Giant Eagle Curbside Pick up

Giant Eagle is a private retail industry that was founded on 31 August 1931. The company serves the areas of Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. It offers various services which include supermarkets, gas stations, convenience or forecourt stores. The headquarters of the company are located in O’Hara Township, Pennsylvania, United States. The products offered by the stores of Giant Eagle are liquor, lottery tickets, snacks, seafood, bakery items, dairy items, meat, groceries, seafood, pharmacy, dry ice, prepared food, money orders, Western Unions, and much more. There are 474 locations of Giant Eagle which are further divided as 202 GetGo stores, 216 supermarkets, and 56 Ricker’s stores.

Giant Eagle Curbside Pick up

Curbside Pick up

It is a facility granted by store owners for buyers to place or select their order online and come to pick stuff in the store.

Working of Curbside Pick up in Giant Eagle

Step1: Download Giant Eagle’s mobile application and select the stuff you want to buy.

Step2: The Experts will suggest neat food products to choose from.

Step3: After placing a successful order, you can either do curbside pickup or get it delivered to your doorstep.

Benefits of Curbside Pick up

Contactless Pick- Giant Eagle’s application tracks when the buyer is reaching the store, they gather your stuff and make it available to you.

Same Price Range- The application enables buyers to choose from a vast variety of prices and products. The price remains constant in-store and on the application too.

Hand-Picked Offerings- The specialists hired will help buyers choose the best of the available products. They also provide substitutes for the items that are unavailable at the moment.

Time Saver- The convenience of choosing products online and getting them delivered either at home or pick up is the most time-saving alternative round-the-clock availability- The Giant Eagle allows its buyers to shop with them for the whole 7 days of weeks with the most convenient time slots.

Negotiations in order- The best advantage is to make changes in the order even after the buyers place it online.

Promotional Offers- Repetitive orders from Giant Eagle Offer various promotional coupons to its buyers so that they stay in touch with them and enjoy various benefits of saving money.

Giant Eagle’s Loyalty Programme

The provision of e-cards was there in 1991 which befitted the customers with huge discounts on each purchase. The recent processing of the company follows Fuelperks! which facilitated the customers with 10gallons of gas allowing with associated buying of 20dollars.

In 2009, Foodperkswasre was introduced along with Getgo which enables a 1% deduction to gasoline purchasing members. The validity period of Foodperks! was 90 days. The program terminated in 2013 due to its complex operation.

The updates were added to Fuelperks! and restarted in 2017 which provided again one perk for each dollar spent on Giant Eagle.

Conclusion on Giant Eagle Curbside Pick up

Giant Eagle is a product basket offering company that was founded in 1931. It aims at providing organic and farm-fresh food items to its regular buyers at reasonable prices. The most convenient facility given by Giant Eagle is Curbside Pick up. It enables the consumers to choose and compare their products online through its application and get them picked at the stores without searching for the product inside the mart and avoiding the queues. It provides its users much usefulness by time-saving, reliability, cost confirmations, promotional offers, and much more. 

There are other offerings of Giant Eagle besides food products I.e dry cleaning, pharmacy, and Getgo stations which provide gas. There are various loyal programs adopted by the company to provide maximum benefits to its consumers. The main competitor of the company is Walmart which forces them to offer the least prices to retain its potential buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are the solutions to failure in a curbside pickup at the selected time slot?

Ans. If a customer fails to do curbside pickup at a selected time slot, they can make a call to request another time slot, and the ordered stuff is held by the staff till the end of the day.

  1. Is there any restriction at Giant Eagle for curbside pickup of wines and liquor in Ohio?

Ans. Yes, the customers are not allowed to pick up the beer and wines after 10:00 am on Sundays at the stores of Ohio.

  1. Does Giant Eagle offer home delivery and charges extra prices for the same?

Ans. Yes, home delivery is facilitated by Giant Eagle at a standard price of $9.

  1. What are places to access Giant Eagle’s Curbside pickup and delivery? 

Ans. The selected Giant Eagle stores and other District stores avail the curbside pickup and delivery and also includes new locations every time which can be accessed by the store locator.

  1. Does Giant Eagle provide any perks for curbside pickups and home deliveries?

Ans. Yes, after connecting the advantage card with the customer’s account, the perks are credited to the account facilitating more savings.

Giant Eagle Curbside Pick up

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