Does Amazon Own Vanity Fair?

To most people across the world- Vanity Fair might just be one of the best magazines out there. They cover everything under the sun in the classiest way possible, with true humor and sharp wit. Have you wondered, Does Amazon Own Vanity Fair? read further!

Does Amazon Own Vanity Fair?

Now given the kind of money that goes into making it a class product, it is natural for some of you to assume that it is owned by one of the richest and most profitable establishments in the world- Amazon. But if you think you’re right about that, you are most certainly not. Amazon does not own Vanity Fair magazine- Conde Nast does. But what do you know about this posh-sounding holding company that puts Vanity Fair magazines on the newsstands? Here’s all you need to know on this topic.

Conde Nast: The Leader in Lifestyle Reporting

Conde Nast is a company that gives out content as posh as the name itself (Just about anything from France is posh, isn’t it?). Under its umbrella are some of the world’s biggest and most prominent magazines- Vogue, Architectural Digest, Conde Nast Traveler, Gentlemen’s Quarterly (popularly known by its abbreviation GQ), The New Yorker and of course, what you came here looking for: Vanity Fair. They have been around for more than a century, having begun in 1909 with the purchase of a weekly issue named ‘Vogue’, by a Frenchman named Conde Montrose Nast. 

The weekly magazine became a monthly magazine under his watchful eye and has gone on to become the behemoth entity that you know it to be today. Along the way, the company has started some other iconic and very famous magazines too- with the common thread tying them all being the pure class with which they are produced and the quality in their content. Vanity Fair is a luxury magazine that is issued on a monthly basis and covers both pop culture, fashion and selective aspects of current affairs, published in the United States to various parts of the world.

Vanity Fair- History and Origins

Vanity Fair originated in 1913 under Conde Nast Publications, as Dress and Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair operated under different leadership until then and originally featured a lot of humour and brilliantly written satire. It wasn’t until Conde Nast’s acquisition of the same did the publication begin to focus on culture and fashion.

As the years passed, the magazine evolved slowly and steadily with its focus on many subjects such as jazz music, gossip, scandal and celebrities. However, it reached its peak in the 90s, with the famous Graydon Carter at its helm. With his integration of world news into the magazine, curation of special issues and lists, Vanity Fair soared- both in quality and financials. Today, Radhika Jones leads Vanity Fair magazine, as the successor to Carter after his retirement, 25 years after he began.

Conde Nast- Other Ventures

While you have read about Vanity Fair, Conde Nast is home to many other magazines as well- the most famous of them being Vogue. With Vogue, they are at the forefront of fashion journalism- one of its international editions, Vogue Italia- has been declared to be the best fashion publication in the world.

Conde Nast also stepped into the waters of external architecture and interior design with its other magazine Architectural Digest- they are known for featuring the celebrity’s homes and buildings that are celebrities in their own right, in all their glory. With Conde Nast Traveler, they also started covering travel journalism and have made that their own too.

Going Back to Amazon

While it has been established now that Amazon does not own Vanity Fair magazine, it is natural for some to speculate, given the fact that their streaming service Amazon Prime Video offers as part of its content library, a series with the same name. However, Amazon does own several other well-known companies- your friendly neighbourhood supermarket, Whole Foods is also owned by Amazon!

If you’re a streaming enthusiast and follow a lot of media from that medium, you’ll be interested to know that Twitch, the popular streaming service, is also owned and operated by Amazon.Amazon also owns the site that acts as a centralized database with lots of information relating to TV, cinema and all aspects of visual media- one that we all know as IMDB. And if you’re into books more than visual audio then you’ll like the fact that Amazon owns Goodreads as well!


While everyone loves to read about the juicy gossip and sneak a peek into celebrities’ lives, you have to make sure that you get your speculations and news from the right and most credible sources. With that being said, Vanity Fair is undoubtedly a trustworthy establishment for anyone looking for news and information covering fashion, culture, and world affairs as well. So if you’ve got some time to spare and want a nice glossy mag with proper quality info- then Vanity Fair is a top-quality choice!

Does Amazon Own Vanity Fair?

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