Does Dillard’s Do Alterations?

When shopping, if you ever encounter a situation where a medium size is too loose and a small size is too tight, then you should ask the store employees about alterations. And not just this, among various other situations, alterations are also quite helpful if you get your favorite pair of jeans but find out that they are too lengthy! Thus, while shopping at a department store that offers everything from clothes to furniture to footwear and beauty products, you must make sure whether that particular store or manufacturer offers alterations or not. Although some stores ask for a minimal fee for alterations, others do it for free! Read further to know does Dillard’s do alterations or not?

Does Dillards Do Alterations?

Does Dillard’s Offer Alterations?

Without any further beating around the bush, let us dive right into this query. Yes, Dillard’s offers alterations on most of its clothing items! So, the next time you are at Dillard’s, make sure to make a mental note of the following points:

  1. Although Dillard’s offers alterations on most of its clothing items, you must know that not all alterations at Dillard’s are free. 
  2. If you wish to go for free alterations at Dillard’s, then you must have bought clothing items that are fully priced. Moreover, unfinished pant bottoms also come under this spectrum, i.e, if you want to buy a pair of pants that are not finished, then you can alter them at Dillard’s for free!
  3. Besides this, Dillard’s asks for a minimal fee of $6 for alterations on products bought during the sale. 
  4. In addition, paid alterations at Dillard’s also include products like ready-to-wear skirts, coat sleeves, pant bottoms, and the like.

What is the Process of Alterations at Dillard’s?

While there’s no online process for alterations at Dillard’s, you can go to any 300 stores in 30 states and enquire from one of the employees about alterations. To make things easier, you can contact their customer service (1-817-831-5482) or drop in an email through their official website to settle your queries. 

Nevertheless, for products bought online, should you need alterations, then make sure to save the receipt. If, after buying a product from one of their many stores, you realize that it needs some alterations, then make sure to pay a visit to the same store. If this is not possible and you end up going to a different Dillard’s store then keep your authentic receipt in handy!

Other Stores that Offer Alterations

Although Dillard’s is one of the most well-renowned department stores in the US, offering low prices and providing budget-friendly shopping, the company’s silence on eco-friendly products and many emerging competitors that stand at par with the former might be seen as kind of a downer of Dillard’s. Thus, if you do not wish to shop at Dillard’s, then you can go for some of its alternatives that also provide alterations.

1. Hugo Boss:

Although the brand’s alterations are not there at outlet locations, you can get basic alterations done on products that are fully priced, especially plain trousers for men and women. Besides, Hugo Boss Experience members are liable to go for other alterations that might not cost them, including jackets, skirts, dresses, blouse tops, etc!

2. Banana Republic:

If you are not a Banana Republic cardmember, you can get your in-store alterations done for $10. However, if you do possess the Banana Republic Luxe card, then you are bound to get unlimited complimentary alterations on the clothing products that you buy from the store. You can attain the Luxe status by earning 5000 points in a year.

3. Nordstrom:

One of the benefits of shopping at Nordstrom is that you can get free alterations on clothing items that are fully priced and not bought during sales, be it online or in-store. To get your alterations done, you need to carry with you your receipt and if any fee will be charged, depending on the work, then you will be informed.

4. Ralph Lauren:

The brand provides alteration services on fully priced products such as the men’s suit collection or the women’s apparel collection in their stores. You can get alterations done on products bought during sales but you will be charged a fee. Ralph Lauren claims that to make use of their alteration services you must show the authentic receipt at the time of alteration.

5. Brooklyn Denim Co.:

One of the advantages of Brooklyn Denim Co. include that you can get alterations for any products bought from any store by paying the fee required. The store offers complimentary alterations in jeans hemming, online and in-store as well! You can also make use of their custom tailoring by paying an additional amount.


Now that you are aware that Dillard’s offers alterations in all its 300 stores spanned across the 30 states in the US, be sure to make use of such service should you ever feel the need to! For more than basic alterations, you will be required to pay an additional fee. Besides this, there are many other stores out there like Ralph Lauren, Nordstrom, Blue Owl Workshop, Barneys New York, and the like, that offer alteration services, if not free, then accompanied by a minimal additional fee. So, the next time you go shopping in any of these stores, make sure to make your wardrobe sparkle!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does Dillard’s charge for alteration?

From $6 to $10, depending on the work.

  1. Do I have to pay for alterations if I have a Banana Republic Luxe card?

No, the card ensures free alterations. 

Does Dillard’s Do Alterations?

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