Nike First Responder Discount

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Nike is the most valuable brand in the business of sportswear and accessories. The American company design, manufacture, and market footwear, clothing, accessories, sports equipment, sports wears, and related items. Nike also sells its products in the retail market. Its store names are Niketown. Nike also sponsors many sports stars around the globe. But like many other big brands does Nike offer discounts? Does Nike have any first responder discount in its stores and online marketplace? 

Nike First Responder Discount

Nike does offer various discounts to its customers including a special discount for the first responders. First responders are the professionals like police, doctors, nurses, firemen, etc. who work and rescue people in emergencies. Nike offers 10% off to these first responders on their purchases from Nike. However, a pre-verification of eligible buyers is required to get the discount.  

What is the first responder’s discount?

First responder discount is offered by many companies and retail stores as an appreciation gesture towards the first responders of the state. The first responder includes the police, doctors, nurses, firefighters, etc. who work on the front line during crises. 

The first responder or the front-line workers lead from the front during crises. They risk their lives and health for public protection. To celebrate their works and dedication, many firms give a certain discount or offer on their purchases. 

Does Nike offer a first responder discount?

Yes, Nike is one of those stores that offer a special discount to first responders of the state. While shopping from or the Nike app the first responders can get a 10% off on their purchases. To get the discount, the first responder had to verify their first responder id on SheerID. 

After the verification, a promo code is issued, that is used to get the discount. Notably, the discount could be retained from or Nike app. Nike stores do not offer any discount to the first responder of the state. 

Who is eligible for the Nike first responder discount?

The 10% off first responder discount of Nike is available for those who always work in front and protect their countrymen by risking their own lives. Following personnel comes under the first responder category- 

  • Police 
  • Sheriffs
  • Troops 
  • Law enforcers 
  • Firefighters 
  • Doctors 
  • Registered Nurses 
  • Paramedical staffs 
  • Search and rescue teams
  • Teams and forces engaged in emergency handling etc. 

How to avail of the first responder discount?

To avail of the 10% discount on shopping from Nike, first responders need the promo code. The promo code is provided after verifying the first responder ID. So to get the discount, all eligible first responders have to go through the following process- 

  • To get the 10% off on a purchase from Nike, first of all, verify your first responder id. Nike has partnered with SheerID for the verification. 
  • For verification, SheerID will ask for certain documents from you. 
  • After the verification, first responders will receive a promo code. The promo code could be used only once. The Nike promo code is active for two weeks only. Every time you have to get a new promo code by verifying the first responder id to get the 10% discount. Notably, you can get the new promo code after seven days of getting the previous one. 
  • If you have the promo code, select the items you want to buy from or Nike app and move to checkout. Enter the promo code you have in the checkout section and the discount will be applied to your purchase. 

Notably, for the verification of the first responder id, professionals have to give their official documents. The document should have the first and last name of the first responder, organization name, and other job-related details. SheerID verifies this data with their database to approve you for a first responder discount at Nike.

Other firms that offer first responder discount

Many firms offer first responder discounts to their customers as an appreciation gesture towards the professionals on front-line duty. The major companies that offer this discount are- 

  • Adidas 
  • Dickies 
  • DC Shoes 
  • Custom Neon
  • Jockey 
  • Puma
  • Rebook etc.  

The sportswear specialist firm Nike offers a 10% discount to the first responder as an appreciation gesture towards their work and duties. The eligible professionals have to verify their id with the SheerID to get the discount. After verification, a promo code is given to avail of the discount. Policemen, doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, firefighters, etc. get this offer from Nike. 

  1. Does Nike offer students a discount?

Answer: Yes, Nike does offer a student discount. The students who shop from Nike get a 10% off on their purchases under the student’s discount offer. 

  1. When I will receive the promo code after verification as a first responder? 

Answer: Normally, a promo code is provided instantly after the verification process completes. But sometimes due to the various processes involved, it may take a maximum of 20 minutes. Nike will mail you the promo code in this situation. 

Nike First Responder Discount

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