Room & Board Mattress Return Policy – How To Return?

Room & Board is American furniture and home decor company. It was founded by John Gabbert. It has 964 employees and twenty stores. Its ninety percent of products are manufactured in America using their material and some imported material. The company has partners all over the country to produce products. The company produces many home decors, dinings, and bedrooms and provides discounts and gives product warranty. Let us know here about Room & Board Mattress Return Policy.

Room & Board Mattress Return Policy

Room & Board Mattress Return Policy

For a smooth shopping experience, Room& Board has offered a return or exchange policy for their customers. They have given us some time to let us know whether the product is good enough. In case of the arrival of any damaged product, they provide the parts replacement or exchange option.

For mattress returns, they have provided a 120 days night sleep trial to check whether the mattress is according to your expectations or not. In between those days, if it shows some defect like the material inside it feels to be clumsy or any other damage, you can place a return within those 120 days. No return is applicable once the trial period ends.


They do not apply charges in case of return delivery but when initially any customer has ordered the mattress, a $79 per trip charge would be applied and those charges are not refundable.


If the mattress is bought from a credit card, the refund will be initiated on the same once you return the item. They accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards. In case you don’t have a Room & Board account and have bought the mattress from the store by cash or check, you need to show the receipt which was given at the time of purchase in the store for its return and they will send you the refund check by mail. If the mattress is bought from a Room & Board gift card then they will provide you a new Room & Board gift card as a refund.

Can the mattress be returned and shipped by UPS?

 No, the mattress could not be returned or shipped by UPS. They will be delivered and picked up by the delivery team when the return is placed and will initiate the refund once they get the item.

Quality partners

The company’s director of merchandising and vendor management Gene Wilson said that the main challenge is to find the right partners to provide high-quality products to their customers which they love and this will allow the company to expand their community and hire more people. The company always tries to create a durable and sustainable product. They partnered with a Bell manufacturer who is an expert in steel manufacturing and now became their biggest customer. John Gabbert always tries to find makers who could do furnishing just as he wants and provide the best quality to the customers.

Who made Room & Board mattress?

To provide the best value and quality of mattresses, Room and Board had partnered with Restwell, a Minnesota company. Using technology and handwork, they provide the best mattress which will last long for years and ensure that the customers would never complain about any kind of back pain or inconvenience in sleeping.

Restwell has a team of experienced and expert members who ensure the quality of their mattresses.

Room & Board uses a non-toxic fire retardant fiber in all their mattresses. Their mattresses are made from natural material ‘wood pulp’ that is resistant to flame and is covered with cotton covers. 

Types of mattresses in room and board

1) Essential Mattress

They are filled with essential foam and coil hybrids. The price lies between $499-$1299. Their prime theme is to make the foundation of restorative sleep. They are the firmest, feel firm and buoyant, and are best for stomach and back sleepers.

2)  Luxury Mattress

They are filled with luxury Serene foam and coil hybrids. The price range is between $699-$1699. Though all of its mattresses are known for their comfort, the Luxury mattress comfort level is unmatched. They feel so conforming and buoyant and are good for any type of sleep position.

3) Natural Mattress

They are formed of natural organic latex and coil hybrids and the price range is between $899-$2799. They feel dense and buoyant and are best for any type of sleep position. They are of the medium-firm category.

Types of furniture available in Room and Board:

They provide different varieties of furniture like tables, desks, chairs, dining sets, vanity sets, lamps, cupboards, bookcases, pantry, kitchen cabinets, bean bags, sofas, and much more with large varieties.


Room and board though not a very huge company in terms of its capitalization all over the world but is on its way to get there. Their primary focus is to provide good quality and sustainable products. Their mattress return policy is very soothing as they take the responsibility of pick-up of the return.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) – Is it advisable to use a box spring with Room & Board mattresses?

Ans- These mattresses provide super comfort and support so it is not required to use a box spring.

2)- Can the products be customized? 

Ans- Yes, they have provided this option also on various products like tables, bookcases, etc according to the given measurements.

Room & Board Mattress Return Policy – How To Return?

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