Stores Like Realization Par- With Descriptions

Realization Par exclusively creates attire solely from the silk fabric. It attempts to create designs that suit the customer on any occasion. These silk fabrics are sewn in the factories and in addition, the prints are eccentric. This brand is a luxurious & affordable direct-to-consumer brand. The company was founded by Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot. It serves internationally in European countries and the United Kingdom. Let’s know about the Stores Like Realization Par.

Stores Like Realization Par

Reformation, Thevolte, Mejuri, Designer Wardrobe, and Therealreal are a few stores like Realisation Par. The below information provides you a glimpse of the stores similar to the Realisation Par brand.

Stores Like Realisation Par

Following is the list of the stores/companies that are much like Realisation Par. Many of these stores let you purchase and also hire designer clothes or even a million-dollar dress. Some of the stores may not provide services due to the current pandemic situation. 

  1. Reformation

In 2009, the reformation was set in motion by designing and selling vintage clothes out of a Los Angeles storefront. The brand has enlarged and aims to create sustainable fashion for everyone. It produces silhouettes to recognize and celebrate women. The brand is certified as Climate Neutral company. 

The collection ranges from Dresses, jeans, tops, weddings & parties, sweaters, activewear, shoes, sandals, minimalist, linen, sweats, vacation wear, Vintage, skirts, and much more! The stores are available in Los Angeles, Culver City, San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Monica, New York, Georgetown, Boston, Hamptons, Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Portland, Toronto, Miami, Portland, and many more stores are coming soon!

2. Thevolte

The Volte brand is a fashion rental marketplace that connects borrowers and lenders. A luxury sustainable fashion that lets women acquire designer fashion with a look and feel of a million dollars. It discards hurdles and empowers women to acquire designer fashion, despite their age, demographic, and size at retail price. 

Individuals can earn money from ‘investment’ pieces. This brand is ethically and environmentally responsible. It sells clothing in sets, jumpsuits, shorts and pants, jackets, knits, tops, skirts, dresses for formal and informal occasions, jewelry, shoes, and more! The shipment is available in Australia and overseas. For any damage that occurred, the customer shall contact the lender immediately for the resolutions. 

3. Mejuri

Mejuri specializes in selling the finest jewelry and accessories for all. The brand focuses on sustainability, nurturing community, and bringing the finest jewelry at a fair price. It consists of earrings, single earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, weddings, jewelry care kits, and leather goods.

The stores are in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Customers can book an appointment at their piercing studio. The services that are provided are – personalized ear styling, live post-piercing with aftercare support, and free check-ups with post downsizing when the healing is complete. 

4. Designer Wardrobe

Designer wardrobe is an online fashion community. A place where garments are sold for rent or even a marketplace to purchase and sell pre-loved pieces. It is a sustainable place in which reusable fabric bags maintains the quality of rental garments. 

The categories to purchase consist of clothing, accessories, home, beauty & wellness products, and gives an exclusive chance to shop from the top trending brands. For rent – the services are provided based on the occasions such as Ball, wedding, Hens, engagement, work function, long lunch, and Bump friendly. one can also rent on top brands – Rat & Boa, Lexi, Miss Crabb, Ruby, Liam, Shona joy and much more! 

5. Therealreal

TRR is especially known for authenticated luxury resale. As mentioned on their website, the mission of this company is to extend the life of luxurious goods and enable more people to own them.

This vital community is growing towards a more sustainable future by reducing the impact of luxury goods on the environment. One can buy from the top fashion brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Burberry, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Celine, Jimmy Choo, and Hermès.

The top categories are Handbags, Shoes, Dresses, Scarves, Men’s Clothing, Neckties, Women’s Clothing, Wallets, and a lot more! Cartier, Rolex, Chanel watches, Chopard, Tiffany & co, and David Yurman are the top fine jewelry & watch brands that are available on their official website.

The shipment is in over 60 countries internationally. The customer needs to download the app, score the new arrivals, have personalized shopping, optimize, make the most of their obsession, and make the most of their obsessions with shopping from the editor’s choice too!

