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  • AutoZone is an American company that distributes auto parts. It was founded in 1979 by Pitt Hyde, who began the company after he lost his job at a local dealership. In 1982, he was joined by Paul T. Mazzeo. AutoZone now operates over 1,400 stores in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, with around $4.8 billion.
  • The company has grown to be one of the largest retailers and suppliers of auto parts, automotive batteries, and related products globally.
  • The company has been expanding into other consumer product areas, such as appliances, computers, sporting goods, gardening, and pet products.
Auto Zone Price Match 

Since its inception in 1979, AutoZone has grown to be one of the largest retailers in the automotive parts business and the largest retail auto parts chain in the world.

What is a price match?

A price match guarantee is when you buy a set of automotive parts or other items from the website (you can call this the “goods”), and then the company can either match the price you pay at another website for the same or more relevant products.

A price match company strives to help you find the lowest price on the market. Price match is a practice used by many large retailers to ensure that no one can undercut their prices.

AutoZone price match:-

In a world that is going online and people are shopping for everything, AutoZone is still a brand that offers consumers the best-in-class value on various parts and accessories.

AutoZone provides an easy and safe way to compare the prices of products. The company believes that the key to success is innovation and quality products that meet customers’ needs.

The AutoZone price match is a tool used by AutoZone to ensure that our customers get the best price. To ensure that we can match prices, we need to match our margins.

The company takes a lot of steps to make sure it is always price matching. They need to check multiple locations, websites, and catalogs to ensure a price match.

If you find a lower price for a particular item, let the company know, and it will match the price. But be sure to tell them how you found the lower price.

If a customer is going to shop around and check prices, why should they come to AutoZone and pay the higher price for a product? Customers may assume the price is cheaper, but it comes out to be the same when they come to check it out. 

AutoZone does price matching to stay competitive and offers its customers the lowest price on the market. For example, compared to Walmart, Target, or CarMax.

The company has faced challenges, including competition from online retailers and the rise of the automotive service industry. Still, it remains optimistic about the future due to its long history and strong brand.

Exclusions in AutoZone Price Match:-

AutoZone has over 4,000 stores nationwide. Some products are excluded from the price match.

  • It does not price match some items like batteries, tires, or batteries.
  • AutoZone will not price match items that are not available at the AutoZone store in question.
  • It does not price match products that are purchased online. 
  • To price match, you will need to show proof of the lower price through a screenshot or copy and paste a link to the competitor \’s site.
  • AutoZone will not price match products purchased through third-party sellers.

Many online retailers try to outcompete the company. They sometimes use the same tactics as other retailers to get around its price match and discount rules, like using bait and switch, bundling items, etc.

AutoZone Price Matching Policy:-

AutoZone has a policy that will lower your price as it is a price match company.

  • AutoZone strives to help every customer to save money, and it’s its goal to find the best prices for its customers on a wide range of items.
  • Its price match policy is set up to protect its customers, prevent them from getting ripped off, and give it a bad reputation.
  • Most of its products are priced on par with many online retailers and are often less expensive than those that do not price match.


The company had sales of approximately $10.4 billion and employed approximately 45,000 people in 2013. AutoZone, like many retail companies, has struggled with the competition from other retailers, such as Wal-Mart and Internet-based retailers.

AutoZone takes pride in being a transparent company. This price match page is designed to help you understand the price match policy. As you navigate through its website, you can find its price match details. The company price matches over 4,000 products.

It is important to remember that if you are price matching, you should be sure that you can prove that there was a lower price available.

Auto Zone Price Match-Know More

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