What does Old Navy use for Shipping?

Old Navy is a division of the multinational corporation Gap, American apparel and accessories selling firm. It was founded on 11th March 1994 by Micky Drexler. Presently, Micky Drexler is the CEO of Alex Mill and general of Drexler Ventures. Old Navy gets headquartered in San Francisco, California. It sells jeans, dresses, jackets, shoes, bags, and other accessories. Its affordability factor for everyone makes it unique from others. Let’s know What does Old Navy use for Shipping?

What does Old Navy use for Shipping?

They assure the most beneficial shipping transportation for your order by UPS and Canada Post. They also support the USPS, FedEx, Lasership, OnTrac, or 981 porters worldwide.

Modes Of Shipment 

Old Navy shipping protocol gets executed according to the Old Navy zone and your shipping discourse. They will process the order quickly when they receive the credit card approval and confirmation.

Standard Delivery

Standard delivery mode usually takes 4-5 working days for the shipping and handling process. It usually gets shipped from Monday to Friday except during the holidays. Sometimes, it takes 14 days for the order to get delivered to remote areas.

Express Delivery

Orders put in with Express delivery from Monday to Friday ignoring the recesses before 2:00 PM ET or 11:00 AM PT will reach in 3 working days. Orders placed through this mode from Monday to Friday after 2:00 PM ET or 11:00 AM PT, or on weekends and holidays, will attain within four working days.

The orders attributed through Express Delivery to rural areas and remote locales may take seven working days before arrival.

Next Business Day Delivery 

Orders deposited in the aspect of Next Business Day Delivery from Monday to Friday avoiding the holidays before 2:00 PM ET or 11:00 AM PT will be obtained on the next working day.

The orders placed through this mode after 2:00 PM ET or 11:00 AM PT, or on weekends and holidays will reach within 1-2 working days. It may take 2-3 working days for the delivery to rural routes and remote locations through this means of shipment. 

A Few Limitations

You can find a few limitations related to Old Navy Shipping through multiple shipments and address authentication:

Multiple Shipments

Multiple shipments are only susceptible to delivery to one address each time you withdraw for delivery. This kind of shipment results in multiple shipping processes. The shipping and dealing fees will only be assigned to the parcel shipped in the first place. They are not taking any additional charges for the successive shipments of the same order.

Address Authentication

Old Navy will compare your entered address with the U.S Postal Services database of adequate addresses to verify that your orders are delivered to the exact location. They will identify the mistakes in typing and raise a question to revamp the address. If you are sure about the entered address, you can put it as it is. Though, this may emerge in the holdup of shipment. 

Saving Money With Shipping At Old Navy

The Old Navy is proposing a great opportunity to save more from them by their shipping strategies. They are as follows: 

  • Old Navy Free shipping promo code

Check the offers page of Old Navy instantly to know about the latest updated Old Navy Free Shipping coupon codes, and other deals and bids.  

  • Old Navy Pick up in-store aid 

The Old Navy Pickup in-store service is a boon for people that they can buy things online from their solace. This will help by free shipping procedures and avoiding delays in the purchase store. 

  • Old Navy Curbside Pick up

The Old Navy also demands the Curbside pick-up in which you can have your asset packed directly into your closet. 

  • Old Navy, Navy Reward Member

If you enlist for free to come to be an Old Navy Navyist reward member, they will allow you to enjoy free shipping overall orders in the US. However, your total spending should reach more than $50. 

  • Old Navy Credit Card

There won’t be shipping fees for orders over $50 for those who have an Old Navy credit card. As they have this credit card, they are more apt to attain the Icon points level sooner. So they can be eligible for faster shipping. 

Sign up for Old Navy’s Newsletter to know about the free shipping procedures. It promises that you will receive the latest information primarily. They also assure you the news about the offers and new releases. 


Old Navy has been a central necessity for many families for a long. It commenced its international proliferation with the opening of 12 stores in Ontario, Canada. It is because of their numerous shopping choices and less expenses. They are happy to serve their consumers with a small part of their profit by proposing free shipping and other deals. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Does Old Navy Ship Orders Outside The Us? 

No. Presently, Old Navy is not doing shipments outside the US.

2. Is It Possible To Trace Old Navy’s Purchase Packages? 

Yes. You can click on the ‘orders and returns’ button on the Old Navy’s homepage to trace your order package. 

What does Old Navy use for Shipping?

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