What Does CRM AutoNation Use?

Have you ever wondered, What Does CRM AutoNation Use? then read further. Invoca is used by AutoNation to develop IVRs that allow callers to rapidly self-route to the appropriate department and receive the assistance they require. AutoNation may use Invoca to optimize media spend, provide insights from phone calls to contact center operators, and integrate the entire digital-to-call experience.

What Does CRM AutoNation Use?


With over 300 stores, AutoNation is America’s largest and most renowned car retailer. They sell approximately 500,000 new and pre-owned vehicles and serve nearly five million clients annually. Their objective is to provide the most customer-focused sales and service environment in the automobile retail industry, based on respecting customers’ needs, earning their trust, and exceeding their expectations. Because purchasing or servicing a vehicle is a complicated process, phone calls are frequently a vital part of the client experience. This face-to-face encounter reassures customers, and it also allows them to make comments that they couldn’t seek solutions to online. AutoNation realized they needed a mechanism to connect phone conversations to their digital marketing activities and the overall digital journey. 

About Their Tracking service

AutoNation used to use a different call tracking service before switching to Invoca. Its extensive technological team and how rapidly they fix problems and deploy new characteristics have also impressed many.

1) Calls from Digital Marketing Campaigns Can Be Tracked:

AutoNation now receives full credit for the websites, online marketing campaigns, and search terms that lead to Invoca receiving high-quality phone calls. AutoNation’s Martech stack, which includes Online Ads, Browse Advertisements 360, Analytics, and Facebook, receives call attribution data from Invoca. It allows businesses to set bids and CPCs based on both online and phone call conversions, allowing them to get the most out of their campaigns.

2) Using Insights from Phone Calls to Help Sales Agents Close Deals:

Invoca is also used by AutoNation to teach its sales personnel to close more deals and provide better service to clients. Each incoming call is automatically recorded and transcribed by Invoca, and AutoNation analyses the data to identify sales professionals’ deficiencies and provide coaching to help them improve their performance. These recordings are also uploaded to their CRM, maintaining detailed records of every customer engagement. 

Invoca for Sales has also been implemented at AutoNation to automate client call quality assurance (QA). Invoca for Sales is used by AutoNation to determine the criteria which constitute a good phone conversation for both sales and customer service people. Later they use AI to scan every call for those characteristics at scale.

3) Improving the Call Experience from Beginning to End:

AutoNation uses Invoca to enhance the final experience for customers while also improving agent performance. Instead of waiting on hold for a professional, the IVR gives callers the option of receiving a text with a link to schedule an appointment online. It cuts down on wait times, frees up agents, and boosts client satisfaction. Invoca’s analytics also assisted AutoNation in identifying staffing inefficiencies that were causing quality phone leads to go unanswered at their locations. They can now better staff their sites to reduce abandonment rates and guarantee that every caller receives the assistance they require as soon as possible.

4) During COVID-19, adjusting to new vehicle purchasing behavior was a challenge:

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, the car-buying process changed dramatically. Customers were shopping online and calling dealerships instead of going to brick-and-mortar stores. For AutoNation, understanding each customer’s needs and providing a consistent omnichannel experience has become more vital than ever. They did this by combining data from Invoca conversation intelligence with data from their digital channels.

AutoNation Customer service

AutoNation uses Invoca to send customers tailored marketing campaigns that highlight the characteristics they discussed over the phone. AutoNation also provides those insights to its sales associates so that they might adjust the dialogue to close the sale. It results in a seamless omnichannel experience that makes each customer feel valued and acknowledged.

AutoNation also intends to employ Invoca’s AI to glean even more information from phone calls. It will enable them to create more detailed client profiles for remarketing purposes. They’re particularly interested in retargeting missed opportunities. For example:If someone phones in for service but does not schedule an appointment, AutoNation wants to retarget them with a good service campaign or price to close the deal.


AutoNation has benefited from Invoca’s assistance in creating a seamless end-to-end purchase experience. AutoNation intends to roll out Invoca for Sales across all of its locations in the future so that sales and customer service personnel can receive immediate feedback on their performance. It will allow them to deliver the best possible service to their customers.


1) Why is CRM automation so important?

Automation enables teams to extract more value from CRM data. It can manage customer research, quote generation, and even legal paperwork, shortening the sales cycle. Lead scoring is higher because all potential customers’ data is at their fingertips.

2) What types of dealerships make use of CRM?

CRM Dominion Sales Center

Dominion, formerly the Autobase Sales Center, assists auto dealers in establishing the most profitable customer connections imaginable. You can use this application to funnel sales and service leads from any source (showroom, Internet, service, phone. 

What Does CRM AutoNation Use?

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