Does Giant Eagle fill pet prescriptions? – know more interesting facts

Giant Eagle is a private type retail grocery selling industry that was founded in the United States, in 1931. The headquarters of the company are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It operates in over 470 locations along with GetGo retail locations in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Maryland. The chain provides food items, grocery supplies, in-store banking, dry cleaning, and pharmacies. It holds 21st ranking in “Top 75 North American Food Retailers” with its annual sales of $10 billion. It was also recognized as the 31st fastest privately held company, from the reports of Forbes. Let us find Does Giant Eagle fill pet prescriptions?

Does Giant Eagle fill pet prescriptions?

Pet Prescriptions

Giant Eagle facilitates a complete range of medication for pet animals. The majority of pet owners believe in acquiring prescription refills for medicating pets at retail pharmacies at reasonable prices. To come up with the solution for this, Giant Eagles restore veterinary prescriptions for the furry pups and other animals. Along with proper food nutrition, there is the emergence of fulfilled medical treatments and supplies for staying fit and active. The pharmacy of Giant Eagle also provides full exposure of flea and tick and heartworm medications which were unavailable earlier.

The purchase of pet prescribed medication also helps in yielding fuelperks! Generally, individuals used to purchase the medications from the vets and they were unavailable about the availability of medications with Giant Eagle. The stores also add flavors to the medications of pets who have specific tastes.

Prescriptions Pickup

Some medications of humans are favorable to pets too. Such medications are given under the strict guidance of the vets.

Giant Eagle facilitates the procedure of filling and refilling the medications rapidly. There are two alternatives given by the company to attain the prescriptions:

  • Prescription pickup at the nearest Giant Eagle outlet.
  • Shipping medications to designated areas that are ordered online.

Refilling Pet’s Prescription at Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle promotes refilling of pet prescriptions at Giant Eagle pharmacy with the following steps

  • Log into the Giant Eagle’s Pharmacy application which is accessible for both Android and iOs users.
  • Prescription can be refilled by clicking at “Refill Now”
  • Enter the prescription number.
  • Choose the pickup time slot where one is for 24 hours pickup or delivery and another one is for pickup or delivery in the coming business days
  • The notification will be sent for pickup of the prescription
  • Enter the address for home delivery or select the nearest Giant Eagle’s store location for in-store pickup or curbside pickup.

Advantages of Giant Eagle’s Pharmacy Application

  • Facilitates updated list of prescriptions in the device
  • Single scan to refill the prescriptions
  • General reminders and notifications for doses along with timings
  • Getting informed for the ready-to-pick prescriptions

The application also facilitates the transfer of medications from one pharmacy to another.

Savings at Giant Eagle’s Prescription

There are many benefits of shopping with Giant Eagle which is more clearly known by its continuous buyers. The additional benefit of Giant Eagle is SingleCare to promote more savings at Giant Eagle’s Pharmacy. This is the simpler alternative to get discounts as compared to the prescription discount card. There are the following steps to get benefits of SingleCare:

  • Search for the prescribed medication at
  • Uncover the coupon from Giant Eagle
  • Show the results to the pharmacist
  • The coupon will be redeemed and the total amount will exclude the percentage of discount

There are several alternatives to make savings by printing text or email of Giant Eagle’s coupon or installing the SingleCare application on Google Play or App Store.

The first sign-up at SingleCare provides a flat $5 off to the next eligible purchases or refills.


Giant Eagle is a supermarket selling daily necessities with some great money-saving benefits. It also provides prescribed medications for pets. The store also facilitates full susceptibility of flea and tick and heartworm medications which were unavailable earlier. Some human medications can be given to pets as per the suggestions from vets. 

The savings from pet prescriptions can be attained with sign-up to SingleCare. There are both home delivery and curbside pickup options available to customers for prescribed medication at Giant Eagle. The company also promotes refill of the prescriptions by Giant Eagle pharmacy application which can be installed from Apple Store or Google Play.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can the users refill prescriptions at stores other than the first sign-up?

Ans. The refill of prescriptions can be done through a mobile application or accessed through Giant Eagle’s website. After filling the prescription, users can review the order and negotiate the pickup according to a nearby pharmacy.

  1. Which prescriptions are eligible to refill at Giant Eagle?

Ans. There is the eligibility of all prescriptions to refill at Giant Eagle. Some prescriptions are ineligible for a refill that can be accessed through Web Pharmacy. The stores give general notifications for refilling the pharmacies after the expiry.

Does Giant Eagle fill pet prescriptions? – know more interesting facts

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