Does Amazon Own Valve? – Read To Know More

Valve, founded as the Valve Corporation in 1996 is a video game developer, publisher and digital distribution company based in America and headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. The company was launched by Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington. The company also sells hardware and software along with video games. One of the most famous video games called DOTA is produced by Valve Corporation. Let’s see ‘Does Amazon Own Valve?’.

Does Amazon Own Valve?

Does Amazon Own Valve?

The Valve Corporation is owned by its founders Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington. It is not owned by Amazon. Amazon does not hold any share in the Valve Corporation. Both the founders of the company own 50% – 50% of the share, each, no third party has been able to buy any share in the Valve Corporation since it was first founded. However, there has been a lot of buzz going around in the market since the year 2018, that Amazon might buy Valve in the next couple of years.

This news was first published by a very renowned website named, Nevertheless, it was not bought by Amazon. Not only in 2018, this particular news of Amazon buying Valve has been continuing to grow in the market, which began from mid of 2018. In 2019, 2020 and the latest as of October 2021, multiple websites reported news of Amazon buying Valve, Amazon getting into a joint venture with Valve, and the latest among the buzz has been that Amazon might throw some serious challenge to the Valve Corporation since it is trying to develop its games and is all set to take over the Valve. But nothing of that sort has happened as such except for the fact that Amazon did try its hand at making video games.

Valve’s Hardware and Software

The Valve Corporation is world-famous for its development of classic video games, and later the company has tried its hand at developing software and hardware that is at par with their excellence. Below mentioned are some of the names of the Video games along with the Hardware and Software that Valve Corporation has made available in the market up till now:

Video Games


Day of Defeat



Left 4 Dead 


Team Fortress


HTC Vive

Steam Controller

Steam Deck

Steam Link

Steam Machine

Valve Index





Source 2

Source Filmmaker



Valve Anti-Cheat



Many rumours are purposely spread by the companies and their PRs to create a buzz that is going to benefit them in their future product launch. It is also done to create hype to show a popular company in the dim light that it is not progressing or their demand has reduced in the market and they are on the verge of being closed, so a saviour company is investing and buying it, so the popularity about the quality of the products of other companies goes down and people look up to the saviour company. However, there is also a fair chance that none of it is true in this case and there could be a total possibility of a rumour spread out of proportion when a company might just be trying its hand out in the new venture of developing video games.


1. Why is Valve Corporation called the Boss Free?

The Valve Corporation is called the Boss Free corporation because there is no position of Boss in the company and this has been going on since the year 1996, they explain this to be so, as they believe in letting the people who are doing the work take the decision, they believe in collective decision making, their motto, as they say, has been ‘Collaborate and Create’.

2. Why doesn’t Valve inform about its new games beforehand?

Valve is extremely secretive concerning their launch of new games, this is the business strategy they adopt to create a mystique that leaves people wondering and eagerly waiting for their new video games and once the game is launched by Valve, as expected the demand for the product increases thereby serving the company’s purpose.

3. What threats do companies like Valve Corporation and Nvidia have if Amazon begins to manufacture its video games?

The fact that Amazon and its reach in the world are unmatchable in comparison to any other company that is primarily based and operates in America. Amazon has a variety of audiences and that too worldwide and if it starts manufacturing its video games the reach to the masses is ought to be much more than any other company in the world.

4. How can customer service be reached at the Valve Corporation?

To reach out to the customer service at the Valve Corporation, you need to visit, once you reach the website they would lead you to the concerned department relating to your issue.

Does Amazon Own Valve? – Read To Know More

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