Who Does Microsoft Use For Shipping?

For a company with as wide a reach as Microsoft, everything is paramount. They are constantly looking to improve their services, their products and their company as a whole. Of course, with the 21st-century e-commerce boom, it makes perfect sense for them to ensure that their home delivery services are also just as good as their stuff. So, whom does Microsoft use to ensure shipping and perfectly-timed delivery in front of your doorstep?

Who Does Microsoft Use For Shipping?

Who Does Microsoft Use For Shipping?

In addition to their own standard, expedited, and express shipping options, Microsoft makes use of UPS My Choice, Informed Delivery by USPS, and FedEx Delivery Manager.

Here’s more information about Microsoft’s delivery policy.

Microsoft- The Delivery Policy

While Microsoft delivers to many countries across the globe, they’re very clear that the United States website delivers only to the United States and Puerto Rico. All residents of other countries are asked to check out their international Microsoft Stores. They also require the buyer’s full address to make sure that the delivery reaches them and nobody else. Detailed addresses are mandatory and preferred by Microsoft, who also don’t prefer to deliver to post boxes- but, if the buyer doesn’t have any other option or a delivery point apart from the PO box, then they are more than happy to oblige as well.

Military Deliveries

For all the products that are eligible, Microsoft offers free delivery for military APO and FPO orders. But while the products can be delivered for free, there is a catch: They cannot provide a delivery date. But what is APO and FPO, you may ask? APO is the abbreviation of Army Post Office- this is the PO box used by personnel belonging to the US Army and Air Force, posted overseas.

 An FPO Address, however, is slightly different than that. FPO is the abbreviation for the team Fleet Post Office- this is the delivery medium for personnel working for the US Navy. As far as tracking for these military deliveries is concerned, Microsoft provides tracking for the products until they reach the military base. For tracking after reaching the base and further passage to the personnel’s private address, however, tracking is not possible.

What Do you Know About Microsoft’s Delivery Partners and Their Services?

As mentioned earlier, apart from their own in-house standard, select, expedited, and express shipping options, Microsoft employs the services of FedEx, UPS, and USPS for customers who would prefer those as well. It is also notable to know that the services provided by the delivery partners are not managed by Microsoft in any capacity, so if any customer has an issue with a delivery that they choose to have with FedEx, UPS, and USPS, then they are encouraged to take it up with their customer care executives, who will handle all queries with ease and ensure your product reaches you on time.

And how to avail their services, you ask? 

Well, your first preference must always be Microsoft’s own delivery service. If for some reason you prefer another, well then- now you’ll know to avail it too.If you choose to use FedEx, then you can choose to sign in and make use of the FedEx delivery manager facility. If not, you simply go ahead and type in your shipment tracking number into the FedEx homesite, where the tracking tab is given. Once you do that, your worries about where your order is and how much longer it will take to arrive will disappear- FedEx has a near-perfect tracking system that caters to the customer’s convenience. 

If you have a shipment from Microsoft or anyone else which is delivered to you by them, you can check its delivery status here.As far as USPS is concerned, let’s be honest- the postal service of any country is the most reliable way of shipping and it is no different in the United States. The postal service website has a very user-friendly tracking website, which you can find here. 

Here too, the procedure to know where your shipment is is very clear and straightforward- you can type in the tracking code given to you and wait as the website appraises you about the whereabouts of your dear package. UPS’ (United Postal Service) tracking system also works in a similar fashion. The shipment tracking feature on their website asks for you to type in your delivery tracking number and voila! There you have it- your order’s details.


With operations in more than 100 countries, there is no doubt that Microsoft is one of the big names out there- and their affiliated services have to be just as good as the products they sell. Their delivery service is a minimal effort and easy way of bringing goods to you, in the comfort of your own home. Both their own delivery service and their partner’s services are top-notch and are always ready to serve.

Who Does Microsoft Use For Shipping?

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