6. Dresshireau

The company was established in 2015, it specializes in the selling of top-up date designer pieces. This business began with 20 dresses and grew to 700. 

It offers the attires without the hefty price tag. It sells clothing and dresses for the occasion such as balls, Race Day, engagements, formals, and any daytime event. 

It provides the top designers’ brands listed from A to Z. It includes Australian brands, International brands, and top featured brands. The accessories such as bags, earrings, fascinators, and much more! The company aims for more expansion in warehouses and shopfronts in different states with browsing of dresses in the store.   

The dresses can be hired for up to 4 days. The customer may need to pay $100 if any damage is caused to the dress. It is advisable to select the dates for the delivery one to two days before the event. 

7. Beyond Your Wardrobe

Beyond your wardrobe provides a unique space for fashion-minded people. It focuses on fashion & buys items. The hire clothes range from Dresses in Outwear, playsuits, pantsuits, and accessories such as headwear, bags, and earrings.

One can also hire designer attires based on occasions such as Ball, beach weddings, date nights, cocktails, Vocational rental, wedding dresses, work functions, engagement parties, formal, girl’s night, Black tie, and many more! One can also purchase ex-hire dresses and accessories.

The condition of these dresses is top-notch even though they have been worn two to three times. The shipment is carried across anywhere in Australia. The shipment may take 2 to 3 days. 

8. Christydawn

Christy dawn aims to work in harmony with nature. It inspires others to celebrate with the natural world. One can shop for fabrics like organic cotton, Deadstock, Alpaca, and organic cotton. It also sells amazing Tops, blouses, dresses, skirts, books, swimwear, loungewear, accessories, jumpsuits, masks, kids’ wear, footwear, and much more! The very exclusive fabric is a deadstock collection.

The fabrics that end up in landfills are rescued and renewed. These fabrics are given another life cycle by creating beautiful dresses to last for a lifetime. If placing an order it may take 3 to 5 business days. Once placed, it may not get canceled.

9. Vesterr

Vester provides dresses for any occasion with any budget. The designers are Thurley, Dion Lee, Zimmermann, and many more. It seeks to modernize the fashion industry with style, sustainability, and savings. It serves accessories such as clutches and handbags. 

Dresses, Jumpsuits & Playsuits clothes for the occasions such as birthday, black tie, cocktail, formal, wedding guest. If a customer seeks to order then the company requests personal questions on the order form. Contact information, shipping address, and telephone number with the credit card number and expiration date. 

10. Rentdella

Rentdella is a rental company that provides sustainable fashion. The designers’ items are carried from all over the world. It provides clothes for different occasions like brunch, gala, weddings, and birthdays. It believes the trend-driven fashion clothes can be rented rather than purchasing it.

It lets you rent from exclusive celebrity fashion designers like Thurley, Nadine Merabi, and Zimmermann with the accessories. One can book appointments for the showroom. Currently, due to the pandemic situation, the company has ceased all overseas till further notice. 


Realization Par ships from Central warehouses in China to international markets in the United Kingdom and Europe. The garments are made from 100% silk in which prints are a Realisation of original designs. If received any damaged goods, contact for a review. It is safe to order from their official app/website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How To Purchase From Realisation Par?

These garments cannot be purchased through online retailers or stores. Visit their official website i.e. and through their official TMALL store. 

2. How To Cancel An Order From Realisation Par?

These orders are packed in the warehouse and thus they may not get canceled. However, one can submit the return request and send the product after receiving the order. The company will not pay reimbursements if the customer submits an incorrect shipping address. 

3. Is It Possible To Book A Dress In Advance From Thevolte.Com?

Any dress can be easily booked in advance at The customer needs to send a booking request and lock their attire in advance. 

4. In Which Countries Does Mejuri Provide Its Services?

It ships internationally to North America i.e. Canada, Puerto Rico, United States of America. Further, in Australia, New Zealand. It also serves in European countries such as Austria, Belgium, France, Finland, and more.

Stores Like Realization Par- With Descriptions

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