 6) religious jewelry, etc.

The cost of engagement rings ranges from $499- $2,149.97

The cost of necklaces ranges from $52-$999

The cost of earrings ranges from $129-$1,070.97

The cost of bracelets ranges from $21.97-to $7,999.95

The cost of chains ranges from $195-$3,780.97

The cost of religious jewelry ranges from $94-$2,249.95

Is Daniel’s jewelry certified?

Yes, Daniel’s Jewelry is certified. This means the diamond has undergone quality analysis by a trusted gemological laboratory. This gives huge benefit to buyers as it ensures “4C” attributes of Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat Weight as well the quality of the stone. For a customer buying certified jewelry gives them immense satisfaction and pleasure, and there will be no scope of doubts in their mind.  

Why have they followed the slogan of Making Diamond Dream Come True?

The store has diamond jewelry which has a policy for their diamonds, and therefore it is carrying its tradition till today. They offer the best quality in jewelry, and therefore they have helped millions of people in making their diamond dreams come true. Thus the slogan is apt in every sense. Through this venture, they are fulfilling their ancestor as well its customer’s dreams of producing and having real diamonds.

Is there jewelry eco-friendly?

Yes, they have the tagline of Eco Love, which itself says that their jewelry is ethnically crafted. They are conflict-free and sustainable lab-grown diamonds. For them, concerns for making its jewels eco-friendly are very important as by this concept they are saving the environment and there are very few possibilities of having any sort of negative impact on the environment. These are the pros of buying their jewelry. 

Does its official website say to shop consciously? What impact does it make on customers?

Shop consciously means that customer doesn’t feel pressured to buy anything under any pressure. Thus the term is also attached to the feeling that customer gains after every shopping. Shopping consciously through the mind is important for any customer as it gives them satisfaction and happiness in every way. So shopping consciously is liked by every customer. Thus, Daniel’s Jewelry says its customer to shop consciously which also shows that the venture focuses on its customers and it follows customer-centricity.

What are the benefits of credits that they give to their customers?

At Daniel’s, every credit is approved as it offers convenient finance options by which purchasing is easier. Through this venture, they can fulfill the dreams of its customer. Benefits that customer gains through credit include: – customized credit options, fixed monthly payments, free gifts, special discounts, an invitation to sales and events, and special gifts on birthday. All such offers provided by the company make a huge impact on its sales and customers. Such a marketing strategy helps the company in its growth.

Despite its huge popularity, it has some amount of criticism. Why?

Criticisms are important for the growth of any venture. It opens the eyes to those things that may have been overlooked or never considered. Yes, it has some amount of effect on the venture. Thus Daniel’s jewelry has both praise and criticism. Some of its customers like its product whereas some do not like it. So they need to even work on every criticism carefully. People do not like its online services, poor quality stones, etc. so the venture contains appraisal as well criticism, despite its popularity, it has criticism too.


In many senses, Daniel’s Jewels are popular serving over 70 years by sustaining its prestige. Yes, it produces real jewelry. Their products are customized, eco-friendly, serve the community, etc. The venture has unique designs, policies, blogs, etc. But still, it needs to work on its criticism for its better growth and popularity. Yes, buying Daniel’s jewelry is worth it. They have a pricing policy that will differ depending on the products.

Is Daniel’s Jewelry Real?

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