Xtreme Discount Mattress Return Policy

One of the drawbacks of shopping for a brand-new mattress includes giving it some time to settle in, to make you feel comfortable. However, a mattress is one of the products that some stores are quite reluctant to return or exchange. This is also rational since many manufacturers claim that people use a mattress without taking proper care of it and then after the realization dawns that this is not the one for them, they request a return. Let’s here know about Xtreme Discount Mattress Return Policy.

Xtreme Discount Mattress Return Policy

What is the Return Policy of Xtreme Discount Mattress?

Unfortunately, if you buy a mattress from Xtreme Discount Mattress, you must know that you will be stuck with it for life! In simpler terms, no, you cannot request a return or refund of the product that you bought even if it is still in wraps and looks new. 

However, the store provides a 30-Day Comfort Option, in which you can exchange your mattress for another one that seems more comfortable, during the first 30 days of buying the former. Although this option sounds tempting, there are a few drawbacks:

 if you choose a higher-priced mattress, you will be required to pay the difference, but if you choose a lower-priced mattress, no refund will be given. In addition, you will also be asked to pay a fee of $75 for re-selecting a product. 

So, if you choose a mattress from Xtreme Discount Mattress, you might want to get it right on the first try! Now, if you are still intent on buying a mattress from Xtreme Discount Mattress, the best thing to do is look for the warranty provided by the store that will cover the damage and defects that are from the manufacturer’s side!

Xtreme Discount Mattress: All You Need to Know about their Warranty

Since it is crystal clear now that once you buy a product from Xtreme Discount Mattress, you are, more or less, in it for life, let us move ahead and consider what their warranty has in store for you! While buying a mattress from Xtreme Discount Mattress, you must consider the following points that the store emphasizes should you ever need to make use of the warranty:

Body Impressions: 

Although many stores or manufacturers that deal with mattresses consider body impressions a defect on the product, Xtreme Discount Mattress claims that body impressions are nothing but a common occurrence. Mattresses, they say, are designed in such a way to conform to your body shape, and during the first 30-60 days, it is only fitting that you use the mattress and check whether it suits you or not. 

Defects under Warranty:

Xtreme Discount Mattress considers a body impression of 1.5’’ as a manufacturer’s defect, which implies that you do not need to worry about body impressions. Moreover, breaks and cracks that occur in the foundation and seam separations are all included in the warranty. So, you do not have to worry about using the mattress daily as per your routine! However, if the damage is caused by improper usage, then your warranty is prone to stand null and void.

Damage that might cost you:

It is obvious that if you take proper care of the product, the manufacturer has no issue in making use of the warranty provided to you, depending on your reason. Nevertheless, certain downers might metaphorically cost you, rendering you to be stuck with the damaged or defective product. Some of these include stains that won’t come off, damage caused by bending or folding your mattress or jumping on it, not having support for your mattresses such as a center head or a foot framework, or having your mattress not for personal but for commercial use.

Essentials to make your warranty work:

Only having a warranty on a product is not enough. When you go to the store to show the damages of a product, majorly caused by the negligence of the manufacturer, you are required to have a few essentials with you. While the authentic fee receipt is a must-have, at Xtreme Discount Mattress, you are also required to keep the law tags intact. Without these essentials, your warranty will do you no good!


There is no doubt that Xtreme Discount Mattress provides one of the best mattresses that you are prone to find out there, the one that might cater to your needs and ailment. Nevertheless, choosing the one that might suit you the best is something that takes time and some pondering over. The company claims that its employees are bound to guide you with the best since they are not paid an extra bounty for selling a higher-priced mattress. So, if you find yourself in need of a new mattress to fix that back problem of yours, all you have to do is visit a nearby Xtreme Discount Mattress store and know that you will be provided with the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Xtreme Discount Mattress have no return policy?

No, there’s no return policy, but you can go in for re-selection (by paying $75) and also ask for the product’s warranty.

  1. What is the duration in which re-selection is applicable?

You must use the mattress and go for re-selection within the first 30 days from the date of purchase.

Xtreme Discount Mattress Return Policy

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