Sam’s Club Printer Return Policy – How To Return It?

It is a well-established notion now that, when going out to buy something, the first thing that you must make sure of is that you must know what that store or brand’s return policy has in store for you! You may be stepping into a known arena, the store you’ve been shopping at for many years now, but it is possible that you accidentally get something that does not meet your expectations. And thus, this is exactly when a rational and satisfactory return policy swoops in to help you. When it comes to Sam’s Club, there is no doubt that the store offers wide-ranging products, from clothes to eatables to electronic devices. Let’s have a look at Sam’s Club Printer Return Policy.

Sams Club Printer Return Policy

Are Printers Returnable at Sam’s Club?

You must be surprised and intrigued to know that, at Sam’s Club, the return policy is quite lenient and here, you can return food products, if need be, without even showing the receipt! However, when it comes to the return policy of any store, there are a few items that you must bear in mind that are not returnable. 

At Sam’s Clubs, the items that, if you buy, you are liable to get stuck with are prepaid cards, gift cards, alcohol, tobacco products, tickets, prescriptions, custom-made items, and products bought through Sam’s Club Wholesale Trading program. It doesn’t matter whether these products are boxed or unboxed; you cannot return them at the store. Nevertheless, from the above-mentioned products, it is quite clear that printers are returnable at Sam’s Club! Now, let us look at the process of return that you need to follow.

The Return Process at Sam’s Club

At Sam’s Club, you can return products by adopting two ways: either by going in-store or sending it through the mail, whichever way suits you best. This preference is also dependent on whether you bought the product online or by going to the store.

Nevertheless, let’s look at both the processes!

  1. Whether you purchased the product online or did in-store shopping, you should know that you can visit any nearby Sam’s Club store and ask for a return or refund.
  1. It is believed that to make the process as quick and smooth as possible, you should bring your receipt, your member card, and make the original form of payment. 
  1. Besides this, the other option, i.e, sending the product(s) by mail, can only be used if you purchased the said item(s) online. 
  1. To make a return through mail, the first step that you have to follow is to log in to your Sam’s Club account and go to your Purchase History.
  1. Then, under your item in question, click on the return item button, and print the return label. 
  1. Make sure that your item is nicely packaged in a box and attach this return label to it. Now, go to your nearby post office and drop your package to be shipped to the right address! You will not be required to pay the shipping cost, which is covered by Sam’s Club.

In addition to this, if you need first-hand information from any employee at Sam’s Club, you can contact their customer service at (888) 746-7726. 

Limitations to Returning Products at Sam’s Club

One of the limitations of returning products at Sam’s Club, or be it any store, is that there’s a time duration during which you can return the product. However, if you surpass this time limit, your product is not liable to be returned to the store. You must know that different types of products have different time duration during which you can request a return. 

Let’s move ahead and look for this.

  1. 14 Days: At Sam’s Club, some products have to be returned within 14 days. These items include cell phones and carrier-connected devices.
  1. 30 Days: While some products have to be returned within 14 days, others can be returned within 30 days! Such items include mattresses, heavy commercial equipment, and motorsport products.
  1. 90 Days: Apart from items to be returned within 14 or 30 days, Sam’s Club has a return policy where all electrical appliances and products have to be returned within 90 days! This is where the printer comes in. 

Therefore, if you wish to return your newly-bought printer from Sam’s Club, keep in mind to return it within 90 days or you won’t be able to request a return after that. 

Moreover, if the manager of the Sam’s Club store feels that you have violated or are violating their return policy in any way, then he holds complete authority to deny your return request. Thus, you should take with you all the essentials that you might need at the time of return.


Now that you know that items such as printers can be returned to Sam’s Club, you must follow the return process that is mentioned above. For items bought online, you will have to return them via mail and for products bought in-store, you can either visit the store to request a return or send your package through mail. While returning, make sure to carry all the necessary receipts and cards needed, and have a look at the duration that you need to keep in mind before returning your products.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I return my printer after 90 days?

No, return it within 90 days.

  1. How can I return products to Sam’s Club?

You can do so either in-store or via mail.

Sam’s Club Printer Return Policy – How To Return It?

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