Who Does Guitar Center Use For Shipping?

Distance is no more adversity for businesses. Now they can ship an order to any part of the world. The advancements in shipping have been a boon to businesses as they now have a wider customer reach due to the possibility of delivering products anywhere. Let’s know Who Does Guitar Center Use For Shipping?

Who Does Guitar Center Use For Shipping?

One such business that has been actively shipping out orders worldwide is Guitar Center. Known for their splendid collections, their customers are also pretty satisfied with the orders’ delivery.

Guitar Center mainly uses USPS as a medium for shipping to keep their customers satisfied. Today, we will discuss who Guitar Center uses for shipping and the shipping structure at Guitar Center. However, before going further, let us look at Guitar Centre.

What Is Guitar Center?

With almost 300 outlets in the United States, Guitar Center is one of the biggest retailers of musical instruments. Before being well known as Guitar Center, it was formerly called The Organ Center.

Wayne Mitchell is the man behind Guitar Center’s existence. Guitar Center was founded 63 years ago in 1959, and it has been operating successfully ever since. Although hundreds of outlets across the states, Guitar Center still receives huge shipping orders.

To fulfill the shipping and delivery needs at Guitar Center, it uses USPS as a mode of shipping. 

What Is USPS?

USPS is short for United States Postal Service. It is one of the most preferred postal services of many businesses. USPS is the choice for Guitar Center as it provides many different shipping options according to customers’ needs.

Now that you know about the shipping partner with Guitar Center, the next section will let you know the shipping structure Guitar Center uses via USPS.

Shipping Structure At Guitar Center

We have divided the shipping structure as per domestic and international orders. 

Shipping For Domestic Orders

Domestic orders at Guitar Center imply orders shipped within the United States, except Alaska and Hawaii. 

There are four types of delivery and shipping options that you can choose from if you order something from Guitar Center. The options are explained below:

Standard Ground Delivery

The standard ground delivery at Guitar Center assures that the order will be delivered within 2 to 5 business days. However, the order must be placed before 3 PM for that day to be accounted for. 

The delivery timeline for standard ground delivery is 2 to 5 business days post the order is shipped.

Two Day Express Shipping

If the order is being shipped via two-day express shipping, the order is expected to reach the delivery location in two business days.

The two days are counted from the day of shipping. The shipping day relies on the time of order. If the order was made before 5 PM, the two business days get counted from the same day.

However, if the order is placed after 5 PM, the two business days are counted from the next day. 

Next Day Delivery Option

The next-day delivery is for the expedited delivery. Usually, the delivery is done the next day from the shipping. The shipping time depends upon the time when the order is placed. 

If a customer orders before 5 PM, the shipping happens on the same day. The delivery, in this case, will be by the end of the next day. 

If the customer orders after 5 PM, the shipping is initiated the next day. The delivery will be on the next day after the shipping is done. 

In-Store Pick Up

If you visit the store and order a musical instrument, the shipment is expedited, and you can have it at your place the same day.

Shipping for International Orders

There are no set delivery timelines when a product is shipped out of the United States. The reason is that delivery and shipping modules might vary from country to country. Hence it will take more time. It can anywhere between 10 to 20 days. 

Before placing a Guitar Center order, you need to know a few shipping terms and conditions.

Shipping Terms And Conditions At Guitar Center

The terms and conditions are explained below:

  • A minimum purchase of $25 will help you get free shipping anywhere in the US (Except Alaska and Hawaii).
  • If you happen to purchase a special order or have ordered an oversized thing, you have to pay the delivery charges.
  • Almost every order is shipped on the same day if placed before 3 PM EST.
  • Business days do not include Saturdays and Sundays. Orders placed on these days can be shipped on the next business day.


USPS is well known for its shipping services; it has become an apt choice for Guitar Center. The shipping of most of the items is free and done on the same day. This is one of the reasons why customers like shopping at Guitar Center.


Can the order be delivered on Monday, if I order an instrument on Sunday?

Ans: No, the shipping will be done on Tuesday as per the policies of Guitar Center.

Will shipping charges be applicable for International orders?

Ans: Yes, since shipping to international locations includes freight forwarders, the shipping charges are higher.

Who Does Guitar Center Use For Shipping?

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