Does Martinizing Do Alterations?

Introduction about the company: Martinizing Dry Cleaning

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Martinizing Dry Cleaning franchise was founded in 1949. It is owned by its parent company Martin Franchises Inc., which ranks to be the biggest dry cleaning franchise in the United States and is situated in Berkeley, Michigan. 

Does Martinizing Do Alterations

The company owns more than 450 franchised stores all across the world. Originally named One Hour Martinizing, the company was founded by a chemist from New York, named Henry Martin. Henry Martin pioneered the use of non-flammable solvents in the dry cleaning industry and this was later adopted by all the dry cleaners in the industry. 

On November 7, 2014, Martinizing Dry Cleaning was acquired by The Huntington Company.

Does Martinizing do alterations?

Martinizing Dry Cleaning is one of those companies that provide seamless service to customers with their dedicated efforts. The dry cleaning company provides various services like dry cleaning, bulk laundry, shirt laundry, wedding gown cleaning, wash & fold, etc. and alteration is one of them. Yes, Martinizing does alterations. They are considered the highest quality dry cleaners for a reason!

Alteration Services at Martinizing:

These professional dry cleaners possess the ability to solve all your laundry-related issues. From dress preservation to alteration, they have got it all covered up. They have employed on-staff professional tailors and seamstresses who possess a diverse range of experience. Be it a simple button replacement or hand stitching to restore a distorted dress, they can manage it all for you. The tailors at Martinizing can deal with all types of fabrics including silk and wool. They also provide alteration services for kids’ clothing.

Most common alterations performed by them:

Here is a list of some of the most common alterations done by Martinizing:

  • Altering the waist size of skirts, trousers, and other such dresses. Tailoring a suit jacket from the fabric given by the customer.
  • Hemming the inseams or ends of clothes, and increasing or decreasing the length of clothes.
  • Replacing or attaching buttons to clothes.
  • Darning of torn clothes or dresses.
  • Making adjustments in wedding gowns.

How to get the alterations done at Martinizing?

Here are a few simple steps to guide you on getting the alteration services at Martinizing:

Step 1: Record your specific measurements for the alteration you want to get.

Step 2: Get your alteration scheduled by calling the company at (925) 938-5000. You can also contact the company via email or website.

Step 3: Pack your alteration item and keep it ready for pickup. Also, place an additional note inside the package with your measurements and requirements written on it. 

Step 5: The package will be picked up by the company at the scheduled date and time. You can also visit their Alameda or Danville stores to get complimentary sizing by their staff.

Other services available at Martinizing:

1. Dry cleaning of leather and suede items: 

Besides cleaning leather and suede items, they also dye and furnish the items. The restoration of any wear and tear in the item and replacement of linings are included in their services.

2. Wash and fold:

 The company provides contactless and free pickup and delivery of laundry. The laundry is washed, folded, and organized before being delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

3. Shirt laundry:

 Martinizing dry cleans the shirt and turns it into an unblemished, perfectly pressed, crisp shirt. 

4. Dry Cleaning and grooming of household items:

 The company also deals with the dry cleaning of some of the household items such as duvets. rugs, drapes, and comforters.

What are the service hours at Martinizing?

Martinizing services are open from Monday to Friday. If the clothes are dropped off at 9 am, they would be cleaned and ready for pick-up by 5 pm on the same day. This is the regular schedule at Martinizing. However, they might modify the schedule according to their customer’s needs, if necessary.


Wrapping it up, we can say that Martinizing is undoubtedly one of the best places to get your laundry and alterations done. It is a company that not only provides quality dry cleaning service but also tends to all other fabric-related requirements. The company suits your budget and does not create any fuss. It is also one of the most reliable names in the dry cleaning industry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the dry cleaning process at Martinizing eco-friendly?

Yes, the methods used for dry cleaning at Martinizing are completely eco-friendly. They use water as a cleaning medium for 70% of the items and the remaining 30% of cleaning constituents are environmentally approved and safe.

2. Is the dry cleaning service at Martinizing expensive?

No, Martinizing provides dry cleaning services at a very reasonable cost. Their basic dry cleaning pricings are listed below:

Skirt: $7.29

Dress: $11.99

Pants: $7.19

Jacket: $7.79

Shirt: $7.29

3. Who are the biggest competitors of Martinizing Dry Cleaning?

The biggest competitors of Martinizing Dry Cleaning include LoveBook, EZ Storage Michigan, and Townhall Place of West Bloomfield. 

Does Martinizing Do Alterations?

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