Does Rooms To Go Move Furniture? – Read To Know More

One of the best things that have evolved with the rapid increase in profit of the furniture industry, is that now, customers are provided with perfectly curated rooms as samples so that they can bounce some ideas off of these samples. Moreover, furniture companies do not merely provide samples, but they also offer actual ideas that you can incorporate while decorating or re-decorating your rooms! Nevertheless, when it comes to furniture companies, one of the first things that occupy consumers’ minds is whether the company delivers the products or whether the consumers themselves have to go the extra mile in doing so. Let’s know here ‘Does Rooms To Go Move Furniture?’.

Does Rooms To Go Move Furniture?

Rooms To Go: Do They Move Furniture?

When it comes to Rooms To Go, it is widely believed that it is a well-renowned company with a lot to offer you in silver platters! Ranging from providing a wide variety of products, be it sofas, tables, different kinds of beds, nightstands, china cabinets, mattresses, and home décor, to offering recycled and sustainable products- Rooms To Go does it all! Now, without beating around the bush, let us move forward and address your query.

You may be excited to find out that Rooms To Go does move your furniture! Not only does Rooms To Go deliver at your doorstep (it depends on the size of your product whether some extra bucks will be required or not), but they also help you set up the items properly in your cozy homes! Rooms To Go claims that the items are unloaded from the truck and placed where the customer wants them for most of the products. However, there are always exceptions to everything, right? Here, the exceptions are entertainment consoles, sofa tables, dining tables, and some occasional tables. For such items, you will be required to do the extra work. 

Although this might seem like a potential downside, the upside is that while buying these products you will be informed beforehand if you will be required to assemble the parts of the products yourself. Moreover, although Rooms To Go makes no claims for removing your former furniture products when you buy new ones, they claim to remove your old mattresses for no additional charge, considering that they aren’t heavily soiled.

All You Need to Know about Rooms To Go

Before coming to an end, let’s look at the various things that you need to keep in mind while buying your furniture from Rooms To Go!

1. Shipping and Delivery:

When it comes to buying anything, the first thing that consumers look at is the shipping cost and whether it’s affordable or not. You must know that at Rooms To Go, the shipping cost is determined by the distance and the number of items that you have purchased. Further, you can track your order by contacting their customer care at 1-888-709-5380 by giving them your order number. 

2. Payment Options:

When it comes to the payment options at Rooms To Go, you must keep in mind that they accept payment via a plethora of options that include their official credit card, American Express, Mastercard, Visa credit or debit cards, Discover, gift cards, PayPal, Affirm (4 Interest-free payments every two weeks or monthly installments), Apple Pay, and bitpay! 

3. Return/Cancellation Policy:

You must know that Rooms To Go’s return/cancellation policy depends upon whether you made an online or offline purchase. When it comes to online sales, you can cancel your order until it is loaded in the truck for delivery, i.e, you will be given 48 hours to reconsider your order. One thing that you must bear in mind is that you should keep the receipt in handy and make sure that the product is not damaged and is safely packed. 

Moreover, you must know that refunds can usually take up to 10 days. However, when it comes to products bought in a Rooms To Go showroom, you must know that the store offers no refunds and that you cannot cancel your order after it has been delivered to you. If you cancel the order after 48 hours, you are liable to receive only 80% of the total amount that you paid for the purchase.

4. Gift Cards:

You may be elated to know that Rooms To Go also offers gift cards to its customers. So, if you have the birthday of your friend, who has been wanting to redecorate for a while, stealthily approaching, you can consider gifting them one of these gift cards! You can either buy one from one of their stores or purchase it online. Further, you can also visit their official website to check the remaining balance of your gift card, and here, you will be asked the essential details related to the gift card.


By now, you must be aware that when ordering furniture from Rooms To Go, the company claims to deliver your merchandise right at your doorstep. With a few items being an exception such as the ones that need to be assembled after being unloaded from the truck, the company also aims to unload your furniture and move it to the place that you deem fit. Moreover, you must know that Rooms To Go accepts various payment options, including Apple Pay, PayPal, American Express, and the like.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I buy gift cards at Rooms To Go?

Yes, Rooms To Go offers its exclusive gift cards at their showrooms and online.

  1. Do Rooms To Go move your old furniture?

No, you can only give your old mattress, considering it is in decent condition.

Does Rooms To Go Move Furniture? – Read To Know More

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