What Channel is Fox Nation on Fios?

Fox Nation is a video streaming members-only subscription service in America. Fox Corporation founded Fox nation in 2009 in New York City. Initially, it was a part of Fox News’s opinion website. Later in 2018, they turned it into a streaming service apart from Fox News. You can watch crime, suspense, and reality shows on Fox nation. Verizon is a telecom and broadband company that provides wireless internet services under Fios (Fiber-Optic Service) in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA and New England. Fios also offers TV plans with a fiber-optic network. Let’s know What Channel is Fox Nation on Fios?

What Channel is Fox Nation on Fios?

Fox Nation is a subscription service; it would not necessarily be available on Verizon FIOS TV. But Fox news channel is available on Fios TV on channels number 118 (SD channel) and 618 (HD channel).

Fox Nation On Fios

Various plans are available on Fios TV cable network services to watch Fox and other channels on Fios by Verizon. Also, you can buy Verizon stream TV.

To watch Fox channels on Fios by Verizon,

Steps To Get Fox Channels On Verizon Fios 

  • Sign up on the website or sign in if you are already a customer
  • Enter and search the street address with the city name and zip code for the TV cable services
  • Choose from the available plan, which contains Fox news and other sister channels such as Fox Sports and Fox Life

If you have the Fios TV app, you can access live tv from your smartphone, including Fox Channels. This app is partnered with CNN, HBO GO, ESPN, and SHOWTIME Anytime. If you do not use a smartphone, the Fios TV Mobile app is still accessible on smart TV (you will require Fios internet and FIOS multi-room DVR service).

Fios TV also gives you subscriptions to sports channels, premium channels, Spanish channels, and international channels in more than 20 languages. Fox group’s other channel is Fox Sports, Fox Business Network, Fox Life, Fox College, Fox Deportes, and Sports Pacific, also available on Fios TV plans.

Fox Nation Services 

Fox nation operates on smartphones, computers, and smart TVs. You can connect Fox Nation with your TV provider account through FOX Nation App on ROKU, FireTV, Chromecast, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Xbox One, Android TV, and Android smart TV.

To watch the content of Fox nation:

1) you have to sign in to their website, or

2) search Fox Nation, Fox now, and Fox Sport and add these apps to the App store (ex. Google Play Store and Apple Store).

Then select Fox App on the given device and install. Finally, exit the app store and select the Fox App tile. Log in to your account with your username and password. Fox Nation services are provided monthly at $ 5.99, annually at $64.99 and two years plan at $99.00.

Fox Nation Streaming

Fox Nation streams episodes on various genres such as religion, politics, lifestyle, and history. They also covered COVID 19 situations and the 2020 presidential election in the USA. Fox Nation made documentaries on suspense, murder, and mysteries. Apart from that, they publish news opinions with the popular Fox TV host. Therefore, Fox Nation is all about America;  Hence, their tagline is “America is Streaming”.

You can also watch quiz shows, religious shows, and political shows. Therefore it is entertainment with infotainment and educational platform. Fox Nation’s Members only platform services include exclusive content, experience, and access. You can get opinion-based programs, on-demand documentaries, and Fox News merchandise.

Paying To Watch Fox Nation On Fios TV

They have four prepaid plans on a per month basis with different perks and also a YoutubeTV. The table below compares Fios tv monthly plans and benefits.

Fios TV Plan (per Month) No. of ChannelsSet-Top BoxDVR ServiceOther Services
$110425+Included Multi-Room DVR Gift card
$90300+IncludedBasic DVR
$70425+IncludedSpecial pack: Watch for 60 days, then get a regular package on recommendation
$64.99 (YouTubeTV)85+Not RequiredUnlimited DVR storage spaceSix individual accounts per family


Fox entertainment group is prevalent not only in the USA but in the world which acquires Fox Nation. Fox Nation operates as a subscription-based service and not as a separate channel. Therefore, the Fios TV cable network by Verizon cannot stream Fox Nation directly on their service. Fios has almost all the channels by Fox included in their popular plan as they are very popular and reputed across the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Fios Tv App And My Fios App Same ?

Answer: No, My Fios App helps you pay bills and monitor other Fios services. On the other hand, Fios TV App gives access to live TV and other content on a smartphone. In addition to this, if you are a customer of Fios wireless, you will get free data.

  1. Can I Use Fox Nation Services In Other Countries?

Answer: No, Fox nation is currently limited to a specific geographic area or region. 

What Channel is Fox Nation on Fios?

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