What Channel is CNBC on the Spectrum?

Keeping a track of events happening across the world is never a bad thing! It keeps you aware and brings you the much-required knowledge. Probably, that’s why News channels are so important! But do you get them on Spectrum? The answer to this is yes. They have a huge lineup of news channels including CNBC! What channel is CNBC on the spectrum? Let’s find out! 

What channel is CNBC on the Spectrum?

What is CNBC?

Before talking about the availability of the channel on Spectrum, it is important to know what is the CNBC channel and what does it provide us with? 

CNBC stands for Consumer News and Business Channel. The network was launched 31 years ago and is still standing strong in the industry.

Though it wasn’t so famous in the beginning, but with time, it cemented its position as one of the most popular channels!

The channel majorly focuses on national and international financial markets, business-themed documentaries and reality shows, etc.

It usually airs live business news programming from 4 am to 7 pm. It even showcases interviews with business leaders, reports on businesses in the U.S., stock market, weather updates, etc.

Is CNBC included in all packages?

After learning about the channel, let’s focus on seeing if it is available on all spectrum TV packages or not!

Well, the answer to this is that the channel is fortunately available on all Spectrum TV packages. Hence, you can easily watch it!

However, if you are facing some trouble in getting the channel, you can contact them. They will surely help you in getting the channel.

What is the channel number of CNBC on the spectrum?

After having an idea of CNBC being a channel that is available on the spectrum, it becomes important to know on what channel number can you find CNBC!

Unfortunately, the channel number is not the same everywhere! It changes with the change in location. That means if you are in California, then your channel number might differ from that of New York.

But, it is not a big issue as you can get the channel number from their website by entering your zip code and address. 

Shows to watch on CNBC

CNBC is the best place for all the business news lovers out there! Here are some of the shows that make this channel a must-have! Let’s look into them!

  • Squawk alley

Squawk alley is a program that focuses on technology and its developments. The host of the program talks about all the advancements and developments that have taken place in the technology field. 

  • Squawk box

Squawk box is the morning news and talk show that features some of the biggest politicians’ and business person’s days’ stories. The show has been aired since 2005 and is hosted by Joe Kernen and Becky Quick.

  • Squawk on the street

The program focuses on the stock markets. The anchor here provides updates regarding the first 90 minutes of the stock market.

  • Closing Bell

The closing bell is a market analysis program where some experts analyze the market and guide the viewers through it. They even talk about the reasons behind the fluctuating nature of the market. 

  • The Suze Orman show

The show hosted by Suze is quite an interesting show to watch! In the show, some passersby in public places are asked live questions which is quite amusing to watch. Apart from that, the show also tends to make viewers understand whether they can afford something they want or not! 

  • On the money

Previously known as ‘Wall Street Journal Report’, the show has been airing since 2013. The show showcases interviews with top policymakers and financial executives. 

  • American Greed

This American series is an eye-opener to America’s some of the biggest white-collar crimes. It focuses on how these crimes affect the citizens of the country.

  • Secret lives of the super-rich

Are you interested in knowing how super-rich people live their lives? If yes, then this show is just perfect for you! It focuses on the lifestyle of rich people and their possessions. 

  • The Car Chasers

The show focuses on Jeff and Perry who are in the business of getting a car at a lower price and reselling them at a higher cost to earn profit. The show has been airing since 2013 and has an IMDb rating of 7.5.

  • Blue-collar millionaires

The show Blue-collar millionaires focuses on those men and women who started from scratch and had made their way to the top! The show’s theme itself makes it an overall inspiring and entertaining show! 


CNBC is a channel that majorly focuses on business-related shows and news. Hence, if you are someone who is interested in the market or wants to learn more about it, this channel is perfect for you! 

The channel is available on the spectrum but if you are unable to view it you can contact them and ask about it. The channel number of CNBC varies as per location too but there is nothing to worry about as you can get the channel number by visiting their site! 

What Channel is CNBC on the Spectrum?

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