Is Origami Owl Jewelry Real Silver?

One of the supreme custom-tailored trinkets company Origami Owl has been tempting the ladies with its enchanting charms and ornaments since 2010. This American private jewelry company has been functioning in Puerto Rico, the US, and Canada. Let’s learn ‘Is Origami Owl Jewelry Real Silver?’.

Is Origami Owl Jewelry Real Silver?

It is a multi-level marketing company and was founded by Isabella “Bella” Weems, Christian “Chrissy” Weems, Tyson Basha, and Shawn Maxwell. Isabella “Bella” took the initiative of this company at the tender age of fourteen by designing vintage glass lockets that were occupied with cute charms. These lockets were named the ‘Living Lockets’. 

As the business flourished, a variety of other products were introduced by the company.

Is Origami Owl Jewelry real silver?

No, Origami Owl Jewelry is not real silver. Though the appearance of its jewelry has a lot of resemblance to real silver, none of them is genuine silver. Jewelry like dangles, lockets, clasps, chains, and plates are coated with silver ions and 18k rose gold.

 Even the silver used for electroplating is not entirely real or pure. The silver used for electroplating is sterling silver which is the equivalent of stainless steel. The base of some of its jewelry items is sterling silver. 

Origami Owl has been using metals like brass, copper, stainless steel, and alloy as the base of its jewelry items, in which real silver is not included.

Then which metals does Origami Owl Jewelry use?

Origami Owl has been striving to create the most lovable charms since 2010. It has created various lockets, clasps, and chains with a great luster that lures the ladies. The materials used by the company are lead-free and non-precious metals. 

Different jewelry pieces are created differently with distinct metals according to their design and requirements. Here is a list of various Origami Owl Jewelry items and their respective materials:

  • Dangles: The beautiful dangles by Origami Owl are created using silver and gold-plated, nickel-free metals, glass crystals, and synthetic pearls. The base of these dangles is made out of copper and plated with gold ion, silver ion, and copper ion. The jewelry pieces are hypoallergenic and lead-free nickel. 
  • Charms: The Origami Owl charms are made out of zinc alloy base. These are enamel charms coated with rhodium which makes them tarnish-free. The charms are typically painted by hand to maintain their delicacy. All the materials involved in it do not contain nickel or lead.
  • Chains: Origami Owl Jewelry creates a variety of chains which include mainly 18k rose gold chains and 925 sterling silver chains. The 18k rose gold chains have copper as their base material. The chains fabricated with copper are then electroplated with gold or silver ions. This electroplating process imparts color and metallic luster to it. Some of its chains are also rhodium-plated. Rhodium is well-renowned for its anti-tarnishing qualities. These chains are uniquely durable and stylish and best for day-to-day use.
  • Living Lockets: The living lockets are scrupulously embedded with genuine Swarovski crystals. The base of the locket is built of 316-grade stainless steel and coated with 18k rose gold. The living lockets are precisely cut into stunning designs.
  • Earrings: From hoops to studs, Origami Owl presents earrings suited to every woman’s taste. The earrings are crafted out of fine stainless steel and sterling silver. Later they are coated with gold or silver ions, depending upon the requirements of their color.

Is Sterling Silver the same as Real Silver?

This question might have arisen numerous times when it comes to the use of silver in jewelry items. The answer to this question is no. Sterling silver is not the same as real silver. 

However, they have several attributes in common but characteristically they are different materials. 

Real silver is 99.9% pure and comprises an only silver metal with 0.1% of other impurities. While sterling silver is an alloy of 7.5% copper and 92.5% silver. 

The sterling silver version is more sustainable and is mostly used in the jewelry industry. Silver in its purest form is incompetent of withstanding pressure and is very fragile. Hence, to shape it into ornaments, copper is amalgamated into it and sterling silver is formed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Origami Owl Jewelry waterproof?

No, Origami Owl Jewelry is not waterproof and the gold or silver plating is temporary. The coating needs to be maintained from time to time as per requirements.

2. Where is Origami Owl jewelry manufactured?

Origami Owl Jewelry is manufactured in Asia and the United States.

3. Does Origami Owl Jewelry provide customized items?

Yes, with special orders given by customers, Origami Owl Jewelry provides customized items. They might charge some extra amount of money as well for customization services.

4. Are there any alternative jewelry brands of Origami Owl?

There are several alternative jewelry brands of Origami Owl, namely, Pandora, Kendra Scott, Camille Jewelry, Mejuri, Brilliant Earth, and the Blue Nile.

Is Origami Owl Jewelry Real Silver?

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