Kingsdown Mattress Return Policy- Need for Return Policy

About Kingsdown

Kingsdown is one of the largest manufacturers of mattresses globally, and its operation works in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Asia. It has a comprehensive portfolio of patents, and it reflects the long history of the business as a true founder in the designing and construction of the mattress. So it is also known as the pioneer in the sleep industry. Based on sleep science research, it has the world’s most intelligent diagnostic system to support people’s personal needs. Let’s know about Kingsdown Mattress Return Policy.

Kingsdown Mattress Return Policy


Each Kingsdown mattress has been built by considering the comfort and well-being of the customer. Sometimes when people use the new Kingsdown mattress, they may feel very different from the old one.  In that case, please allow at least 90 nights for your body to adjust to the comfort and support of the new mattress.

Return policy is applicable on these points:

Changing the mind:-

Surely, people will love it, but still, if they have a change of mind, then there are some return rules given below. 

It provides a trial period of the mattress for 111-night, sold at

If, after 111 calendar days from the date of delivery, the customer is not completely satisfied, then contact the above website for a hassle-free return and refund of the purchased mattress. 

Sleep accessories with mattresses may also return within 30 calendar days from the date of delivery and it’s free of charge.

Incorrectly Supplied Products:-

If the customer has been accidentally supplied with the wrong product, Kingsdown will supply the correct product or issue a refund. 

To provide the right product, the wrong one will need to be returned first. In this case, Kingsdown has to be notified within seven days of delivery of the wrong product, and the product must be in an unused/resold condition.

The product got damaged in transit:-

If the product got damaged during shipment to the customer’s delivery address, Kingsdown will replace the product or issue a credit/refund where no valid replacement is available.

For this, Kingsdown must be notified within 24 hours of the delivery of the product so that Kingsdown can arrange the product collection by courier when customers shop online.

The product got Faulty within the warranty period:-

Suppose a covered error occurs during the warranty period (i.e., described in the warranty system below). In that case, Kingsdown will fix or change (with the Kingsdown option) a defective mattress and foundation at the right time.

For this limited guarantee to work, the customer must:

  1. Be a first-time buyer, and buy a sleeping set from one of our certified dealers.
  2. Provide a copy of the store’s original receipt or other proof of dates, place, or price of purchase and purchase, as well.
  3. Provide a legal label for a defective product.
  • To replace or cancel the refund for the defective product, the customer will need to return it to the Kingsdown to check and verify. Returns of this kind can be made at any time during the warranty period, and it is the customer’s responsibility to cover any cost of returning the product to Kingsdown.

NOTE:- Your warranty does not cover products found to be in an unclean condition or where the product failure is due to non-existent reasons other than defective materials or workmanship.

  • Restocking Fees:-
  • In some special cases, including when the products are sold to supermarket customers, Kingsdown may agree (if given) to accept a refund for an excellent product. 
  • In these cases, there will be a handling fee equal to some percentage of the value of the products. Delivery, service, and integration fees are not refundable at all.

To qualify the return policy of the mattress, customers should consider some rules, which are as follow:

Φ  All mattresses must be clean and undamaged. Still, some damage includes, but is not limited to: stained fabrics, punctures, tears, burns or rips, etc.  

Φ  Do not put the mattress near the fire. This mattress is not ready or fireproof and can burn. In this case, other accessories can also burn.

Φ  Do not use dry cleaning fluids of any kind, and these chemicals will damage some of the construction building material. 

Φ  DO NOT let anyone stand or jump on your mattress. They are not built for that kind of weight gain or aggression.

Φ  DO NOT let your mattress get wet because some upholstery building materials may press. Protect it from water or anything else liquid.

What is the need for return policies:-

  • Return policy gives customers a sense of security; For what they are buying is guaranteed to be what they expected it should be, else buyers often suspect and avoid buying the product.
  • A definite sales return policy can help increase sales because many percent of consumers want it. Consumers still see it as a guarantee of the sellers’ trust in the products they sell.


Ninety-one percent of consumers surveyed in a recent Harris Poll said, return policy is a key factor in a purchasing decision. The policy of restoring good business and it is important to do business online.

Kingsdown Mattress Return Policy- Need for Return Policy

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