Home Depot Mattress Return Policy- How to Return?

When it comes to buying mattresses for the house, Home Depot is one of the favorite choices of buyers. It is the largest home improvement retail store chain in the USA. It operates as a retail store chain as well as an e-commerce platform. Notably, Home Depot also operates in Canada and Mexico. But does Home Depot take the return of its mattresses? What is the Home Depot Mattress Return Policy?

Home Depot Mattress Return Policy

Yes, Home Depot does take the return of its sold mattresses. But customers should bring the mattress to the Home Depot within 30 days of buying it or receiving the shipment. Notably, for a successful return, the mattress should be unopened and in its original condition. Notably, for most of the merchandise Home Depot’s return window is 90 days, but for mattresses, it is only 30 days. 

What is the Home Depot mattress return window?

At Home Depot, the return of mattresses is accepted only within 30 days of purchase or receiving the shipment. Home Depot is strict about its mattress return policy. Therefore, a return after 30 days is not accepted at all. 

Home Depot only accepts an unopened package of mattresses for return. You could not return the product if it didn’t look like the expectation after opening. You also need to show the purchase receipt as proof of shopping to return. Additionally, valid id proof and information on the mode of payment used for buying the mattress are also required. 

How to return Home Depot mattresses?

Home Depot follows a simple mattress return policy. However, you should fulfill all the return conditions and have the required documents. The return could be possible by visiting the store or mailing the package back to the Home Depot. 

  • In-store return of Home Depot mattresses

Visit the nearest Home Depot store to return a mattress bought from the store or ordered online from Home Depot. For an in-store return at Home Depot, customers need to show their valid id proof issued by the government. They also have to show proof of purchase. 

If customers had lost their receipt of purchase, then also the return is possible. Home Depot helps you to download a purchase receipt online. At the store, your package is inspected before taking returned. Home Depot also requires your payment details to make a refund. 

  • Online return of Home Depot mattresses 

If you can’t visit a Home Depot store to return a mattress, go for an online return. Follow the quick steps to return your mattress package online via mail- 

  • Click on the ‘return item’ button on the Home Depot website shown in front of the mattress you bought.
  • Home Depot will send you a return label via mail if your mattress is eligible for a return.
  • After getting the label, prepare the mattress for shipment with all its accessories. Notably, the mattress should be in original condition for return. 
  • Then, drop the mattress package at the nearest UPS Point. Again, it is advisable to opt for a trackable mailing option.

Home Depot refund policy 

Customers do not face many problems in getting a refund from Home Depot. Home Depot refunds the purchase amount of your return, in the same way, you purchased the item. It means that the refund is credited to the same account used for the payment. Notably, there are certain exceptions to this policy. The exceptions are- 

  • Purchases made through gift cards or store credits could be credited in store credit. You won’t get the gift card back for purchasing a gift card. 
  • If the refundable amount is more than $1,000 in cash, then a check will be issued from Home Depot’s corporate office for a refund. 

Exceptions in Home Depot mattresses return policy

There are not many exceptions in the Home Depot mattress return policy unless it follows all the required return requirements. However, there are certain conditions regarding the method of return and instruments used for carrying out the return process.

Home Depot mattress return policy is applicable on products sold by Home Depot only. The third-party sellers on the website have their return policies. Home Depot is not responsible for that. Therefore, it is advisable to check the return policy of the seller before buying a mattress. 


Home Depot offers a 30 days window for buyers to return the unwanted mattresses they bought from the Home Depot store or website. Notably, Home Depot only accepts unopened mattresses in their original condition. The return could be possible at Home Depot stores or you could send it by UPS.


  1. How to return a damaged or defective set of merchandise at Home Depot?

Answer: To return any defective or damaged item bought from Home Depot, customers should call at 1-800-430-3376 within 30 days of purchase or shipment of the product. 

  1. Can I return the mattress bought from Home Depot after opening it?

Answer: Home Depot only accepts unopened packages for return unless it is damaged or defective. However, customers can still return opened packages after repacking them with all the accessories. 

Home Depot Mattress Return Policy- How to Return?

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