Dell Printer Return Policy – How To Return It?

Dell develops, repairs, sells, makes hardware and software products, the company started in 1984, and its headquarters are in texas. Dell is one of the biggest corporate technology companies, and the revenue of the company is $94 billion. The company manufactures products like printers, personal computers, cameras, software, etc. The founder of the dell company is Michael Dell, and he is also the chairman CEO of the company.  Dell has its official website where you can buy products as per your preference and choices. There are more than 30,000 stores in the dell around the world, and you find it in each country. This article explains – Dell Printer Return Policy.

Dell Printer Return Policy

Dell Printer Return Policy

There are different Return Policies at Dell:

Everyone must have a credit return authorization number for the verification of the process.

A) Store Return Policy:

 They return the product within 30 days of work, and you need a receipt to return the product. Then only they will accept your product if all these things are there.  Also, you should check the date and then bring the product to exchange, and they do return the money if the product is broken, damaged. They will send you the package by delivering it to your location. It is easy to file a return policy on the official website, and you have to go to the store and return the product, and you can go to the nearest store to return the product. 

B) Online Return Policy:

 The product should be in a manner that all things should be appropriate. Go to the official website of dell and file a complaint about returning the printer. You have to send them the Tracking device Number, and they will collect the product from your location. There should be proof like order slip and Order return portal So that you can exchange your product. If the product is broken, damaged, it is necessary for you to have to return it within 30 days from the date of shipping.

How to return the printer order online?

You have to give the product back in its original condition, and you have to give the receipt and other applicable documents for verification. You can even go to the store and exchange it. Returning your package online saves you time. The company sends someone to receive the product back. The return policy works for everyone. You can get a refund only when it is mentioned in your invoice documents. You can go on the official website and search for customer service for any doubts. You can even contact customer services for any issues. You should have a credit return authorization number for the return policy.

How do you return the package?

Go on the dell official website, select the return page and click on the return portal. You have to add your order number and email them. Add all the details which are there in the application. You can email your problem to the company. They can also ask about your delivery information and once you receive the package check it. You can return the product to the nearest store of dell, and you can also send it on the official website.  It is necessary to have a credit return authorization number for the process, and you can even click on the help option.

What to do when you get a faulty product?

If you get a faulty product, you can contact them by email or call them.  You can contact customer service and explain your problem to them. You need to send all your details to the company like your order number, payment receipt, product name, etc. Once all the details are received by the company they will contact you, and you can send a mail to the company about your problems. You can even go to the store and exchange the product. It is necessary to have a payment receipt, and they will verify all your documents. You can file a complaint on the official website of dell regarding the damaged product.

Can I exchange the printer?

Yes, if your product is not working properly and is damaged or broken, you can exchange the product. You can request an exchange on the official website. You can return the package within 30 days from the date of shipping. They will accept a damaged product, and If you are living in a foreign country, the product will get exchanged. For everyone, it is necessary to check the printer and then buy any product. If the company doesn’t exchange the product, they will refund it to you. You cannot exchange the promotional products, and you should have a payment receipt.


Dell is well-known all around the countries, and you can buy any computer device from the dell company. It is very affordable for everyone, and you can select as per your choice.  Along with a printer, you can also exchange or return any Dell product with a payment receipt, and you even get a discount on a different product from Dell. The return policy has terms and conditions that everyone has to follow. You can return the product within 30 days, and if the printer is broken, they will accept the product. Dell is well-known for its pc devices.

Dell Printer Return Policy – How To Return It?

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