Pepsi’s Competitive Advantages

Talk about leading beverage companies in the world and Pepsi won’t come to your mind? That’s impossible! Let’s know about Pepsi’s Competitive Advantages.

Pepsi Competitive Advantages

Pepsi is one of the most known soda beverages in the world. There’s no doubt about that! Currently, it holds a strong market in the beverage industry. But how did it manage to sustain itself so well? 

Pepsi and Its Competitive Advantages 

As mentioned above, Pepsi is a leading brand that is known globally for its amazing soda beverages. Its large portfolio consists of many flavors. This brings a sense of variety to its products.

Over the years, the company has focused a lot on creating new ways for growing its sales and demands. This makes it hold a strong position in the global market. 

Here are some of the competitive advantages that Pepsi possesses over other brands! 

Large Product portfolio

The brand has a large product portfolio which makes it one of the toughest competitors out there! 

Pepsi consists of more than 20 beverages and snacks. Many of their products are very famous and generate millions of revenue and sales. 

In 1965, the company merged with Frito Lay and since then they have made several leading beverages like Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Propel and Tropicana, Gatorade, etc. 

The company has recently focused on creating healthy products for their customers by making a range of such items! Other than water and juices, they have even worked on low-calorie foods! 

Strong Global presence

At the present date, the company has access to more than 200 countries in the world. This strong global presence has given them a huge plus point in the competitive market. 

The main reason for the brand’s strong global presence is its large network of suppliers and distributors. The global business of Pepsi is divided into six key segments which include Latin America; North America Beverages; Asia, Middle East, and North Africa; Frito lay North America; Quaker Foods North America; and Europe Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Apart from this, even independent retailers and distributors help the product in their sales across the globe. 

Strong Brand Equity and Large Customer base

Another strong point that Pepsi, as a brand possesses, is its strong brand equity and large customer base. 

The brand equity of the product helps it in marketing and retaining its customers. 

To further strengthen its brand equity, the company has focused on investing in its innovation and quality. It also focuses on its employee management and CSR for the same reason. 

Pepsi’s large customer base has become one of its main strengths in the business world. Pepsi is a product that has been liked and used by many. The brand sells in more than 200 countries which itself gives us an idea of how big their brand name is! 

Brand loyalty 

One of the major strengths of Pepsi as a brand is that with a large customer base, they even possess a high level of customer loyalty. 

There are millions of people who love Pepsi and follow the brand and its products. This high level of customer loyalty brings them high growth and revenue.

Presently, with their products being more focused on health aspects, the company surely plans to keep their customer loyalty till the end! 


The price of a product plays a strong part in the business world. The affordability of a product helps it reach a wider audience. The same is the case with Pepsi. Pepsi’s low and affordable price has played a big role in its high sales and popularity.

Other than that, it sells its product in small serving to large packs making them available to everyone and for their needs. 

Strong Marketing strategy

A strong marketing strategy is the key strength of the brand. Pepsi always makes sure that they advertise their product in a great way. 

Pepsi uses many channels for marketing its brand. It had even taken up digital platforms and video marketing as a way of advertising its product. 

Along with this, the mention of their name present in their logo helps them in getting people’s attention, making it popular. 

Other than this, it also comes up with many offers to attract its customers! With such great marketing strategies, the customer’s interest is bound to peak!


Pepsi is one of the well-known leading soda beverage brands in the world. The company has a wide network of retailers and distributors that sell its products. Presently, the brand sells its products to more than 200 countries.

Their immense popularity and large customer base are the reason for their high revenue and sales. They even come up with some great offers and marketing strategies which help them in attracting more and more audiences. With such strong advantages, it, has undoubtedly, become one of the strongest competitors in the market.

Pepsi’s Competitive Advantages

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