Lucido Jewelry Return Policy- Terms and Conditions


Lucido jewelry is one of the largest retail stores in the United States. It was founded in 1887. The company manufactures and sells different designs of diamond, platinum, and gold jewelry, customized wedding rings, and luxury watches for both men and women. The company manufacturers and sells jewelry of all types of metals and non-metals. Lucido jewelry is known worldwide for its fine carving and the purity of the material used in making that jewelry. Let’s know about Lucido Jewelry Return Policy.

Lucido Jewellery Return Policy

The company has more than 1000 retail stores in the United States. The company also operates many online jewelry apps and websites to increase the sales of its jewelry. All these products are sold by the company only after doing the originality test of gems or diamonds used in making the jewelry set.

Lucido Jewelry Return Policy

Return policy refers to the set of rules set by the company. The return policy of any company makes the process of returning the product easy and consumes less time. It has uniform rules for returning the product. These are extensions provided by the customer service of that company. The return policy of the company deals with the reasonable time for returning the jewelry, exchange policy warranty period, and many more. The company deals with the rules of packing, terms, and conditions of returning a package, and other regulations according to which the customers can return their jewelry. The company has International buyers and sellers. It has a separate return policy for domestic and international buyers. A few rules also differ for in-store and online purchases of jewelry.

Return Policy For International Buyers

1. REASONABLE TIME FOR RETURNING THE JEWELLERY- The international buyers get up to 25-30 days for returning the jewelry. They can request for return by using the app of Lucido jewelry.

2. RETURNING A DAMAGED JEWELLERY SET- The customers have to consult the customer’s service if they want to return a piece of damaged jewelry. Moreover, if the jewelry is damaged while shipping, then it can also be replaced by the company.

3. EXCHANGE POLICY- The customers and buyers can exchange their jewelry set under the return and exchange policy of the company.

4. RULES OF PACKING THE JEWELLERY SET- The customers are expected to return the parcel in the same package they have received the jewelry. They must attach the return receipt along with the bills.

Return Policy For Domestic Buyers

1. REASONABLE TIME FOR RETURNING THE JEWELLERY- The buyers can claim to return the jewelry within ten days of purchase. If the jewelry piece is broken or lost, then the company can deny the return request made by the customers.

2. RETURNING A DAMAGED JEWELLERY SET– If any gem, chain, or pearl is broken then the customers can return it and ask for a replacement. If the set is out of warranty period, then the company can deny the return request of customers.

3. EXCHANGE POLICY– The customers can exchange the previously bought jewelry with a new set. Although, the replacement must be within one year from the date of purchase. The exchange package will be provided to the customers based on the availability of stock and designs.

Terms and Conditions For Returning Jewelry Online

1. REASONABLE TIME FOR RETURNING THE JEWELLERY- The time for returning the jewelry or watch or any other accessories is given on the app itself.

2. RETURNING A DAMAGED JEWELLERY SET– The customers have t folks the guidelines that are given on the app. The return request will be accepted only after the originality check of the product. The jewelry of any other company will not be accepted by the company according to the return policy.

3. EXCHANGE POLICY– It is done by consulting the customer’s services available on the app or the official website. Also, the exchanged piece of jewelry must be of the same type and within the same price range.

4. RULES OF PACKING THE JEWELLERY SET- The return package must be wrapped using plastic wrap to protect it from any further damage. All the additional accessories, bills, receipts, etc. must be returned.


Lucido jewelry is one of the leading jewelry manufacturers and sellers of jewelry in Canada and America. Moreover, the company has various branches in almost all major cities. The company sells a wide range of jewelry of different types and unique designs of earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. People can also purchase jewelry from any online shopping app or website. If the customers have purchased the jewelry from an online shopping platform, they can also replace or return it using the same process. The company has framed different return policies for in-store and online replacement or return of jewelry or other products. The buyers can ask to return anything bought from the company within reasonable days. The buyers can also replace the jewelry they bought with any other item.

Lucido Jewelry Return Policy- Terms and Conditions

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