Frontier Communication Deals For Existing Customers

Massive usage of the internet results in a rise of ISPs on the block (Internet Service Providers) who have been essential in providing and accessing the internet services for commercial, personal and professional usage. One such ISP is Frontier Communications which is available in 29 US states. In this article, we will see more about Frontier Communication Deals For Existing Customers.

Frontier Communication Deals For Existing Customers

Frontier Communications offers many potential and customer-oriented deals. The customers can choose any one of the many deals and offer listed according to their comfort. There are three main potential deals along with many other gifts availed by the customers.

Best Frontier Communication Deals for Existing Customers

The Frontier Communication services provide first-rate standard price plans. Here is a list of the latest internet deals Frontier Communication is offering for its existing customers;

  • 49.99 USD per month for DSL internet service featuring 30 Mbps speed for downloading and 5Mbps speed for uploading purposes.
  • 49.99 USD per month for Fiber internet service featuring 500 Mbps speed for downloading and 500 Mbps speed for uploading purposes.
  • 74.99 USD per month for no caps data and Fiber connection featuring 940 Mbps speed for downloading and 880 Mbps speed for uploading purposes.

Frontier Communication offers $700 in stocking offers that are specially stipulated for a limited time. The list of such limited edition offers are mentioned below:

  • $200 Visa rewards card
  • Amazon’s Pro 6-whole-home Wifi System
  • Waived activation fee
  • Three-year price guarantee

The quality functions that stand out within the offers supplied are

  • No data caps – The utilization of data and records caps can seriously affect the streaming and stay broadcasting services,  so Frontier Communication provides internet plans that now no longer restrict the data caps also but prevent you from facing any issues after a certain period of usage.
  • Frontier Secure – The protection of Frontier Communication provides virus and malware protection, identification theft, password encryption, and cloud garage for a couple of devices. The fees for Frontier Secure range from $6-$10 and remain consistent every month.

Additional Deals Offered

  • Frontier provides a loose router with every internet plan offered. With this deal, clients can save a lot every year or acquire a $100 gift card with the 500/500 plan.
  • Frontier additionally waives off data overage costs or an early termination rate because all of the Frontier plans have limitless data and are contract-benefit.

Additionally, a Home Shield Bundle is offered by Frontier Secure that includes;

  • Multi-Device security
  • Accessing and streaming of content anywhere.
  • An effective and encrypted password manager.

With the mentioned deals offered by Frontier Communication, the existing customers now have easy access to high-speed internet services at their fingertips without facing issues.

For more details and to get clear clarity of the plans offered, customers can contact directly with the Frontier Communication representatives at 855-915-4111.

Frontier Communications Services

Frontier Communications is an American-based telecommunications company that initially served in rural and smaller communities however is now hooked up to serve mighty community corporations and huge metropolitan markets.

It offers many services to customers across the US. However, it should be noted that the availability of each service varies with the location and the network speed of the customer. Some notable services offered are listed below;

  • Wireless Internet Access.
  • Local and long-distance telephone services.
  • Internet access.
  • Digital phone.
  • DISH satellite TV.
  • Fiber-optic internet.
  • Fiber-optic television.

What is Frontier Communications Known for?

Frontier Communications is chosen by a majority of active customers primarily for two reasons.

  • The availability in rural areas – Frontier Communications offers services to the rural areas, small communities, and many suburban areas across the US. This works as an advantage for people residing in suburban areas as they might not always have access to the internet.
  • Fast internet and fair prices for customary benefit – Frontier Communications is known for its fiber-optic internet services and attracts the majority of the customers for the same. Alongside, Frontier Communications has some of the lowest starting prices for fiber-optic internet services for which the availability is made from any major provider, especially when the market prices for initial internet services are high.


Frontier Communications is now one of the first choices for most customers, thanks to the fiber-optic network and DSL operating system chosen by the company to deliver smooth network and internet services. Frontier Communications aims to provide online services for home-based employees and other customers using wifi or working from home.


  1. Why should a customer avail of Frontier Communication deals?

Frontier Communication deals offer lower data caps and strong network security.

  • Can a customer with an existing deal upgrade their plan?

Yes, customers have the benefit of changing their plans. They can change through their customer representative or simply by modifying the settings online.

Frontier Communication Deals For Existing Customers

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