Can I use Everyday Rewards to buy gift cards?

Everyday Reward is a collaborative site with multiple partners where for every dollar that you spend you earn reward points. It is an Australia-based site and it has multiple partners based in Australia. It allows you to shop from these sites and earn rewards. You have to download the app and add your card to the digital wallet and link the card to other partners. This will allow you to earn rewards from every shop and spend it on other shops. The topic is ‘Can I use Everyday Rewards to buy gift cards?’

Can I use Everyday Rewards to buy gift cards? 

Can I use Everyday Rewards to buy a gift card? 

No, if you have set your Payment Settings in the Everyday Pay from Everyday Rewards wallet to “Use my Gift Cards first” and the gift cards stores in the wallet have sufficient available balance, the entire transaction will be paid from these gift cards. It allows you to merge all gift cards received at different stores under the Everday Reward payments, but it does not allow you to buy newer gift cards from the given rewards. 

How do Everyday Rewards work?

Step one, 

Join the membership.

To become a member, you have to download the app and make an account. Then attach your card to your account and then use it while shopping in-store or online. 

Step two,

Add your card to your digital wallet. With this, you can pay simply by tapping your phone when shopping online to earn reward points.

Step Three,

While in-store shopping, you can tap the digital card to receive rewards at the partner stores, or while shopping online, you will have to attach your card to the accounts of the partner stores to receive rewards.

Step Four, 

You can use your Everyday Rewards card to pay for the partner stores when shopping online and can redeem one reward with every dollar that you spend, these points can be redeemed later with a substantial amount. You can boost your points with the customized offers made for you by the site. You can either get $10 off or convert to 1000 Qantas points every time you reach 2000 Everyday Rewards. 

What are Qantas’s points? 

Qantas points can be provided by the Qantas site. These can be used for multiple purposes in Australia, such as flight booking, upgrades, hotels, etc.   

How do the Gift Cards work? 

The gift cards received at different stores that are partners with Everyday Rewards can be used while opting for a gift. You can change your payment settings in Everyday Rewards to prioritize getting gift cards used up first to pay for certain gifts. You can use the Everyday Rewards after the gift cards have been used up to make further transactions; however, the direct purchase of gift cards is not available. The Gift Cards are received at various Everyday Rewards partner stores. 

Everyday Rewards Partners

  1. Woolworths – Woolworths is a chain of grocery stores with stores and an online store and delivery service. It is a UK based company with outlets in various places in the world.  
  1. BWS – BWS is a chain of alcohol stores. They have online shopping with delivery services and walk-in stores all over Australia. 
  1. Big W – Big W is a multipurpose store that sells products for everyday use and other essential items such as books and home appliances. 
  1. Bupa – Bupa is a healthcare and health insurance company that provides most medical facilities such as dental, therapy, and other kinds of aids. It is a UK-based company with countries of operation worldwide. They have online services and offline openings to avail the facilities. 
  1. Ampol – Ampol is a petroleum company which energy services such as gas stations with small convenience stores attached to them for services all over Australia.  
  1. Origin energy – Origin energy is a company that provides multiple energy products such as electricity, natural gas, solar panels, etc. 
  1. Frequent Flyer – Qantas is an airline company that provides airline services. 
  1. Super Pharmacy –  Super pharmacy is a store that provides prescriptions, medicines, well-being, and beauty products. It provides those delivery services along with advisory services. 
  1. Pet Culture –  Pet culture is all about pet care. It provides pet care and grooming products online and delivers the same.   
  1. Dinnerly and Marley spoon – Essentially the same service providers of affordable meals Marley Spoon delivers to varied audiences, whereas Dinnerly is for weekly convenience. 
  1. Healthy life –  It is a healthy lifestyle service and product company that brings programs, books, expert advice, and products to the table. They also have offline stores for physical services. 


Everyday Rewards is intended to supply multiple payment services at once and allow savings on your everyday buys. It merges everything that is store received and allows you to use the same on multiple occasions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you buy gift cards with Woolworths rewards? 

No, the policy remains the same for all partners under Everyday rewards. 

  1. How to use Everyday Rewards dollars online? 

You can use the Everyday Rewards with 2000 points will save 10$.

Can I use Everyday Rewards to buy gift cards?

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