Is Napier Jewelry Real Gold?

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The Napier Company had been founded in the early 1800s & began as a manufacturer of men’s watch chains before expanding into a jewelry brand. The company was one of the first modern corporations in the world.

Is Napier Jewelry Real Gold

Napier founded itself as a jewelry company that provides fashionable accessories and has achieved global recognition. Napier jewelry was sought after and worn by celebrities of the time, such as Marylin Monroe, Grace Kelly, Arlene Francie, and the Duchess of Windsor, which boosted the brand’s reputation as a high-quality jeweler.

Is Napier Jewelry Gold?

Many people believe that items from Napier are fake gold. Isn’t it perplexing? In reality, metal jewelry should be at least 10K gold in order to be sold in the United States. Anything less is not considered genuine gold.

Instead of being solid gold, Napier pieces are gold-toned and gold-plated. A significant portion of their output was made of gold-plated brass. You can tell if they are gold-plated and gold-toned if:

Even when only a tiny amount of gold is present on the surface, they have the same glow and overall appearance as real gold. There are still no 14K gold trademarks, but there are FTC-approved identifiers. They may include artificial gems & faux crystals, which are frequently of the highest quality.

Pros and cons


  • can put them to use every day!
  • They have a fashionable appearance without the high cost.
  • We can stockpile them.
  • They go with almost everything!


  • They can appear cheap at times.
  • They have the ability to turn our skin green.
  • They are easily broken.
  • They fade quickly.

How to Identify Real Napier Jewelry

Napier is distinguished by the company’s unique stamp, which can be discovered on all of its jewelry. There are two major indicators to look for.

Till the early 1990s, every part of Napier jewelry was imprinted in block letters with the word NAPIER.

However, the stamp was subsequently modified to the text Napier printed in script. This was due to the fact that the company had changed hands & had new owners at the time.

Modern jewelry with the ‘Napier’ stamp can still be found, but it is usually made by someone else, or the quality is often inferior to that of original Napier products. Once sellers list antique Napier jewelry, they should specify whether or not the piece bears the Napier postmark of authenticity.

Is Napier jewelry worth anything?

Prices for Napier jewelry range from around $20 for a couple of tiny earrings to more than $300 for a silver-plated necklace, based on the style, demand, and materials used. The sterling silver collection, as well as rare, vintage items from the early twentieth century, are highly valued. As previously stated, Napier jewelry is popular among jewelry collectors those with a keen sense of style. High-end costume jewelry became a collectible and has risen in value over time.

Would Napier Jewelry be a good fit for you?

Napier jewelry is available in various styles, but the majority of the pieces are large and eye-catching. If you prefer minimalist styles, you may have a more difficult time finding Napier jewelry that suits you. They do have some elegant, minimalist pieces, such as this classic bracelet, that would suit anyone.

If you like large, statement pieces, you’ll form a relationship with Napier’s designs. That’s where Napier truly shined.


Napier’s past goes back to the early 1800s when they began as a silverware manufacturer. Their silver expertise led them to produce gilt & silverplate jewelry along the way. The trends and styles they devised astounded not only movie stars but also World War II veterans.

Even after being closed down, Napier Jewelry has still sought after. The favorite of the web will bring you fascinating sets of earrings, charms, and bracelets that will still go with your #OOTD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Where Can I Buy Vintage Napier Jewelry?

A) Napier jewelry can be found in vintage & estate jewelry shops that specialize in vintage jewelry.

Q) Is Napier jewelry free of allergens?

A) According to Wendi Chanen, a high-ranking buyer of fashion jewelry for the Dayton-department Hudson’s store division, which includes Field’s, the majority of Napier 1928 jewelry, a line marketed at Marshall Field & Co. or other department stores, are nickel free.

Q) Is Napier jewelry made of real silver?

A) Napier jewelry graced the ankles, necks, & earlobes of movie stars such as Marilyn Monroe & Grace Kelley. While the majority of the company and its products were gold-plated and made of many other metals such as pure silver, a few parts were made from real gold.

Q) Is Napier, the manufacturer of forgery jewelry?

A) Gold-plated Napier jewelry can be found from every era in corporate history, dating back to the 1920s when the company began producing costume jewelry. Many of these parts will include artificial gems & crystals, which are frequently of high quality.

Is Napier Jewelry Real Gold?

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