Microsoft Rewards – Ways to earn its Rewards

Microsoft- It is an American multinational technology corporation that produces computer software.

Rewards- Money or another kind of payment given or received for something that has been done or offered for something that might be done.

Microsoft has evolved its service from time immemorial and during the last few months, it has come up with newer interfaces such as MS Teams, Microsoft Bing, MS Edge, etc with all upgraded and updated browser accessibility.

Microsoft Rewards

Also, Microsoft unlike its competitors like Apple, Google, etc does not provide any kind of rewards while using their products but Microsoft has come up with a new service known as the free Microsoft Rewards Program which provides rewards to its users while using the services of Microsoft.

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is an approach by the organization to collect user data.


  1. It improves the performance of the web browser
  2. It can plan promotions according to the user’s use
  3. It can strategize which ads and products need to be displayed
  4. It can make one searches Microsoft Bing
  5. It can note the time slot for online while using Microsoft products and,
  6. Microsoft Rewards can be donated to charitable organizations.

So, the benefits of Microsoft Rewards culminate in that the sole purpose of Microsoft is not to gather individual data but to culminate general consumer behavior which includes tracking the general online activities of a consumer to make the services handier and techno-friendly.

Microsoft Rewards Account

Microsoft Rewards Account is an account where a user can check the prices, and rewards while using the services of Microsoft.

But before checking these multiple benefits, one needs to have a Microsoft Rewards Account and to make an account, one needs to follow some simple steps as

STEP 1- Visit the Microsoft Rewards Official Site

STEP 2- Click on the site

STEP 3- Click on Sign Up for Free

STEP 4- Enter one Microsoft Account details

STEP 5- After entering the details, one becomes eligible to earn Microsoft Rewards.

How to earn points in Microsoft Account?

There is no use of a Microsoft Account if one is unable to redeem or earn\collect more points. Also, by earning more rewards one can use it to donate to a charity so, there are different ways to earn points in the Microsoft Rewards Account and some of them are

  1. Use the Bing search engine more and then turn on the ‘Give Mode’ ON 
  2. Also, one can turn it ON on the Redeem Rewards Page
  3. Completing Streaks- Completing streaks means that one needs to earn points daily basis and completing it in a 3-day streak will earn a bonus reward of 45 points.

Also, the longer the streaks, the longer the rewards

  1. By upgrading from Level 1 to Level 2- No one wants to remain at the same level as Level 1, so, to upgrade one point, one needs to upgrade to Level 2 and by upgrading to Level 2, one can earn 500 points in a month and if one manages to earn 10*points then, on a single search one can earn 250 points a day.
  1. By completing Microsoft quizzes and surveys which can make 30-40 points.
  2. From shopping from Microsoft Store- One can get points for any kind of purchases done from the Microsoft Store only if one account has been signed with the Microsoft Account.

For instance:

For Level 1 members- every dollar spent will equal one Rewards point.

For Level 2 members- every dollar spent will equal 10 Rewards points.

Difference between Level 1 and Level 2 Rewards

When one signs up for Microsoft Rewards Account, one remains at a level 1 position but as soon as one can earn 500 points a month, one reaches Level 2 to maintain the position of Level 2, and one must keep earning 500 points per month.

Level 1- One must earn 50 points per day

              Can earn 1 point by spending $1 on shopping through Microsoft

Level 2- One must earn 250 points per day

              Can earn 10 points by spending $1 on shopping through Microsoft.

How to Redeem Microsoft Rewards?

Microsoft Rewards Program is a game to withhold as one completes to earn enough points to reward, redeeming becomes an easy task.

So, to Redeem one of its Rewards, one needs to follow simple steps.

STEP 1- Visit the official website of the Microsoft Rewards page

STEP 2- Sign in to on Microsoft Account

STEP 3- Select the Redeem subheader

STEP 4- Choose a reward according to one wish

STEP 5- On the landing page of the Reward, select Redeem and follow the procedure.

Types of items that can be Redeemed

              Items             Cost of Points
$10 Amazon Gift Card    13,000 points
60 minutes of Skype Credit    1,000 points
Enter to win a surface duo    200 points
Donate to girls who code    1,000 points 
X box series X+ Samsung Neo QLED 4K Smart TV bundle    200 points

Microsoft Rewards on Mobile

There are multiple ways by which one can earn Rewards and mobile is one of the easy ways to earn it.

Ways to earn its Rewards on Mobile

  1. Set Bing as one Default on the search engine. It can make an additional 100 daily points with the Bing Search.
  1. By downloading the Bing App- The Bing App can make one earn at least 100 daily mobile search points.
  1. With Microsoft Edge App- With Microsoft Edge App, one can earn 100 mobile search points with additional points as an Edge bonus.


Microsoft Rewards is one of the best things offered by Microsoft apart from its new technological interfaces like MS Edge, etc. This Program pays its loyal users for doing online tasks and purchasing any products or services from Microsoft Stores. Also, the reward is useful for destroying the costs of participating in popular features for reduced cost or for free making the infatuation of earning more rewards maintaining the products ecosystem and customer loyalty.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Question 1- Do Microsoft Rewards gather users’ data?

Answer- Yes

Question 2- Is there an app like Microsoft Rewards App?

Answer- Yes

Question 3- Is Microsoft Legal?

Answer- Yes

Question 4- Is Microsoft available in Puerto Rico?

Answer- No

Question 5- Is there any eligibility to earn the Microsoft Rewards?

Answer- Yes, one must be a legal resident of the 50 United States or Washington DC.

Microsoft Rewards – Ways to earn its Rewards

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