Stores Like Oh Polly

Oh Polly is the fastest growing women’s clothing brand in the UK and is popular among many other countries including Australia and the US. Oh Polly has long been a closely watched brand. They made a splash by focusing on eye-catching and dazzling designs that were hard to ignore. Oh Polly likes to focus on the glam you see when you go to the club or dress up for the prom. Let us here know about Stores Like Oh Polly.

Stores Like Oh Polly

Stores Like Oh Polly

Like Oh Polly, there are a variety of stores that offer similar appeal, whether it’s a “prom” style look or a combination of different color palettes and styles. There are shops like Oh Polly, so find the one that’s right for you.

If you’re looking for an affordable brand like Oh Polly that’s equally appealing, the mentioned stores like Oh Polly are just around the corner.

1. Hello Molly

If you’re looking for something more playful, Hello Molly could be in your bag. They focus on bright colors like pink and blue, with accents of white and black to spice things up. They also love floral patterns with flowy skirts and sundresses. 

Their styles reflect the vibes of the beaches of California and Florida and are suitable for picnics at the beach or shopping at open-air malls. They’re also one of the few brands on this list that focus on dazzling super easy-to-wear jumpsuits like Oh Polly.

2. Beginning Boutique

If one wants a little preppy, beach-appropriate dress, tops, and skirts, Beginning Boutique is a great store. The brand focuses on the same bust and hip curves as Oh Polly, but with less of a hint of glamor, and more emphasis on pastels and solids. 

They offer unique styles which focus more on the contrast between bold, colorful tops and muted bottoms. They also offer a lineup of festive clothing that echoes the ’90s rock style. They pair this comfy and casual accent with trousers and shoes that add glam to a modern touch.

3. Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing (sometimes called PLT) focuses on becoming a variety seller with cuts that have almost the same idea as Oh Polly, but with plenty of style choices to choose from. They immerse themselves in beautiful natural patterns and textures and are not afraid to break their boldness with a more striking design.

There is also a dedicated section for small and tall figures and a dedicated lineup for maternity. Of all the stores like oh Polly, PLT is by far the most affordable and dresses start at $ 12.

4. Windsor

Windsor gives its designs a touch of elegance. They are especially known for their wide selection of affordable and glamorous dresses, homecoming dresses and other dresses for special occasions. 

Aside from their cocktail dresses, they usually steer clear of too much glamor by borrowing simpler but eye-catching pieces from British styles. Most of Windsor’s suits carry a classic yet modern twist on classic fashion pieces.

5. Princess Polly

Princess Polly regains the fashionable charm that Oh Polly has. Princess Polly has eye-catching designs that accentuate the natural curves and features without being too dazzling. Their dresses and tops earn additional points, focusing on the texture of the fabric, which adds such amazing charm with simpler colors.

6. White Fox

White Fox one of the more popular stores like Oh Polly offers the same cut style and designs as Oh Polly but are better suited for everyday wear. They love to alternate between simpler, chic, understated shirts and dresses, and more dynamic, glamorous styles.

One thing that needs special attention is their line of activewear. If looking for supportive activewear, and want a sweet activewear wardrobe, White Fox is one of the best options.

7. Missguided

If you’re looking for a more fashion-trend piece that reflects the trends of the early 90s and South Korea, Missguided is here to help. Their work combines today’s cuts with the vibrant and unobtrusive looks of the past.

They’ve also partnered with Playboy for their latest collection that has some pretty cool pieces worth checking out.

8. I Saw It First

I saw it First is a brand that loves a colorful and vibrant world of pop and glamor. If one likes bubbly outfits and is a fan of Korean fashion, then I Saw It First is right for you. They have in winter lineup a down jacket, oversized sweaters and thicker materials. With their summer lineup, they’re more focused on fitted pieces that look preppy yet elegant. 

their clothes are just as affordable as Pretty Little Thing – some of their clothes start at just $10!

9. Stelly

If you are looking for eye-popping elegance with a touch of glamor, Stelly is one of the best options. Stelly’s collection has a timeless look that will last in your wardrobe for years with flowing cuts that will never go out of style. They like to combine a flowing design with bright cuts in the middle and back to create an eye-catching design.

10. Sabo Skirt

Sabo Skirt is a famous name in the fast-fashion world for young women. It is headquartered in Australia.  Sabo skirts may be a little more expensive than Oh Polly but if one is not very price conscious, then shopping at Sabo Skirt will be a very interesting experience. This is the reason why millions of teenage girls and young women from the United States are buying from Sabo Skirt

11. Revolve

Revolve clothing is not a cheap alternative to Oh Polly but it’s a good store to find the latest designer fashion at a great discount. Even with these discounted prices, buying women’s clothing at Revolve can be a bit costly. However, if you don’t mind spending a few bucks more, you’ll get clothes that look a lot better than Oh Polly’s in many ways.

12. Meshki

Meshki is one of the bolder brands and thus stands out on this list. Meshki focuses on darker colors, drab pastels and bright white twists to create elegant contrasts. They also like to focus on the lineup. Their Co-Ord sets focus on more comfortable clothes, many oversized sweaters and draped fabrics with sweater knits. (A co-ord is an outfit made from prints or fabrics of matching colors.)

Reasons why Oh Polly is the First-Fashion Brand?

Oh Polly is a fast-fashion brand because of its speed of sales and the size of clothes.

The brand was founded by British duo Mike Branney and Claire Henderson, who first founded the charity Gifts 4 Kids Cambodia after witnessing poverty across Southeast Asia. To help them they sold clothes on eBay and saw the huge success that has taken them to this day. 

The company is now worth around £7million and operates as a fast fashion brand with no mention of a charity on its website.

Origin of Oh Polly Brand

Originally, the owners of Oh Polly, Claire Henderson and Mike Branney started selling on eBay. They are looking for ways to fund their Cambodian charity, the Branson Foundation. Their sales on eBay went up and they set up a social media account from there, and soon after, a website.

The company grew quickly, but not everything went smoothly. One of the first suppliers Claire and Mike trusted stole £30,000 of what was all their money at the time! However, in their own words, “The key is not to quit, every successful person hasn’t quit.”


Oh Polly has been involved in women’s fast fashion since 2015. The Oh Polly bran d was founded by Michael Branney 

The brand’s mission is to give women confidence. Oh Polly owner is passionate about creating fresh, up-to-date styles that shoppers will want to visit again 

There are a plethora of brands like Oh Polly offering the same cuts, materials, colors and fits as Oh Polly. All the brands mentioned in this article offer unique things, fabrics and creative designs and prices are also affordable. hoping you will find your favorite new store.


Does Oh Polly brand fit everyone?

As much as their cuts are praised, the quality of material Oh Polly used is also excellent, some sizes and colors may not be suitable for some people. Other brands display the same cut to their liking with different twists.

Can Hello Molly be the best alternative store for Princess Polly?

Hello Molly has super cute and affordable clothing online like Princess Polly. Hello Molly is one of the best alternatives to stores like Princess Polly as it offers stylish clothes and it is affordable too.

What is the purpose of Oh Polly?

Oh Polly aims to provide trend-driven, high-quality products that will grab attention.

Is Oh Polly a UK Brand?

Oh Polly is one of the few British brands to design and manufacture their own clothing. As a result, Oh Polly combines exceptional quality (which they carefully control) with unique trend-led fashion. In the customer’s words, “You get what you pay for”.

Stores Like Oh Polly

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