Kroger Bereavement Policy- All About it


Kroger company was founded in 1883 in America. One of the founding members of the Kroger company was Bernard Kroger. The Kroger Company of also the first grocery and food retail company in America. These products include sauces, spices, cakes, beverages, slices of bread, dairy products, rubs, kinds of pasta, cookies, seasonings, hummus, and many other products. Let’s know about Kroger Bereavement Policy.

Kroger Bereavement Policy

The most effective way Kroger makes money is through the revenue earned on non-perishable products. It provides its services and also assures that all the products are supplied in these supermarkets regularly. Moreover, by the end of 2021, the Kroger Company has more than 2500 retail stores working in America. Although the working work profile of the Kroger company is the same as any other supermarket, still the company is not categorized as a Walmart.

Kroger Bereavement Policy

Bereavement leave or compassionate leave is taken by the employees during the death of any family member or friend. Although, some different rules assist the policy of bereavement leave given by the company. It includes the number of days, salary during the leave, the extension of the number of days, and people on whose death the employees can take the Bereavement leave.

Several days allowed for bereavement leave– According to the Employees Protection and Benefits Plan, the company offers three to four days of bereavement leave to all its employees. The leave starts when the bereavement leave application is accepted by the company. The employees can take this leave on the death of any eligible person as per the policy of the company. There are no fixed times for this type of leave, unlike sick leave or time off.

Eligibility for bereavement leaveThe Kroger Company allows to take the leave at the time of death of any family member or close friend. Although, some relationships that are eligible for bereavement leave include the following-

1. When the parents or grandparents of the employee have lost their lives.

2. During the death of an employee’s close friend.

3. Spouse or children of the employee.

4. Paternal and maternal uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, etc.

5. During miscarriage or stillbirth. The employee can also take a day off when his spouse has suffered a miscarriage.

6. The employee can also take bereavement leave after the loss of their nephew or niece. 

Proof for bereavement leaveThe employee or any other worker is not liable to provide proof of any person’s death while taking the bereavement leave. The policy allows the employees to take this leave without any evidence. Although, if the employee wants to increase the number of bereavement leave for more than ten days, he might ask to prove the basis of the increment in the number of holidays.

Process of taking the leave- The process of taking a bereavement leave is the same as any other leave like sick leave or time off during the working days. One difference between sick leave and bereavement leaves is that the employees have to submit proof to the department to sanction their sick leaves. Although, the employees do not have to prove before the company while taking the Bereavement leave. They can mail their application on the official mail id of the company.

Extending the number of days- The company understands the needs of its employees during times of loss or grief. For this reason, the Kroger Company offers enough time to them by providing a way leave format. They can extend the time of bereavement leave to seven or more days. The extra time off taken by the employees after five days of bereavement is counted as general leave.

Salary The employees and workers receive the same amount of money even when they are on bereavement leave. It means that taking leave for three to five days does not affect the monthly salary received by them in one month. The salary of people is decreased at the rate of 2% from the total amount of salary on every leave taken by them.


Kroger company is one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States of America. The employees of Kroger work day and night to ensure that the services are provided to the customers. The company is also operated through large chains of supermarkets. It also connects small and large retail stores or shops in America. The company has framed the Employees Benefits Program to allow the smooth functioning of the firm and help its employees. 

According to this program, the employees get benefits of paid time offs, sick leave, bereavement leave, general time off, etc. The bereavement leave policy of the company helps the employees to take part-time in religious rituals and attend the funeral. It gives sufficient time to them to get comfortable in the existing environment until they are ready to get back to work.

Kroger Bereavement Policy- All About it

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