Does Michael Hill Buy Back Jewelry?

Michael Hill is one name that is famous for jewelry enthusiasts. They have a large customer base and a very active online presence. Whether you want to buy a trendy watch or an exquisite ring, Michael Hill has just what you need. You need not worry; you will get a clear idea of the buy-back scenario with Michael Hill for any jewelry. We will share some tips about returns at Michael Hill in this article. But first, let us first understand the concept of Buy-Back. Let’s know ‘Does Michael Hill Buy Back jewelry?’

Does Michael hill Buy Back jewelry?

Michael Hill has a very apt return policy, but they do not encourage a buy-back option. Irrespective of the case where you wish to sell any jewelry, Michael Hill will not buy any previously sold jewelry, as they do not have a buy-back policy.

Buy Back At Michael Hill

When you want to sell old jewelry for cash or buy new jewelry, it gets called a buy-back. When you first take your jewelry for a buy-back, the jewelry is first analyzed. The quality gets checked to see if it has degraded or not.

After successfully clearing all tests, a buy-back is processed based on the valuation on that day. Although many jewelers offer to buy back, Michael Hill is not one of them. There are strict rules concerning buy-back and returns with Michael Hill.

There are always two scenarios for a buy-back. You sell the jewelry from where you purchased it or to a different jeweler. Let us check out what happens in both cases at Michael Hill.

Buy Back Of Jewelry Bought At Michael Hill

If a customer goes to sell off a piece of jewelry at Michael Hill originally bought from them, they will not buy it. The only possible solution is if the purchased jewelry is being returned within 30 days of purchase. In that case, a refund is made to the customer as per the bill amount.

Buy Back Of Jewelry No Bought At Michael Hill

The fact remains that Michael Hill doe not repurchases any jewelry, especially if they were purchased from some other jeweler. Now that buy-back scenarios are stated let us look at the return policy with Michael Hill.

Returns And Refund Policy With Michael Hill

Below are specific pointers you need to consider before initiating a returns request at Michael Hill. The below criteria also remain the same if you change your mind a day or two post-purchase.

  • A product can only be returned within 30 days of purchase. Any returns made after the 30 days timeline will not be accepted or processed. 
  • No returns or refunds are provided on jewelry personalized via design or engraving.
  • To properly process the returned items, it is essential to return them with all the documents and tags present during the purchase. Only when the product is returned with the original packaging, tags, certification, and all the paperwork, it will be processed successfully.
  • You will have to bear the shipping charges while returning the product if any. You can contact customer care or email the Michael Hill team to return the products.
  • The amount of the product will only be refunded after the product passes all the Quality Assurance benchmarks at Michael Hill.
  • The product must be returned to the Michael Hill outlet, which should be in the country of purchase. The refund will be paid the same way you initially made the payment. 

How To Get A Refund From Michael Hill?

There are two ways to approach Michael Hill concerning getting a refund. However, you will have to have to wait for 15 days for the returns to be processed. Below are two methods of refund.

Offline Returns

For an offline return, you can visit the store from where you purchased the item. Make sure to carry all relevant and necessary documents. 

You can hand over the item to the employees. After this, it will be sent for an inspection. Your returns will be processed accordingly.

Online Returns

You can visit the website for Michael Hill and start a live chat. The correspondent will inform you will all the steps needed to return the purchased item. You can also contact customer support to know the status of your returns.


Although it might seem normal for a jewelry outlet to buy back any jewelry, Michael Hill has terms and conditions that do not allow it, even for the jewelry that they sell. The best-case scenario is to return anything you purchase within the 30-day to avoid the loss of a returns chance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I Return A Piece Of Jewelry Purchased At Michael Hill Australia, At Michael Hill USA?

Ans: No, the jewelry is to be returned at Michael Hill Australia as it is the country of purchase.

  1. What if you return the jewelry on the second day, but there is a slight dent in it?

Ans: Accepting such jewelry is entirely at Michael Hill’s discretion. You will have to send it for checking first.

  1. Can I return my jewelry after 32 days?

Ans: No, the policy is valid for 30 days.

Does Michael Hill Buy Back Jewelry?

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