Walmart Intex Air Mattress Return Policy – How To Return?

Is it possible to return an air mattress to Walmart Intex? The Walmart Intex air mattress return policy determines when and how you may return an Intex air mattress for a refund or exchange. Walmart has become a cultural symbol in the United States and the world. With approximately 5,000 outlets throughout all 50 states, the business is regarded as being a one-stop shop for practically anything, including home goods, food, cosmetics, and even technology. Customers’ favorite products include a vast assortment of air mattresses.

Intex Air Mattress Return Policy

Walmart Intex air mattress return policy:

A mattress return policy is in force at Walmart Intex. Before buying an air mattress, it is usually a good idea to check the Walmart Intex return policy. If you ever need to replace it, it will save you time and stress.

Can you return the Intex air mattress to Walmart and for which reasons:

1) Mattress that is defective or leaky:

Isn’t it reasonable if you want to return or exchange your air mattress? Even though you follow the directions to inflate the air mattress, you wake up flat on your back as you are on the floor. Yes! You can return it if the air mattress is defective or leaky.

2) Discomfort:

After resting on the air mattress a few times, you find it isn’t as comfy as claimed or rated. It’s too taxing on your body and makes getting a decent night’s sleep tough. Then obviously, you can return the mattress.

3) It’s no longer required:

During vacations, you purchased a couple of air mattresses to facilitate visiting friends or relatives, but it became too much, so if you want to return it, Then you can.

All of these above cases are envisioned by the Walmart Intex air mattress return policy, and each one is addressed. According to Walmart’s Intex air mattress return policy, you may return an unused air mattress in its original packaging for a full refund or exchange within 90 days after purchase. You are entitled to a full refund if you have the receipt and the air mattress is still in its original packaging.

Note: Please note that the condition “unopened” is critical. If the air mattress has been opened and used, you may not be entitled to a refund and will have to rely on the chain’s other rules in such cases.

Exchange policy:

If you have already opened your package and taken your air mattress out of the box, you are only eligible for an exchange. The receipt must be shown, and the air mattress must be returned in its original box and packaging, which has been opened. Without a receipt, you must pass a Walmart verification procedure before being accepted for a refund or exchange.

In-Store Return Policy for Intex Air Mattresses at Walmart:

Intex air mattresses that are defective and purchased in-store can be returned to Walmart within 90 days of purchase. To obtain a full refund, you must have the purchase receipt, and the mattress must be in its original packaging, unused and unopened. If your Intex air mattress is eligible for a refund, Walmart will credit your account with the same purchase amount using the same payment method as when you made the purchase. Your refund will be reduced by any discounts or online promo codes you utilized.

What if you lost your receipt and want to return the mattress?:

Don’t be afraid. Even if they don’t have the receipt, customers can return air mattresses to Walmart. Before allowing a refund or exchange, a return must satisfy Walmart’s refund verification procedure. Walmart may ask for identification in the form of a government-issued picture ID.

Returning accessories of Intex air mattress:

Any attachments that came with your air mattress should be returned along with the bed. The fixed 90-day return policy would apply if you purchased mattress accessories separately. Confirm that you will return an attachment within the 90-day return window for a refund or exchange.

Is it possible to return an Intex air mattress bought from a Walmart Marketplace third-party seller?

Unfortunately, air mattresses purchased from third-party Walmart Marketplace vendors cannot be returned to Walmart. Only products that were sold and delivered by Walmart on are eligible for return.

It’s because each Walmart Marketplace vendor has their store return policy, separate from Walmart’s mattress return policy. Some companies will take refunds, while others will not.


With the above info provided, you can return the Intex air mattress easily and safely without any stress. But do check the return policies of the products you are purchasing. 


1) Can you return an air mattress to Amazon?

Returning an air mattress to Amazon is straightforward. Within 30 days after purchase, Amazon allows returns.

2) Why does my Intex air mattress keep deflating?

It’s because of its construction, the temperature, and the pressure applied to the mattress so air mattresses deflate overnight. There is no such thing as an air mattress that is completely airtight. You’ll lose a tiny quantity of air merely by laying down, so your air mattress needs some breathing area. 

3) Will you get a refund if you pay through any cards?

Walmart will refund the same amount purchased to the same credit or debit card with a chip that was used.

4) Will you get a refund if you pay cash on delivery?

The cashier will count your money and return it to you in the exact amount you paid.

Walmart Intex Air Mattress Return Policy – How To Return?

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